I always smile

aka Smile

  • I live in Bangladesh
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is student
  • I am a girl

Hi !!! Welcome to my user page.:)

A bit about me

I'm usually called Smile or Smile-chan. I really do smile more than I should. But I'm really emotional and am very easy to get a re-action from.

I have black hair and Black eyes. I'm 15 years old. and I'm a High school freshman. I have to keep my grades up so I'm never really gonna be much active.

I speak Bangla (it's my mother tongue), English, Hindi and a widdle bit Japanese.

My favorite Charecters

Mirajane Strauss

She is EPIC. Usually the Sweet and cute guild assistant. In times of need she is MIRA THE DEMON.*shivers in fear* You. Do. Not. Want. Her. Angry.

How could you not love her ?!? I mean She is EPIC.

Erza Scarlet

Oh, Come on, You already know.

Jellal Fernandes

He used to be evil.( i personally think he was more cool that way) Than he lost his memory and became good. ( And a super nice guy) But he made my favorite after Kissing erza. and lieing to because he doesnt want his loved one in danger.


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