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"OoooOooooOh if it isn't Miss Destructo Baka"

— Ashi Oto

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Ashi Oto is a Mage for Mermaid Heel and later for both Mermaid Heel and Twilight Ogre. She is known to be extremely manipulative and power hungry. Ashi's actions caused her to be sworn enemies with Umi Fairdusk.


She takes the appearance of a 16 year old girl in the year X784. Her attire is elaborate, she has long black wavy hair (to her shoulders), she has a blazer-like suit in which it has black and white swirling around, the blazer-edges are white. She wears a mini-skirt that is white but has black around the edges in a wave like fashion, she also has high heels with the same color-scheme as her blazer.

Her X791 attire, she still retains her attire, except now the edges of her blazer has more edges and looks sharper, she also has longer hair (to her thighs) as well as it being more wilder. She also now wears jewellery but her color-scheme, such as earrings and rings. Finally she has an S figure and a slightly bigger bust.

Her Mermaid Heel mark is on the lower left part of her abdomen, right above her hips, her Twilight Ogre mark is on the top part of her back, near her neck. [1]


Ashi's personality is extremely manipulative as well as fierce, this causes her to speak in both a scheming way as well as aggravating others, and saying that the other person is at fault not herself. She is extremely power hungry and loves power and high authority, though she is only a Mage, her goal is to be Guild Master or one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and she'll do anything to get it.

She is never docile to others and uses her own teammates as "toys", even torturing them for fun or when they disobey her. She has a strong grip on both her teammates to not leave her as she blackmailed them, if they didn't listen and do as they were told, they would have been excommunicated from Mermaid Heel Guild.

After her ordeal with Umi and the destruction of the Mermaid Heel Guild, she learned a new ability (Enhanced Hearing), and from this she used this as both an advantage and for fun to use on her teammates, however over time she grown ever paranoid of her teammates, thinking that they might betray her "as Umi and Lena did". From her new ability and her ever rising paranoia, she tortured her teammates on an ever rising basis.[2]

She with love, she can be considered a yandere due to her violent nature and wanting anything she wants, Ashi however tends with love as a last resort, but if she finds someone she really likes, she'll do anything to get him, as a "secondary", as her becoming an S-Class Mage or a Guild Master comes first.

From all of this, she is a scheming manipulative, narcissistic, power hungry individual who would do anything for power, and an extremely paranoid dogmatic individual.


Her childhood was extremely vague however she came across the Mermaid Heel Guild and joined at an unknown time. Due to her ruthless nature, she wanted to increase her "power", so she made the team "Zero Stance", she also "recruited" Lena into her team.

Years later, a strange girl appeared to the Mermaid Heel Guild, she was accepted[3], this caused Ashi to get jealous [4]. From this she started telling lies to all her guild members about Umi [5], it worked and from that Umi started getting into arguments with her, however Umi never fought against her, and said that Umi is talking nonsense.

However, one day, Umi's magic power started to rise indefinitely due to Ashi consistently undermining her, from this Umi wanted a fight, Ashi gladly accepted, however when this was about to happen, Lena appeared and Umi swiftly ate something which caused a huge amount of power around Umi causing the guild to explode. Ashi stood up in the rubble of the guild and saw Umi, Ashi smirked as she was about to unleash her strongest magic to her for being a "freak of nature", however before she could, she saw Lena grab Umi and fleeing. She was happy that they finally left, and now she wanted more power.[6]

Later she asked for the printing of the wanted posters for Umi, dead of alive, however one of her teammates suggested that it was going too far, she tortured her teammate with dB Clasped Despair and dB Scream and told her to shut up, as "I can do whatever I want, I'm the leader of this team, no one OPPOSE ME GOT THAT??, those Who DO, shAll FALL from Grace like Umi and Lena, you Want out of my TeaM?, it means EXCOMMUNICATION OF THIS GUILD!!!". Over time she started torturing her teammates more and more for fun.[7]


Daybreak arc

Shortly after Duke Everlue's arrest, Ashi and her teammates went into Duke's mansion, there Ashi found two burnt mages, they both were now conscious and wanted a fight, Ashi told her teammates to step down, Ashi forcibly used dB Clasped Despair on her teammates to shut them up for this battle. As the burnt mages were about to attack, Ashi heard something "I'll reflect her attacks, while you attack", Ashi then used this to her advantage, she blocked one of the Mages attacks, then used one of the Mages Frying pan and used dB Scream, the sound resound onto both of the Mages and Ashi's teammates, causing severe pain to both. Ashi then finished with dB Heralding Pitch, knocking out both the burnt Mages and her teammates. After the Mages defeat, Ashi snooped around the mansion and found a stash of Jewel, she stole 200,000 Jewel and left the mansion dragging both her teammates by the ear. As Ashi left the mansion, she gave an evil smirk and returned to the Mermaid Heel Guild.

Lullaby arc

Ashi and her teammates later make it to Clover Town and sees the battle between Team Natsu and the Lullaby, as the fight was occurring, her teammates were knocked away from Lullaby's beam, however Ashi withstood it and told her teammates to "stop being so bloody fragile, and weak", she however sees a familiar figure however it disappears[8], she later kicks both her teammates away from the "annihilation of Clover Town" from Team Natsu. From this Ashi tortures her teammates by using dB Mute and dB Scream for punishment. As Ashi's team leaves the destroyed Clover, she later enters a town. Ashi hears about a bunch of Mages helping them to be free from a Take Over spell, she automatically realizes that it's Fairy Tail's Team Natsu, she tells her teammates to stay right there and don't move otherwise they would get more punishment. Ashi then stood at the middle of town square and used dB Cacophony's Shockwave. All the citizens were affected including her teammates, Ashi then stole all the citizens food and reused dB Cacophony's Shockwave so that all citizens were physically immobilized.

Hours later, she told the citizens to keep this "stealing of food" a secret otherwise she'll come back and hurt them more. Ashi and her teammates leave, with Ashi eating from a wagon of food she stole with her teammates trailing the wagon. Ashi later says that she's gonna have a feast from here to the Mermaid Heel guild, she laughs off into the distance.

Phantom Lord arc

As Ashi hears about the War between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord, Ashi takes her teammates to Magnolia Town, after exploring the East Forest she finds 3 people, injured. Ashi asks them who are they, they say "Element 4 errr....more like 3". Ashi pleased with this asked for a fight, 3 on 1. Ashi's teammates says they shouldn't pick on strangers, however Ashi uses dB Mute on both her teammates and flings both her teammates and knocks them out. Ashi tells Element 4 that she's been wanting to face an S-Class Mage. Ashi then starts bombarding Element 4 with her attacks, the Element 4 tells her to stop harassing them, Ashi then says that if they don't fight back that they'll feel her wrath. Element 4 still didn't budge.

Ashi extremely annoyed by this used dB Footstep and knocked all 3 into the air. Ashi for the next hour continued attacking the 3 until they were completely knocked out.

Ashi un-impressed by the "Baka-weak-so-called-Element-SUCK!", left leaving Sol, Aria and Totomaru.

Ashi later berates to the rest of Mermaid Heel Guild about beating up 3 S-Class Mages in minutes, everyone in the guild was impressed except one of her teammates. One of her teammates asked for her to stop doing such evil things to others and to her own teammates, Ashi complains to her teammate that she herself is weak and should shut up and follow her or leave. Her teammate then tries to attack Ashi, Ashi counters her teammates attack and punches her teammate into the sky. Ashi then says "Your excommunicated fragile idiot". The rest of her guild was silent. Ashi was pleased as she got rid of "trash" in her team, her other teammates shaking, fearful of Ashi.

Fighting Festival arc

Ashi was wondering around and saw a fight going on, she saw 3 people fighting a Dark Guild, Ashi was more interested in one particular, Ashi "stalked" him until Bickslow figures that someone is following them, Freed sends out his sword and tells who's out there, Ashi gives up and shows herself. Bickslow and Evergreen asks who she is, Ashi ignores them and asks Freed, "W-W-Will you be my boyfriend, I'll MAKE you my boyfriend!", Freed completely aghast by this tries to leave, however Ashi then sends Bickslow and Evergreen away wih her magic. Freed with no choice, slashes runes onto Ashi, Ashi takes the pain and still chases after Freed, Freed asks Bickslow and Evergreen to stay where they are as he'll handle it. Ashi continues to ask whether he'll be her boyfriend even going to attack Freed to do it, Freed tells Ashi to stop this nonsense, Ashi however ignores it and continues, Freed leaving no choice sets runes onto the ground leaving Ashi stuck. Freed says the runes will disappear once two things occur, one, once he, Bickslow and Evergreen leaves her, and second, when Ashi forgets this entire incident. Ashi disagrees and keeps talking to Freed, the Thunder God Tribe leaves, thinking who she is.

Hours later, the runes disappear, Ashi now hating the Thunder God Tribe, as well as getting some of her memories back about Freed and will get her revenge on Freed for what he has done to her.

Oración Seis arc

Ashi later with her only remaining teammate goes to the Worth Woodsea to see the commotion about the Oración Seis, she later sees a huge ruins in the middle of the forest, she punches her teammate to the top of the ruins, as Ashi gently makes her way to the top. In the top, she sees a battered boy with black and white hair, she tells him to wake up however her teammates asks whether they should just leave, Ashi tells her to shut up and continues to try and wake up the boy. As the boy awoke, Ashi automatically said "Face me you Oracion Seis coward....or don't you have the guts?", the boy said "Hmph..I fight, this fight I WILL WIN!!". Ashi first sent her teammate flying to the wall and told her "If you distract me, you're dead". Ashi then started with dB Footstep, Midnight didn't budge, Ashi then used dB Scream, however it had no effect. Ashi told Midnight "What Magic are you using, whatever it is, I WANT IT!". Midnight then used his magic to wrap Ashi's clothes around. Ashi unable to move tried dB Scream, however failed once again. Ashi's teammate however appeared and attacked Midnight, with no prevail, Midnight then turned his attention to Ashi's teammate, Ashi then used dB Clapsed Despair, by using her teammate as a medium, still nothing worked, however it caused Ash's teammate extreme pain. Ashi unable to think of anything shouted "DAMMIT, I WANT YOUR MAGIC, YOU PUNK-ASS IDIOT!!!". Ashi then used dB Resonance Tornado on her teammate which flinged her to Midnight. Both Midnight and Ashi's teammate were badly hurt, Ashi then continued to use dB Resonance Tornado and flinged Ashi's teammate across to hit Midnight more. Midnight battered by Ashi's attacks then said "Hmmph hmmm.....nice, however your attacks are nothing...your vision is nothing, an illusion you fell for". Suddenly Ashi's clothes began to wrap around again, Midnight then used his Reflector on Ashi's teammates hurting her, Midnight finished with Spiral Pain on Ashi's teammate, effectively knocking her out. Ashi angrily insulted Midnight as Midnight left.

Later once Ashi's clothes were no longer binded, she attacked her teammate telling it's her fault that she lost and that "I WILL GET THAT MAGIC...". Ashi then left the ruins also leaving her last teammate in the ruins. Ashi later complains about her teammate being an idiot and a weak-fragile Mage and she laughs off saying "There is no trash left in my team..hahahhahahHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!, time to find some real MAGES!!".

Edolas arc

  • Note:Ashi Oto's Edolas counterpart is named Ashi Tot and will be said so by this arc[9].

Ashi Tot is the sole maker of magic weapons of all Edolas, she runs a "Maker's Market" on the outskirts of Sycca. As Natsu Dragion talk to her about getting more better weapons for Fairy Tail[10], Ashi was however too busy being lazy and not making it. Dragion said "Please Tot, you must make them otherwise the Royal Army will destroy us, more so Faust himself"[11]. Ashi replies "Yeah I'll get around to it, just leave me alone, though you Fairy Tail maybe the last guild here, it takes time making 30 weapons in 3 days". Dragion leaves disappointed. Tot however then goes and looks for a book in her bookcase which opens into a tunnel. Ashi makes her way down the cellar and to a Magical Vehicle. She drives it all the way to the Royal City, there she tips Hughes and Sugarboy, that Fairy Tail that they plan to strike in 3 days or less. Tot however wanted payment, Byro appears and gives her her payment. As she leaves she sees Erza Knightwalker as well as another person following her, ignoring the entourage coming in, she goes back into her tunnel and back to her shop.

When the war begins between Edolas Fairy Tail and the Royal army, Ashi makes her way out of her shop with a magical roam lazer machine attacking the Royal Army, she also gets equip with flying "Aera" wings for her to join in the fight. However as she flies to Edolas Fairy Tail's fight she just merely sees the fight unfold, however at one point, a Legion tails Tot, she releases a grenade that generates a sheild around her, she then kicked the Legion in the nose and the Legion fell. As the war progressed, Tot just watched as the battle unfolded not doing anything at all except looking at the destruction between Fairy Tail and the Royal Army.

When the Reverse-Anima started, Tot's "Aera" wings, had been deactivated as well as her portable lazer shooter falling to the ground as was Tot herself. Tot waved her arms as she fell, however a Legion brought Tot to safety. However the Legion had other intentions as they landed, Tot saw the Reverse-Anima in action seeing all the magic disappearing, however the Legion started biting Tot's leg, Tot told the Legion to stop, however the legion continued to bite, From this Tot ran as fast as she could, running away from biting Legion.

After the events of Mystogan vs. the Great Demon Lord Dragneel, Tot became a magic weapon converter trader, trading useless magic weapons or objects for Jewel [12], with her newly acquired Legion going all over Edolas for the trade. Before helping out the rebuild of Edolas, as she set up shop she saw the Edolas Fairy Tail come to help in the Royal City, however she wondered what happened to the Magic Regiments of the Royal Army, she shrugged it off and started trading for a new Edolas.

Ashi's Deal into Twilight arc[13]

Upon finding no one from her guild wants to make a team with her as they too are too scared that they might get excommunicated, Ashi goes to Magnolia Town, though she first thinks that if she joins Fairy Tail, she thinks that Umi would be there, Ashi then goes to the west of the town and goes into the guild, upon beating up countless of the guild members, Ashi demands to be a member[14], Banaboster agrees as she would make a fine warrior. Ashi however had the upperhand as she was still a member of the Mermaid Heel guild and Banaboster was practically at her disposal. She asked for people on her team, Banaboster sent two people with Ashi. Ashi then left the guild wondering why she left, Ashi replies "All according to plan...HAHAHAHAHHAHHHAAA!!, Banaboster you have been of most great service, but I must be on my way", Banaboster confused tried to talk to Ashi but before he could, Ashi sent a dB Scream to the entire guild (including her new teammates) saying "Leave me be, I have a plan..... I got a guild and a Mage to crush".

X791 arc

Prelude (X785 ~ X791)

2 years past after the "Tenrou Island Disappearance", with most of Fairy Tail gone, Ashi could finally set her plan.

With Ashi's plan in place, she asked the Mermaid Heel Guild Master whether she can take a few weeks off, she bluffed that she was ill and had a fever.

Weeks laters she went to Banaboster and asked whether she can bully Fairy Tail along with Teebo, Banaboster smiled agreeing. As Ashi and Teebo's gang arrived at Fairy Tail, she saw Umi outside, Umi spoke to Ashi, however Ashi replied by walked up to her first saying "OoooOooooOh if it isn't Miss Destructo Baka, well if you didn't notice, I've joined Twilight Ogre, also I'm still in Mermaid Heel...heheheheee....", Ashi then then breathed in..... causing an intense high pitch noise only in Umi's vicinity, there Ashi and Teebo's gang bullied Fairy Tail. Ashi later dumps Umi inside the Fairy Tail Guild saying "Your existence is no more, I will beat you senseless ever time, you will never win against me, Water Dragon Slayer, I have all the power in the world!...HAHAHAHAHAhahahaHAHA!!!!!!!!", she then left with Teebo's gang leaving the wrecked Fairy Tail guild.

5 years past

Ashi had bullied and tormented Fairy Tail guild along with Teebo's gang for 5 years straight, out-rightly making Umi leave Fairy Tail as Ashi says "Umi?, that idiot hasn't set foot in Fairy Tail in years, forget her Teebo, and anyways, she's mine". However a week later Banaboster wanted Ashi in Twilight Orge's team for the GMG, Ashi declined, however Banaboster forced Ashi to be in his team, Ashi replied by launching a dB Resonance Tornado on him. Banaboster now scared again, Ashi replied "I will still be in Twilight Ogre, however your offer is dismal. I will be a part of Mermaid Heel's GMG team, and if you DARE say anything to Mermaid Heel's Guild Master, I'll do to Fairy Tail as I'll do to you, got that? Teebo how about another thrashing for Fairy Tail". Twilight Ogre astonished at Ashi, were left silent, but then all of Twilight Ogre members (including Banaboster) applauded Ashi as Ashi and Teebo's gang left.

However before Ashi could go to Fairy Tail, she said for Teebo's gang to go ahead and that she'll catch up soon. However before she could get in and see what happened she saw a bunch of people coming her way[15]. Ashi stayed where she was and heard the destruction, she then saw Teebo's gang run away from Fairy Tail, she knew she was in trouble, she snatched Teebo and asked what was going on, Teebo replied "Fairy Tail's strongest are are are---- back, Ashi run!", Ashi however punched Teebo, saying "Fairy Tail's strongest are back huh, which means....Umi will return, or better yet....", she schemed as she walked back to Mermaid Heel.

Later Ashi talked to Mermaid Heel's Guild Master whether she could be in the GMG, without no objections, Ashi was accepted and Ashi's new plan was forming...

Key of Starry Sky Arc

"Coming Soon!!!!!"

Grand Magic Games arc

"Coming Soon!!!!!!"

Appearances in Other Media


OVA 2:Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Ashi appears as a student from Mermaid Prefecture, that frequently appears in Fairy Academy. She is seen always with her hands together and saying "Scheming...Scheming...".

Ashi later during the battle against Fairy Academy and Courage Academy, Ashi is asking where Freed is, while everyone is ignoring her, she later goes back to saying "Scheming...Scheming...", as if she never said anything, confusing Wendy and Lucy as to why a student from a different school is there, let alone how she knows one of the students in Fairy Academy[16].

Later Ashi is seen seeing Natsu getting punched into the sky by Erza, with her doing her signature stance and speech "Scheming...Scheming...", with Lucy and Wendy shouting at her saying why she's here and to go away.

OVA 3:Memory Days

Ashi is seen as a child, abruptly doing the same from Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!, with Natsu, Gray and Happy passing her along one of the buildings that Natsu hasn't destroyed yet. She later says why she's here and as a child and why she just broke the fourth wall just now, she then leaves the screen, with Natsu, Gray and Happy shrugging off what Ashi said and continues looking around the "not destroyed" buildings.

Magic and Abilities

Sound Resonance Magic: Ashi is able to enhance any sound made by her, as well as cancel out any of her opponents sounds, for example, if she shouts, she is able to amplify that into a higher sound level. It is extremely dangerous magic capable of destruction as well as deafening of the ears[17]. Her only embarrassment in using this magic was when she accidentally burped causing a massive shockwave sending the entire Mermaid Heel guild to hit the wall.

  • dB Scream:Her basic attack, she shouts at the opponent, however she can amplify this magic as high she wants
  • dB Footstep:Ashi stomps on the floor, causing the ground to crumble beneath the opponent
  • dB Clasped Despair:Ashi clasps her hands together causing the sound around her and her opponents change, therefore her opponents will hear a high pitch sound causing pain, while she enjoys a nice silent noise.
  • dB Heralding Pitch:Ashi sucks up some air, then blows it through her clasped hands, the noise produced will create a noise capable of creating nausea[18]. She is capable of directing the noise to a certain area.
  • dB Mirror Noise:Ashi if hit by an attack from an opponent can use this, if attacked, she can mirror the sound of the attack produced by clicking her fingers and recreating the pain to the opponent[19].
  • dB Mute:Used for taunting, she can mute any of her opponents from talking. She only uses this when she gets annoyed by her opponent or for fun[20].
  • dB Cacophony's Shockwave: Ashi twirls both her fingers and does a complex arm movements, then she points. It causes a huge shockwave, the wave motion itself can cut opponents, and as an added effect if Ashi makes a noise within the shockwave, the sound itself will multiple by 120 dB, causing severe pain to those in the shockwave. The shockwave minimum lasts 42 seconds, the maximum lasts 59 seconds[21]
  • dB Resonance Tornado: Ashi lifts one of her arms at direct her palm to the opponent. Then Ashi or her opponent makes a single noise, from this her palm will release a burst of sound in a form of a tornado sending her opponents flying.
  • dB Dante's Requiem[22]: Ashi starts singing, this song causes everyone within the vicinity to be paralyzed. Ashi can also do attacks while her opponents are frozen and the attacks will occur afterwards, however the time of paralyzation is said to unfreezes itself at varying times without Ashi's knowledge.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat:Shown to punch her teammates into submission, as well as for fun, she is shown to use hand to hand combat by mixing it with her magic attacks, as such her punches could as well bring out sound shockwaves flinging her opponents into the sky.

Enhanced Durability:She is shown to withstand strong attacks from Umi, even when Um was in her unstable Dragon Force mode, she somehow withstood it and still had energy to fight Umi.

Enhanced Stamina:She is shown to tire out her opponents, and can continue fighting for long periods of time without stopping.

Enhanced Hearing:As her Magic goes, she has the ability to hear a person's very soul, allowing her to tell if they are scared, what are they going to do next, and even their thoughts.[23] This ability is not as accurate, she needs to know the opponent in order for her to "gain access to their thoughts" [24] If she does know the opponent, she is able to counter all their moves, though this only seems to work when the person's "voice" she is listening to is thinking, or has memories. However this ability has no double-edged sword as she is able to cancel the noise around her, therefore she is able to predict both the opponents moves as well as nullify any intense noise from her.

Keen Intellect:As well as outside of battle, she is shown to be manipulative in "using" her peers. In battle her Magic itself needs intense strategy in order for her to get the upperhand, which she has mastered.


Umi Fairdusk

Her only rival she contend and distaste for, they both have been rivals however this is only seen in Ashi's eyes as how Umi came to Mermaid Heel was exactly the same as how Ashi arrived in Mermaid Heel. This lead to her making Umi paranoid to the point they went into a fight whilst destroying the Mermaid Heel guild. From this Ashi's rivalry with Umi only intensified, she wants Umi's life to be a living hell, or more so, she doesn't Umi to even exist in the world. She thinks Umi's magic is pitiful and weak and thinks she will beat her at everything, she also thinks Umi is mentally unstable and insane[25].

Umi has the same rage as Ashi does to Umi, however it is somewhat controlled, Ashi however wants her to break that control so that she can fight her with her true strength.

Ashi and Umi's relationship is like a rivalry ship soon to sink, in which only one Mage will swim to shore, the other will sink. Ashi believes she will be the one to swim.

Lena Lee

Ashi treated Lena like a punching bag, even before Umi's arrival into Mermaid Heel, however she actually countered her attacks[26], at times they fought over Ashi's actions[27], this always led to intense arguments.

Ashi believes Lena is an idiot, weak and mentally unstable[28] into thinking that actions will always lead to consequences. Ashi as such ignores or "toys"[29] her. After Umi's arrival, it caused a wedge between them[30], however it didn't matter to her, as Lena was a soon to be dried up resource.

Ashi soon diverged and started to not talk at all to Lena due to Umi staying with Lena more than any of her teammates, this grew to the brink, that she wanted Lena to be kicked out of her team.

Ashi and Lena's relationship is extremely cracked and diverged and only an intense resolve will clear it, however it is extremely unstable with Umi in the mix as well causing nothing but destruction for their relationship[31]

Zero Stance Teammates

Ashi's teammates were treated like punching bags by her, they were fearful of Ashi and always asking whether they shouldn't be here. Ashi later kicked both her teammates off her team (in horrible ways). Ashi's teammates do care for Ashi however as she goes into the brink of power, they later fear her above all else.

Ashi sees her teammates as nothing but resource she can use, or just as "toys" for her to play with...[32]


She sees Banaboster as another pawn for Ashi's grand scheme, Banaboster is also Ashi's new source for "grunt" power[33], Ashi threatens Banaboster alot if Banaboster annoys her. It is a one sided relationship, as Ashi has all the power between them.

Ashi sees Banaboster as a resource and doesn't see him as a Guild Master, she thinks he's an idiot and utterly annoying most of the time.


Another of Ashi's pawns, though they both have the same ideals (though Ashi's is waaaaaaaaaaaay worse than Teebo), however Ashi is completely in control over Teebo as well.

Same as Banaboster, Ashi sees Teebo as a resource that will soon be dried up, however they are in slightly good terms.

The only difference is that Ashi does not attack Teebo as she did with her Zero Stance teammates, instead, to keep Teebo on her side, she would take it out on Teebo's gang (except Teebo himself) when she wants to play with something[34].

Ashi later ditches Teebo and Twilight Ogre during the GMG arc[35], this represents that in all Teebo and Twilight Ogre was dried up resources and now useless.

Ashi ignores Teebo during the GMG stating she doesn't know him at all and telling him to stay away from Mermaid Heel's team.

Battle & Events


  • Her name in Japanese means "the sound of footsteps", befitting her magic.
  • Each of her appearance in arcs personify the Seven Deadly Sins. The only exceptions are the Key to the Starry Star and the Grand Magic Games arc.[36]
    • Daybreak arc - Greed
    • Lullaby arc - Gluttony
    • Phantom Lord arc - Wrath
    • Fighting Festival arc - Lust
    • Oración Seis arc - Envy
    • Edolas arc - Sloth
    • X791 arc - Pride
  • Throughout her Story, she loses both her original teammates through her own doing
    • First one gets punched into the air by Ashi as she is "excommunicated".
    • Second one was effectively left in the ruins of Nirvana, knocked out twice, once by Midnight, once by Ashi. She was also kicked out of Ashi's team.
  • According to Jason from the Sorcerer Magazine, during his participation in the Grand Magic Games of X791, Ashi's stats are...
Attack Power
Defensive Power



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  35. Where she is back in her original Mermaid Heel guild
  36. Where the Key to the Starry Star arcs shows Ashi's Insanity, while the Grand Magic Games arc shows Ashi's "Purgatory"
  37. From all this, if she was really in Fairy Tail, I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley, she's frickin evil....she's close to being a Dark Mage but she's borderline, however her behavior certainly acts like a Dark Mage, also she's what was it..A YANDERE!!!! and it's a REVERSE YANDERE(In which she'll HURT THE PERSON SHE LOVES WTFUDGE!!!!)....she is extremely mentally unstable and a complete power hungry nutcase.....but still making a Mage who's borderline Dark mage with a Yandere behavior makes for good material...I think...maybe? Either way, I LA think I made the evilest "non-Dark" Mage in all of Fairy Tail....I think....
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