Hello, <insert name here>. I am Inept Wiki User.

There isn't much worth saying about myself - I'm generally quiet, a little shy, and prone to worrying and hesitating. I also have some problems regarding communicating and socialising - there are often times where I am unable to get my thoughts across properly (something which really irritates and depresses me). I often take time to think before taking action and dislike impatiently rushing ahead (please don't assume anything based on my silence).

I follow a number of wikis, though I've only managed to contribute to a few of them, one of which I administrate (thankfully it isn't particularly busy). I first started contributing to the Fairy Tail Wiki in early 2013 and have worked on a number of articles under supervision since then. At the moment, most of my activity is primarily focused in my sandboxes, where I draft articles and contributions before posting them, as well as gathering and sorting through information for future additions. I hope I can be of assistance to the wiki and hope I don't make too many mistakes along the way.

If there is anything you wish to talk to me about, please leave a message on my talk page and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. I take some time to get my messages together properly, plus there are often other things getting in the way, so some of my responses may take a short while. Also, please be aware that due to the aforementioned problems, there may be a bit of miscommunication.

Edit: Apologies for being absent for so long. Intend to get stuff done soon.

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