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"I am the bone of my sword.."

— Archer

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Archer is an Independent Mage who went over to Crime Sorcière shortly after it's formation. He keeps to himself and is mainly the silent type when asking about his past.


Archer has white spiky hair with gray eyes, he wears black chest armour, and black pants with bands going through his legs, with metal bands going over his foot, he wears shoes with metal plating in the end. He wears a red longcoat which separates at the front showing part of his chest armor, his sleeves end with a metal ornaments at it's end as well as a small metal band going around the front part of his neck. The front his longcoat, the top part has two cross-like connecting left and right.


His personality is thoroughly cynical, but at the same time, devoted, and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He doesn't lie, but he does keep secrets. He is sarcastic, but it's how he gives advice. He is skeptical about joining Crime Sorcière, however he doesn't worry about the "details", however he is shown his comical side only to Meredy while being distant between both Jellal and Ultear as he says "One has seeped into darkness, the other is in the blue....".


Nothing much is known about his history [2]. He doesn't remember or he is merely covering up his memories.

Throughout his past he has been an Independent Mage all his life, though he lost his partner in a raid from a Dark guild, he also avoided legal Guilds and the Rune Knights for some unknown reasons.


Lullaby arc

Archer was in Clover Town, as he heard that the Guild Masters would be there, he however sensed a powerful yet weird magical source nearing Clover Town, he didn't want to ignore it however he felt that he needed to. He followed the source power however due to Lullaby appearing, he left on a whim[3], hoping to find that powerful magical source soon.

Tower of Heaven arc

Archer is first seen going to a job sent by an old man asking whether he could catch the Trinity Raven team, he accepted as long as he got the Jewel for it. He left on a dingy to the destination.

As he nearly approaches the Tower of Heaven a bright light envelops the Tower, there he quickly makes for ground. He arrives and spots Fukuro along with Vidaldus Taka and Ikaruga flying, he sends a sword straight at them, there they also make ground and try to converse with Archer. They start talking to Archer about why he's here, he remains silent but then says "Your Trinity Raven no?....", Trinity Raven becomes silent, but the they start to attack Archer, Archer opens his eyes then sends out countless swords to fire at the 3. All of them completely aghast at his magic try to attack him again, Archer then summons Ea and "tests" his weapon in front of the 3, as he sends out an energy vortex behind him, they all become scared and then forfeits.

Archer ties all 3 of them up on on of his swords, Fukuro wonders why he's doing this, Archer says to be quiet, he then picks up the sword carrying all 3 of them then fires the 3 using his bow to land. Archer later makes it to land and picks up then Trinity Raven members on his sword and puts them outside the steps of Magic Council Fiore Headquarters and tells the old man that Trinity Raven is behind bars and he receives his Jewel[4]

Fighting Festival arc

Archer is sent by an anonymous person to go to Magnolia Town and report what happens there, he however passes a distressed girl along the way saying "Never forgive Freed, Never forgive....", Archer dismisses this and continues to Magnolia Town. He makes his stay in a dark corridor of the town, he hears about the Fantasia Parade as well as the Thunder God Tribe appearing back soon, he goes on and waits. Later during the battle of Fairy Tail, he used his Reality marble to disguise and flee from the incoming chaos. He later glimpses a girl outside on top of the buildings fighting Evergreen, he senses peaks and he feels immense distress however he misses who it was, he tries to catch up with the strange magical power source however loses it, he however stumbles upon Bickslow, he merely flings one of his swords at Bickslow's dolls, dodges the dolls beams, then he summons Ea but not releasing the energy vortex giving enough light to slightly blind him, as Bickslow was slightly blind, Archer used his reality marble to escape, however he sees a blonde girl up on one of the building. He later takes refuge in an abandoned warehouse, however he sees a bright light outside the warehouse window and sees Salamander and Laxus fighting, he briefly goes to the top of the warehouse to see whats going on and to see who would win so that he could report it.

Later he records what happened during the Battle of Fairy Tail, he also saw the Fantasia Parade and felt a weird vibe and noticed the same girl who fought Evergreen in the crowds, he sees that the girl was also eying a blue haired girl and a green haired girl on the otherside of the parade, he dismisses this and leaves early to report back to the anonymous person. [5]

Oración Seis arc

Archer later hears rumors about the Dark Guild Oracion Seis around the area he was in, he demands the person talking where they would be, the person says the Worth Woodsea, he departs immediately.

However as he gets there, he sees nothing but rubble however hears a faint sound sounding like "CAELUM!", he runs in the opposite direction as he senses the powerful magical source from before in Clover Town.

He climbs the ruins of Nirvana, however he sees a guy using magic on a girl with a girl wrapped in her own clothing, Archer instantly remembers her as the person she met before the Battle of Fairy Tail. He senses that it is not the main magical source however sees the the guy leave with the wrapped girl completely losing it and attacking her teammate. Archer ventures onwards until he meets an unconscious old man. He wake shim up, however he starts spurting out ooze, Archer realise that he's still not the main magical source, however the old man starts shooting at Archer telling him "THAT TRASH OF A DRAGON SLAYER HAS NOTHING ON ME, ME BRAIN THE LEADER OF ORACION SEIS!!!!", Archer dodges his attacks then summons and shoots 4 of his swords and pins down the old man. Brain however melts his swords with his hands, he then starts by using Dark Rondo, however Archer says "Your magical power is nothing right now..I don't need this childsplay...begone!!", Archer then uses his Reality Marble to dodge his attacks, and still in the pocket of the Reality Marble, he summons a dagger, then using the handle of the dagger he hits Brain on the top of his chin. The old man then was out cold.

Archer continues searching for the main magical source, however he hides from the Rune Knights appearing, he uses his Reality Marble to flee, however he sees the green haired girl from the Fantasia Parade with a couple of Rune Knights, he however sees a girl with feathers around her being taken away, he then realizes that the green haired girl is not a secret spy working for the Rune Knights, he also deliberates that the blue haired girl wouldn't be this either. Later however he loses the powerful and weird magical source, he then sets camp in the outskirts of an unnamed town.

A Deep Seated Past Draws Near arc

Archer sleeping on the outskirts of a town sets camp and stays there and sleeps, until he feels a weird powerful aura distant.

Archer is then hearing a volley of swords coming at him.[6] Archer proceeds to fire swords at the golden wearing man. Archer from tricking the man the proceeds to fire large amounts of swords at the man, however both the swords cancelling caused all swords to deflect one another.

Archer then hears the man's voice saying "Your...the assassin sent to kill me in Isvan right?.....Archer...", Archer continues to hear the man out until he dodges chains attacking him.

Archer finally sees the golden man and he starts talking "Isvan is my land and your only a cur of servant, I will rule this pitiful land as well then I'll rule it is, now purge under my rule...MONGREL!!!!!", the man continues to fling his chains around, however Archer dodges and misses them, then Archer summons 2 swords to try and attack him, the man dodges it then flings his chain around Archer hand and pulls it causing him to attack himself. Archer however pulls out the sword blade and throws it at the man's head. Gilgamesh now angry then proceeds to bring out more swords and spears. Archer however disappears by using his Reality Marble magic, the man now furious his swords to fire at every direction.

He dodges them all and tries to flee the situation however he continuously flings swords at the man. Archer reaches the town, however due to the bloodloss he collapses. As he wakes, he is seen in a basement, as he goes to the ground level...he sees the town completely destroyed with swords and corpses littering the ruined town. Archer now more determined to stop the man...the King of Isvan, Gilgamesh, vows that the townspeople sacrifice to save him will not go in vain. Archer then leaves to another town.

Daphne arc

Appearance in Other Media

Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Archer is seen with Gajeel for an unknown reason, afterwards, Archer takes to Gray's pool completely frozen. Later he is seen saying "I am the bone of my s-", before being hit by a volleyball on the beach. Archer completely disgruntled leaves, but before so, he meets an old lady saying she needs to find a precious artifact but with a lion outfit. Archer accepts, there we see a montage of Archer trying to find the artifact.........he fails.

Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Archer is seen secretly spying on Gilgamesh the entire time, however every time he gets interrupted by having ice cones and fire stones thrown at his head. He is later seen during the fight between Courage Academy in which we see him beating up Lancer[7].

Memory Days

Archer is seen (while not even reversed aged at all).....once again secretly spying and chasing Gilgamesh throughout Magnolia Town. After he sees Gilgamesh finishing off Shinji and Lancer. Archer meets up with Lancer and kicks Shinji for good measure. Archer and Lancer talks until Archer says "Unlimited Blade Works", causing a shower of swords to rain in on Lancer effectively killing him in the process. Afterwards, Archer talks to the audience saying "Lancers doesn't have it easy ya'know folks!, now onto the main story!", then a frame whizzes by showing Gray, Natsu and Happy disguised.

Magic & Abilities

Unlimited Blade Works: His magic allows him to magically reconstruct swords (and by extension other weaponry)[8] from both his hands, they can be elaborately used and highly versatile in both long range and short range attacks as with the long attacks he'll literally shoot his swords at his opponents, as his short range he can take his fight melee as well as use his swords as guards.[9]This magic is a branch off the Requip family tree and he is also the last of his "kind" to have this magic.

  • Swords
    • Durandal Dual Blades: Summons two long curved platinum swords
    • Greatsword of Cu: Summons a giant greatsword capable of slicing the air, therefore able to go invisible for a set amount of time.
    • Daggers of Repent: Summons two daggers that can be boomaranged
    • Caliburn: Summons a longsword capable of swings which creates shockwaves from it's own SWING
      • Avalon: The sheath of Caliburn, when holding the sheath, Archer is able to heal from any wound as well as restock his magical potency.
    • Excalibur: Summons a longsword capable of causing crate-like damage when hitting an opponent.
  • Lances
    • Gae Bolg: A spear in which if cut, will seep magical power faster[10]
    • Lance of Longius: Used for long range in which he mainly shoots it to the opponent.
    • Spirit of Fire and Ice: Summons two short spears used for dual lance combat, one spear has flames around it, the other ice.
  • Axes
    • Scorpion Tail: Summons a giant axe with a stinger of it's blade.
    • Himmlisch Axe[11]: Summons an axe used for shooting.
    • Verteidigung[12]: Summons two axes used for defense, as the blades are blunt on both sides for both axes but both blades of the axes are huge enough to block attacks.
  • Gunswords
    • Ea: Summons a gold short gunsword, only capable of firing an energy vortex
    • Blazefire Sabier[13]: Summons a basic gunsword capable of rapid-fire and slashes, as well as blocking.
  • Bow: Summons a regular high strung platinum bow
    • Unlimited Blade Firing Beam: Using his bow, he is able to use 4 to 5 of his reconstructed swords to be used as arrows in which he fires as a beam of energy.

Reality Marble: Can summon a "reality marble", eg. summon an area devoid of the real world. Archer can use this a number a ways, if Archer does start using this magic, it means he's weary.

  • Encase: Time Lapse Marble: He is able to encase himself in a small marble, from this he is able to slow down time for a set amount of time.
  • Warp Unlimited Blade Works: Able to send himself and his opponent in a realm called Unlimited Blade Works, where hundreds of swords litter the battlefield. Only Archer controls the amount of time the realm has before it reverts back to it's original place. Once Archer has designated a time for the marble, he cannot change the time once he's inside.

Immense Magical Potency: So much that he can activate both his Unlimited Blade Works Magic as well as using his Reality Marble magic at the same time and not get tired.

Extreme Durability: Able to withstand large amount of damage and still stand.

Extreme Speed: Able to run at swift speeds as well as dodge attacks quickly.

Magical Power Sense: He has the ability to tell people's magical power sources (including those exceeding magical power such as 1st Gen Dragon Slayers), as well as track them down using their magical power as a beacon.

Keen Intellect: Has been shown to have a high degree of intelligence though he doesn't show it as often.


Umi Fairdusk

Lena Lee

Kurisu Makise

Ashi Oto


Ultear Milkovich


Jellal Fernandes

Battle & Events

  • Archer VS. Trinity Raven (WIN)
  • Archer VS. Bickslow (Interrupted, Archer fled)
  • Archer VS. Brain (WIN)
  • Archer VS. Gilgamesh (Interrupted...Archer fled, however a town was destroyed due to this..)


  • This fanon character has many references to Fate stay night as well Fate Zero in some ways.
  • He along with Gilgamesh are currently the ONLY LA fanon character to not have an Edolas counterpart.
  • According to Jason from the Sorcerer Magazine, Archer's stats are...
Attack Power
Defensive Power



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