Yahiko is a tall, slim and muscular teenager with white spikey hair and silver eyes. He has a blue tattoo running down from his right eye to the end of his cheek. He wears black pants, a white shirt, and a black vest that he keeps open. On the back of the vest there is the Kanji for Dragon. He has a key ring linked on to his belt and he has a katana with a blue hilt that he keeps tied to his back.


Yahiko is a cold, realistic, and untrusting individual. He finds Fairy Tail’s belief to never kill an opponent ridiculous and even went to the extreme of murdering Max Alors to show them what he believes is an error in their logic. Despite his cold demeanor he cares for his spirits with


Ice Cream, Exceed, Cartoon Shows, Dragons


Fairy Tail Mages, Grimoire Heart Mages, Irrational People, Chicken


Yahiko was originally born in a small town outside of Shirotsume with his mother who was a former member of the Magic Council named Yuki,
Fanon 2

Yahiko's mother moments before her death

and his father, a merchant named Mikael. However when he was five years old his father revealed that he was actually a Dark Mage and he brought in a fellow Mage, and the two attempted to gain information about the Magic Council from Yahiko's mother. She refused to release the information so she was tortured and killed in front of Yakiko. After they had finished with her they attempted to kill Yahiko, but he managed to escape into a nearby forest. While running from them, he ventured too deep into the forest and was stuck there for years.
Fanon 3

A young Yahiko meeting Frost

One day he stumbled into a large cave hidden deep in the forest and there he met the Ice Dragon, Frost. From that day on he was raised by the Ice Dragon, but one day in the year X777 without an explanation Frost left him, and Yahiko was crushed. About a year after Frost left him many criminals began pursuing him again in the hope that he knew the secrets that his mother held. Eventually the Dark Guild, Grimoire Heart, took interest in him and they chased him down constantly. Every time he relocated to a new town, Grimoire Heart would destroy the town and kill all of those he befriended. He eventually stumbled into a large town and met a girl named Meredy, he stayed in a shed near her house and she provided him with food while he stayed there. One day while he was sleeping, he heard a loud noise outside, and when he went out he saw Grimoire Heart destroying the entire town while searching for him, after they had finished obliterating the town Yahiko watched as they convinced Meredy to go with them, much to his dismay. After that incident he decided to travel constantly to avoid Grimoire Heart getting a definite location on him.

Magic and Abilities

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic: He is adept with his Ice Dragon Slayer Magic although he only uses it in battle if can't win with his Celestial Spirits. As with all Dragon Slayers, he can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. His ice is not like other ice, the immense amount of Magic Energy he places in his ice increases the potency of his ice tremendously. He was able to freeze Natsu’s Fire Dragon’s Roar with ease.

Ice Dragon’s Roar: Yahiko breathes a long line of chilling wind that freezes anything that touches it.


Yahiko uses his Ice Dragon attack against Gray Fullbuster

Ice Dragon: Yahiko creates a huge dragon made of Ice. The Dragon is able to fly and shoot powerful beams from its mouth. Yahiko used this in his match with Gray Fullbuster. He also used this in his match with Mirajane, he held the advantage at first, but Mirajane destroyed the Dragon when she fired Soul Extinctor at it.

Requip: The Spirit: Yahiko uses a unique brand of Requip known as The Spirit. He owns 350 Celestial Spirit Keys, and he only carries 10 with him. To be able to access the rest of them in battle he learned Requip for the sole purpose of Requipping his Celestial Spirit Keys.

Celestial Spirit Magic: Widely accepted as the most talented Celestial Spirit Mage in the world, Yahiko is highly skilled with the use of Celestial Spirit Magic. He owns over 350 Celestial Spirit Keys, but only keeps 8 with him. They are, Libra (The Scales), Pisces (The Fish), Rinki (The Rain Demon), Shinko (The Divine Tiger), Mumyō (The Dark Spirit), Wolke (The Sky Dweller), Sprenger (The Burning Inferno), and Raijin (The Divine Lightning Blade).

Grand Display: Force of the Spirits: Yahiko's most powerful spell. He Requips all 350 of his Celestial Spirit Keys, and summons all of his Spirits for combat. He only has enough Magic Energy to keep them all in the Human World for 10 minutes. This spell gained him the fame as the most talented Celestial Spirit Mage in the world, and the nickname God of the Spirits. He used this spell against Erza Scarlet in an attempt to counter her Armadura Fairy.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Yahiko is a very talented swordsman. He was able to match Erza Scarlet's Swordsmanship, and overwhelm Freed Justine with relative ease. Yahiko prefers Kendo as his preferred method of Swordsmanship although he is adept with one hand as well.

Immense Magic Power: Yahiko has enough Magic Power to keep 350 Celestial Spirits in the Human World at one time without significantly limiting each Spirit’s power.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat: He was able to keep up with Mirajane with hand to hand combat for a short period of time.

Immense Speed: Yahiko was able to slice Natsu in half, and slice off both of Gray’s arms before either one could react. (Don’t worry Wendy healed them)

High Intellect: Repeatedly in battle, Yahiko has shown himself to be quite clever and deceptive. He even managed to figure out how to use Freed’s Runes against him while in the middle of battle.

Enhanced Strength: He managed to push Lucy Heartfilia through a wall with a finger thrust.

Major Battles

  • Yahiko Frost vs. Layla Heartfilia= DRAW
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Jura Nekis= LOST
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster and Gajeel Redfox= WON
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Freed Justine and Lucy Heartfilia= WON
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Mirajane= DRAW
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Erza Scarlet= INTERFERED
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Ultear Milkovich= LOST
  • Yahiko Frost vs. Gildarts Clive= LOST

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