Yeah, im pretty normal, but I like anime huh, so that makes me cool :)

Below are what some of my favorite Fairy Tail characters, arcs and even magic are, all of which are in chronological order.

By the way, if you heaven't watched or read a n anime/manga called Yamada and the Seven Witches, you have to do that right now!

My Favorite Characters

  • Jellal
  • Rogue
  • Erza

My Favorite Fairy Tail Arc's

  • The Tower of Heaven Arc
  • Tartarus Arc
  • Battle of Fairy Tail Arc
  • Phantom Lord Arc

My Favorite Fairy Tail Episodes

  • Episode #41: Home
  • Episode #48: Fantasia
  • Episode #39: A Prayer Under the Holy Light
  • (Soon to be Tartarus Episodes xD)
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