Loke Relationships

Alzack Connell

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When Alzack told Loke about his feelings for Bisca, Loke amusingly answered that if Alzack did not express his love to Bisca soon, then, Loke would. From that day on, Alzack sees Loke as his love rival.[1]

Karen Lilica

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Karen 3

Karen cruelty towards Aries

Karen Lilica was a famed Mage of Blue Pegasus and the former master of Leo. Karen was cruel and merciless towards her Celestial Spirits and used them a mere tools even though Bob, Master of Blue Pegasus warned. Karen thought that it was Aries who told Bob about her attitude towards her and decided to punish her by bounding he to the Human World for seven whole days.[2]

Karen tries

Karen pleads for Leo return to the Celestial Spirit World

However, Leo switches place with Aries to protect from Karen's punishments. Loke demands Karen to terminate his and Aries' contract due to her attitude towards her spirits. Karen tries to close Loke's gate but fails;Loke has come here on his own accordance and won't leave, preventing Karen to summons more spirits. Loke leaves to wait in the nearby village ruins and tells Karen to meet him there when she comes back to her senses.[3]

Leo cries after Karen's death

Leo cries over Karen's death

After almost ten days, Loke is growing weaker with Karen telling him to return to the Celestial Spirit World. But Loke is adamant, he won't until Karen frees him and Aries but again, Karen refuses. After nearly a month, Loke is even more enervated and Karen tells that she cannot take any jobs and that she will not repeat her atrocities anymore. But Loke sees through her lies, refusing to leave and Karen beats him. Three months have passed and Loke is now more used to the Human World being in a better shape. As Loke decides to forgive Karen, he learns that Karen has died on a job as she was unable to summon another spirit and died by the hands of an Oración Seis Mage, Angel taking away Aries' key. From that day on Loke blames himself for the death of her Master and this thought haunts him wherever he goes.[4]

Karen forgives leo

Karen forgives Loke

Years later, Loke is seen having joined Fairy Tail as he is unable to return to the Celestial Spirit World due to him he "killing" her Master. In his final moments, as Loke vanishes due to lack of vitality, he goes to Karen's grave. However, Lucy Heartfilia her comrade succeeds to convince the Celestial Spirit King that Loke did not literally killed Karen and did so to protect Aries, as a result, Loke is allowed to return to the Celestial World again.[5] A vision of Karen appears to Loke when he is forgiven by the Celestial Spirit King for indirectly causing her death. The image smiles to Loke before vanishing, indicating that following her death, she had finally learned the lesson Loke was trying to teach her;to love and respect her Celestial Spirits.[6]

Lullaby's Awakening

Lullaby's Awakening is an event during the Lullaby arc where a foul creature, the Lullaby, created by the Dark Mage, Zeref, awakens from its flute form to its full form.


After Natsu's victory over Erigor, Erza and the other members of Team Natsu shortly joins them. While they have a talk about the situation, Kageyama, Mage of Eisenwald steals their Magic car and drives to Clover Town where the Guild Masters' meeting is taking place with the Lullaby flute in his possession. Later, when Kageyama is about play the flute, he bumps into Makarov. Eventually, Makarov succeeds to change the heart of Kageyama through wise words about nakamas and Guilds and he drops the evil flute. Team Natsu and the Guild Masters rejoice for their victory, ignoring that the danger is yet to come.[7]


As the Guild Masters and Team Natsu rejoice for having prevented a disaster, they notice something strange about the flute;it starts to release smokes and says that Mages do not have the guts and that it cannot hold the urge to eat their souls .[8] This shocks everyone. The smoke materializes into the true and full form of the vicious monster. Goldmine reveals that this creature was created long ago by the most evil Mage of all time, Zeref by making use of the Living Magic.[9]


With Lullaby eager to eat their souls, Fairy Tail's strongest team, Team Natsu charges at the beast, marking the beginning of a grueling battle.[10]


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Shagotte hugs Carla

Mother and daughter hug

Shagotte, Queen of Exceed's former homeland, Extalia is the mother of Carla. At first, Carla was very angry against Shagotte as she thought that the Queen of Extalia had sent them on Earth Land to kill the Dragon Slayers. But after explaning to Carla the real purpose behind sending a hundred eggs on Earth Land, Carla accepts their apologies. Carla also learns that she has been bestowed the ability of Precognition which Shagotte also possesses.[1] As Shagotte leaves Carla, Shagotte gives a warm hug to her daughter, who is still unaware of the fact that Shagotte is her mother.[2] Shagotte then reveals that she would tell Carla about their relationship only when she would have found the hundred eggs shattered over Earth Land.[3]


Main article: Marl

Marl, wife of Lucky met Carla as they escaped from Extalia's Imperial Guards. Fortunately, Marl and Lucky accepted to offer them sanctuary to avoid the guards. After that Carla knew her supposed "real" purpose on Earth Land from Nadi, she leapt into an intense depression and it was Marl who offered her moral support. As Marl spent sometimes with Carla, she made Carla rediscover her heart and courage to overcome these hindrances. After these words of courage, Carla and Happy flew off to Extalia to get back their comrades with Marl in tears, wondering if Carla is her son's girlfriend.[4]

The Sealing of Deliora

The Sealing of Deliora is an event which takes place during year X774 in which Ur sacrifices herself in order to seal Deliora, an evil Demon created by the Black Mage Zeref.


Gray leaves for Deliora

Gray leaves Ur to battle Deliora

Ur, Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia are on their way home from shopping in a town when they overhear some travelers discussing Deliora's appearance in Brago. This alerts Gray as Deliora was the very beast who destroyed his hometown and caused his parents' death before. Motivated by his need for revenge, Gray sets out alone towards where Deliora is despite Ur's and Lyon's protests and arguments that he can't take on the monster. Ur threatens to expel him, but Gray ignores her and tells her that he'll blame her if he dies because she failed to teach him more powerful Magic. Later, Ur joins Gray and decides to take on the ferocious beast.[5]


Ur's Leg

Ur's leg replaced with ice

Gray and Lyon are both defeated and unconscious. A desperate Ur tries to defeat Deliora but the beast seems to have the upperhand;Ur powerful spells are ineffective on the raging beast. Ur's legs have been replaced by an ice one due to the damage caused during the fight. Eventually, Gray regains consciousness and Ur tells him to take an unconscious Lyon and leave. She then tells Gray that she is happy to have them as disciples and that it is her job to take away Gray's darkness.[6]

Ur unleashes her Magic and casts the infamous, Iced Shell.
Iced Shell

Deliora being sealed

Gray watches Ur's body crack and transform as this Magic turns the user's body to ice for all eternity in order to seal Deliora. Before turning to ice completely, she asks Gray a favor; to tell Lyon she died because if he discovered she merely became ice, he'd spend the rest of his life trying to undo that spell. Ur tells that she wants both of them to see the world and live a great future. As Deliora becomes encased in ice, Ur seals away all of Gray's hatred and darkness.[7]


Deliora is finally sealed, putting an end to its atrocities, and, Ur's body is transformed into ice for eternity.

Dragon Civil War

Dragon Civil War is an event which took place long ago involving a civil war between the dragons.


Dragons flying freely

The Kings flying freely

Over 400 years ago, the Dragons were the Kings of the World. The humans were food to the dragons who flew the skies, free and, dominating the lands and seas. However, an unknown dragon questioned the reign of the dragon. The latter wanted the dragons and the humans to co-exist in the world. A war brew between dragons who wanted to support humans and those were against this ideology with Zirconis part of the ones against the humans.[8]


Dragonslayer Acnologia

Acnologia, The Dragon Slayer

The war spread chaos through the lands and the dragons were at stalemate. The human-supporting dragons devised a cunning plan. They provided some human with dragon slaying magic giving rise to the fearful, Dragon Slayers. The plan proved to be very successful as the human-supporting dragons gain the upperhand in the war. However, they did not anticipate that their fellow Dragons Slayers next move.[9]

Corrupted with immense power gifted to them by the dragons, the Dragon Slayers started to slay the dragons on their side. Amongst those Dragon Slayers, was one who murdered a lot of dragons, bathing into their blood and eventually, becoming a dragon himself. This infamous human became the king of the dragons and is commonly known as Acnologia, The Black Dragon.[10]


The details of the aftermath of this event are, at this time, unknown.

Fairy Tail & Lyon Vastia vs. Byro Cracy

Fairy Tail & Lyon Vastia vs. Byro Cracy is a fight that takes place during the Key of the Key of the Starry Sky arc.


Natsu attacks Byro

Natsu attacks Byro

In order to get back the Infinity Clock's arm, Natsu, Lucy and Romeo engage in combat with Byro Cracy. However, due to Byro's Nullification Magic, Natsu and his comrade are in a tight position. Natsu engages in a Hand-to-Hand Combat with Byro but to no avail;Byro has the upper hand as he proves to be a master in Hand-to-Hand Combat. The Fairy Tail Mages try to reason Byro who, does not let off his ideology - The latter would serve Zentopia Church knowing no bound, even letting his comrades die in the process. Eventually, Byro is enraged with his opponent's "blasphemy" and, decides to eradicate them using his powerful, Divine Arrow.[11]

In the blink of the moment, Coco deflects Byro's staff, saving the Fairy Tail Mages. Coco opposes his leader's ideals, who is now very furious. As Byro is about to kill Coco with his magic, Erza Scarlet arrives and, blocks the attack with his Adamantine Armor, saving Coco. Alongside Erza came other Fairy Mages and Lyon Vastia.[12]


Team Natsu about to battle

Team Natsu ready for battle!

Fairy Tail and Lyon Vastia decide to use their magic and attack Byro at the same time in order to defeat the latter. As a result, after charging their respective magic, Fairy Tail and Lyon launch their magic. To their surprise, Byro nullfies all their Magic. They decide to engage in the Hand-to-Hand Combat with Byro.[11]


Reborn Oración Seis

Oracion Seis returns

Suddenly, the clock parts start to brighten up, soaring and eventually assembling together. Amidst this confusion, everyone is utterly shocked to see the re-appearance of the fearful Dark Guild, Oración Seis.[11]

Welcome to Galuna Island!

Welcome to Galuna Island! is an event taking place in the Galuna Island arc in which Team Natsu ventures in the mysterious, Galuna Island.


Lucy and S-Class quest

A teriffy Lucy learns about the S-Class quest

Natsu Dragneel steals an S-Request from the Guild's Second Floor reserved for the S-Class Mages of Fairy Tail. Natsu and Happy go to Lucy's place and inform her that they are going to a haunted island where the job will take place. At first Lucy was hesistant however, Natsu and the exceed manage to convince Lucy to accompany them for the job by telling her that the reward is a Gate Key to one of the twelve Zodiac Celestial Spirits.[13] Back at the Guild, Gray volunteers to bring back the Natsu and the others.[14]


Natsu beats Gray

Natsu knocks Gray out

Arriving at Hargeon Town, the team finds out that all sailors are not willing to take them to the island. They are shortly intercepted by Gray Fullbuster, Natsu and Gray starts their usual bickering. Suddenly, a sailor agrees to take them to the mysterious island. Natsu knocks out Gray who was off-guard and takes him with them in fear of him going back and telling Erza.[15]

Along the trip, Gray, now conscious, asks the sailor why he let them on. He introduces himself as Bobo and, reveals to them that he was once an inhabitant of the cursed island. Bobo reveals to them the demonic curse of Galuna by showing them his arm which is that of a demon's. At the island's summit, light from the moon strikes, where a sort of ritual still unknown to everyone else occurs.[16]

Natsu and Happy's Fairy Tail mark

Natsu and Happy shows their Guild Mark

When the team spots the island, Bobo suddenly disappears and a giant tidal wave washes them away. In the morning, the team find themselves on the shores of Galuna Island. They decide to start exploring the Island, with Gray now willing to participate. By nightfall, they found a gate leading to a village. To prove that they are legitimate guild Mages, they all show the guards their respective Guild marks and, are then allowed entrance.

GalunaIsland viligers

Galuna Island villagers

The team is greeted by the villagers, who are wearing robes to cover their body. The village Chief, Moka begins to explain to them their problem. And to help Team Natsu to understand better, they remove their robes showing that parts of their body are demon-like;similar to Bobo's arm. Moka tells them that this plague started when the moon turned purple and that this is a curse. The skeptical mages wanted to confirm this theory and to their surprise, the moon was indeed purple.

Moka - Close up

Demon Moka

Once the moonlight shines on the villagers, their whole bodies start transforming to that of a demon's, and the village Chief explains, its the effect of the moon's Magical Power. He adds that at dawn, they return to their human forms, but there are those that are unfortunate and lose their minds. they are left with no choice but to kill those that do; since they could kill every other villager. He reveals that he had done the same to his own son, Bobo, shocking Lucy and Gray. The villagers plead for them to stop the curse through only one crazy method - To destroy the moon![17]

Gray and Natsu beats Angelica

Strange mouse knocked out

With no definite ideas as to how to execute the request, the team sleeps the night off and heads out to explore the island the next morning. They are confronted by a gigantic mouse in a maid's outfit along the way, but Gray easily defeats it. Soon after, they discover an ancient temple and enter to investigate. When inside, Natsu accidentally destroys the floor and they discover a hidden cave underneath the temple.[18]


Deliora in Ice

A frozen Deliora!

As they explore further, they find a huge frozen demon, which Gray instantly recognizes as the Demon of Disaster, Deliora! They hear footsteps nearing, and decide to hide. From the cavern, two people emerge, discussing the Moon Drip, a strange spell.[19]

Pupils Reunited

Pupils Reunited is an event which takes place during the Galuna Island arc. It involves the reunion of Ur's two pupils;Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia


Deliora in Ice

Deliora frozen

After that Natsu stomps on the floors of an ancient temple, the floor breaks revealing a passage underneath. The Fairy Tail Mages discovers an ancient, gigantic beast in a frozen state.[20] Surprised, Gray also tells them that the name of this awe-looking creature is, Deliora.[21]

Toby and yuka talking

Some strange...Strangers

The group hidden, eavesdrops the conversation of two strangers, who are talking about the Moon Drip. They are joined by a pink-dressed girl, claiming that some strangers knocked her dear Angelica out. They as a result, decide to eliminate the intruders as, they should not find out about their mysterious plan. They shortly leave, to meet their master, Reiti.[22]


Gray emotional

Later, Gray Fullbuster hears Lyra's, one of Lucy's Celestial Spirit songs and recalls memories about her teacher, Ur. Soon after, the moon rises, shining on Deliora, resulting in the Fairy Tail Mages exiting the ruins to investigate the issue.[23]

The Reunion

Moon Drip

The Moon Drip

Above, the team finds some persons with masks around the light, looking like a ritual. Lyra tells Team Natsu that this is a spell named Moon Drip; which the strangers are using to revive Deliora. However, Gray interferes saying that this ice cannot be melt but, Lyra says that this spell can melt ice. The Fairy Tail Mages conclude that the curse on the Galuna Island is due to this spells, contaminating their bodies.[24]

Lyon appears

Reiti appears!

Suddenly, a weird masked man is seen walking towards the ritual accompanies by the two strangers from before who were inside the cavern. The pink-dressed girl tells the masked man that they were unable to find the intruders during daytime. Team Natsu guesses that it must be Reiti. The two strangers tells Reiti that Deliora will be revived tomorrow. With the intruders not found, Reiti orders his subordinates to obliterate the village as, only there exist humans on the island.[25]

Lyon Vastia

Lyon Vastia

Hearing Reiti's voice, Gray bewildered recognizes the man. However, Natsu impulsive nature takes over; he charges at the enemy. The strangers see their Guild marks, they conclude that the villagers called for their help. Reiti re-orders them to destroy the village and, an angry Gray uses his Ice-Make on Reiti who, counters his attack using his Ice-Make Magic. Gray calls his Lyon and the latter, also knows Gray's name, telling him it has been a longtime.[26]

Natsu charges on the strangers who, are leaving to destroy the village. He is suddenly stopped, as he is frozen by Lyon Magic. Happy takes Lucy, telling her someone has to save the village. Happy and Lucy are both worried for Natsu but, are convinced that Salamander would overcome any difficulty.[27]

Ice Make Diamond Cage

Natsu trapped in Ice

Back at the fight, Natsu trapped in ice, is kicked by Gray and, Natsu falls down the cliff. Gray reveals that this Magic on Natsu can destroy his body so he sent him out of Lyon's Magic range. Gray tells Lyon why is he trying to destroy their teacher, Ur's sealing which she gave her life in process. However, Lyon tells Gray that he was the one who killed Ur revealing his face.[28]


Whilst Gray and Lyon battle, The Titantia makes her way to the Galuna Island on a pirate ship; she is determined to punish Natsu and the others for breaking the rules.[29]


Temple Catastrophe

Temple Catastrophe is an event taking place in the Galuna Island arc which involves battles taking place in the Forbidden Temple.


Very angry Erza

Erza is very angry

Erza Scarlet finally catches up with Lucy Heartfilia and Happy. Titania is determined to punish his comrades for breaking the Guild rules.[30] Gray wakes up in the village and finds out that the village has been destroyed by Lyon's comrades. The villagers were safe thanks to Natsu and Lucy and, upon asking for their location, he is directed into a tent where he is immediately meets by an angry Erza Scarlet, a hogtied Lucy and Happy. Erza immediately asks Gray why he didn't bring back with Natsu and Lucy like he was supposed to. Gray asks where is Natsu which Erza, says she will eventually find out.[31]


Gray made his choice

The group sent out to find Natsu, which once completed, they will return to the Guild. Gray tells Erza that they should help the villagers, which the latter replies other guilds will take care of. However, Gray says he is disappointed by Erza and, she draws her sword, determined to punish the rule-breakers. Gray pushes the sword, a leaves the tent determined to pursue his mission An angry Erza quickly cuts the ropes off Lucy and Happy, telling them that they're going to take care of the job, though they'll still be punished.[32][33]


Natsu destroying Galuna Temple

Natsu destroying Galuna Temple

After taking a nap, Natsu wakes up in front of the Temple.[34] Inside the temple, Toby talks to Lyon saying that Fairy Tail managed to defeat his comrades. Zalty appears and says by tonight Deliora will be revived but, if some interrupts the Moon Drip, Deliora will be trapped in ice forever. Zalty also points out that their opponents are strong, but a confident Lyon says that they won't be able to defeat him. Zalty says he will as well join the fight and use his Lost Magic shocking Toby.[35]

Suddenly, the temple starts to tremble as if their is an earthquake. Everyone inside the temple is surprised and does not know what is happening exactly. Zalty says someone has titled the temple and, finds out that it is Natsu. Salamander tells them as the temple is titled, moonlight won't reach Deliora preventing the Moon Drip.[36]

Natsu vs Lyon

Natsu vs. Lyon

Zalty tells Natsu that he is smart despite his appearance. Natsu then charges at Lyon who uses an ice clone as a decoy and follows by attacking Natsu. The two start a promising battle and Zalty interferes in the battle;the latter crumbled the floor under Natsu to divert his Fire Dragon's Roar. Lyon sees through Zalty Magic and tells him not to interfere. Zalty tells Lyon is does not want him to die which an angry Lyon says flames like them won't hurt him. He tells Zalty to leave them alone. He states that he is the only one who can defeat Deliora and is doing so to surpass his teacher Ur. Natsu ask him why not battle Ur herself which Lyon replies that she is already dead because of Gray. An angry Natsu says he will punish Lyon as many people are suffering because of his plan.[37]

Outside, Gray explains to the others that Lyon wants to defeat Deliora because Ur could not and as a result, by defeating the beast Lyon would have surpassed Ur who died. Lucy understands that it is the only way to know whether Lyon surpass Ur. However, Gray reveals that Ur is not dead, she still lives, shocking his comrades. With this, Gray starts to narrate the past history of his teacher.[38]

Gray leaves for Deliora

Gray leaves to face Deliora

Gray explains that ten years ago, Deliora attacked his hometown and was then found by Ur and Lyon. Gray was crying and determined to get revenge over Deliora.[39] Ur then taught Gray to use Ice-Make Magic which the latter wanted to learn, to defeat Deliora. While shopping in a town, Gray asked Ur to teach him mire powerful Magic. However, Ur told him that he is already learning a powerful Magic and that one day he will find his own shape becoming very strong. Suddenly, Gray heard one of the bystanders talking about Deliora, moving towards the northern continent around Brago. Hearing that, later Gray heads to quench his thirst for revenge despite Ur warnings.[40]

Back, Gray and the others are surprised to see that the temple has been titled. Assuming its Natsu work, they realize that the moonlight will not reach Deliora. The group is suddenly attack by mask men, Erza tells Gray to go settle things with Lyon while she take care of the attackers.[41]

Ur vs. Deliora

Ur vs. Deliora

Gray remembers the battle between Deliora and his mentor. Ur demands Gray to take Lyon with him while she battles the beast or it will be difficult for her to cover them and fight at the same time. Ur also tells Gray that it is her duty to seal his darkness.[6]

Ur using Iced Shell

Ur uses Ice Shell

An unconscious Lyon wakes up and, is bewildered to know that Ur cannot defeat the beast even though she is the best. However, Ur tells him that there is always someone better. Lyon tells Ur that he chose her as teacher because she was the strongest and also tells her not to lose against the monster, do not betray him. Lyon uses Iced Shell to Ur surprise but she freezes Lyon before he could execute the spell. Ur reveals she was going to do the same which she does. She tells Gray this spell makes her body become ice for eternity and also requests Gray to tell Lyon that she is dead; or else, he will try to melt the ice case. Ur last words were that she will stay alive eternally as ice and, told his disciples to step to the future.[42]

Later, Lyon wakes up demanding Ur's situation to which Gray says she dead enraging Lyon. The latter starts to accuse Gray for Ur death.[43]

Back inside the temple, Gray reaches Lyon telling Natsu to let him take care of this. Natsu tells him that he already lost to Gray but the latter he confident this time. Gray says he is reponsible for Ur death, and adopts the Ice Shell stance saying this is his punishment with Lyon shocked.[44]

The flashback continues; Lyon wakes up demanding Ur's situation to which Gray says she dead, enraging Lyon. The latter starts to accuse Gray for Ur death.[43]

Gray assuming the position for Iced Shell

Gray Ice Shell stance

Back inside the temple, Gray reaches Lyon telling Natsu to let him take care of this. Natsu tells him that he already lost to Lyon once but the latter is confident this time. Gray says he is responsible for Ur death, and adopts the Ice Shell stance saying this is his punishment which shocks Lyon.[44]

Gray demands Lyon to leave this island with his comrades. However, Lyon is not afraid and, a serious Gray further charges his spell. Lyon is unable to stop him and Gray says he is responsible for Ur. Gray ask Lyon a last time if he will leave which the latter replies, saying Gray to do it.[45]

Natsu stopped Gray from killing himself

Natsu stops Gray

However, Natsu punches Gray calling him a fool. Natsu says its his fight and the two starts arguing again. In the process, Gray says it is between him and Lyon and he, will even die for it. Natsu grabs Gray's arm, telling Gray if this is how eh is going to end this. Suddenly, the temple starts to move again.[46]

Outside, Lucy is bewildered to see that the temple is back to normal - standing straight. Back in the temple, Gray says that now the moonlight will reach Deliora and then, Zalty appears. The latter says the set will set soon with Natsu, questioning him how he did turn the temple back to normal. Zalty however ignores Natsu, making his way to prepare the Moon Drip ritual. An enraged Natsu starts chasing Zalty and, the former tells Gray to take care of Lyon and, not to disgrace Fairy Tail's name.[47]

Gray tells Lyon if he anticipated Natsu's interference to his Ice-Shell which, Lyon says he did not. Gray tells Lyon to stop to which Lyon mocks him and Fairy Tail. Gray tells Lyon is still alive as ice and, the latter approaches Gray driving a sword in his belt saying he already knew this fact. He says it is not Ur but a scrap of ice.[48]

Natsu destroy Temple

Natsu destroying the temple

Natsu chases Zalty when suddenly, Zalty motions his hands and the ceiling. Natsu however, destroys the rocks and Natsu is surprised to see that the ceiling regenerates itself. Zalty explains that this is the way he actually repaired the temple earlier, also revealing that this is a Lost Magic. Suddenly, Zalty disappears, leaving Natsu dumbfounded.[49]

Meanwhile, the arduous battle between Lyon and Gray continues. Gray is determined to stop Lyon and has the upperhand in the battle. He trusts Natsu being the one to stop Deliora's revival.[50]

Toby readying Moon Drip

Toby doing the Moon Drip ritual

Natsu finally catches up with Zalty who is near the frozen beast. Salamander tells Zalty that he found him thanks to his advanced olfactory sense. He resolves to defeat Zalty. Suddenly, the light reaches Deliora leaving Natsu shocked. Above, Toby is carrying out the ritual. The ice starts to melt and, the fire drangonslayer decides to stop Toby but is stopped by Zalty who will let the ritual being interrupted.[51] Zalty laughs at Natsu unwise decision to use flames near the ice. Natsu however, sees through the lie of Zalty.[52]


Ice-Make: Cannon

Gray is surprise to learn that the Moon Drip has started again. Lyon tells GRay he brought Deliora here three years ago. Gray teases Lyon for losing three years with Lyon saying Gray wasted ten years in a ridiculous Guild. Gray says he only followed Ur's words; visiting western countries to find powerful mages who he found at Fairy Tail. Lyon determined to defeat Deliora, surpassing Ur charges at a disgusted Gray who says Lyon is too blind to surpass Ur. The two continues to battle. At a point Lyon is unable to break Gray's Ice-Make: Prison to which Gray says due to using one hand to mold his magic, his ice moldings are unbalanced. Finally, Gray defeats Lyon through the teaching our Ur.[53]


Deliora released

Deliora is free

Suddenly, a loud noise is heard. The Moon Drip finally has completely melted the ice, unleashing the fearful creature, Deliora.[54]

The Demon's Awakening: Deliora's Release

The Demon's Awakening: Deliora's Release is an event taking place in the Galuna Island arc which involves the release of the demon, Deliora.


Gray and Lyon punch each other

Gray vs. Lyon

Gray Fullbuster meets Lyon Vastia in the Forbidden Temple. Gray decides to take on Lyon again sure to defeat him. Meanwhile, Natsu Dragneel chases and engages Zalty in combat. The latter wants to make sure no one interrupts the Moon Drip ritual, to release Deliora.[47]

Later, Gray defeats Lyon [55] but unfortunately, Natsu fails to stop the Moon Drip ritual and, the fearful beast, Deliora is released from the Iced Shell.[54]


Inside the temple, everyone hears the deafening roar of the beast concluding that it has been revived. Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy together inside the temple see the Moon Drip light and Titania guesses that the creature may not be fully revived yet. With this hope, they hurry to interrupt the ritual.[56]

Zalty defeated by Natsu

Natsu defeats Zalty

Natsu continues his battle against Zalty. The latter explains to Salamander his Arc of Time Magic properties. Natsu asks Zalty if he can actually use this Magic on humans to which Zalty replies not on all creature for instance, Deliora. The dragon slayer asks Zalty his true motives and, the latter reveals that he wants to manipulate Deliora. He says he wants power and Natsu says his power is his comrades. An enraged Natsu charges on Zalty and finally, he punches Zalty with his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, sending his opponent flying.[57]

At the top of the temple, Erza attacks Toby and stops the Moon Drip ritual. Toby tells the group that it is too late now, the ritual has been completed. Below, Deliora has been fully released from the ice case.[58]

Gray beat Lyon

Gray beats Lyon

A bewildered Natsu tells Gray to help him take down the beast and Lyon crawls saying it is his duty to kill Deliora and surpass Ur. Gray however, says he surely won't be able to do it due to his current state. Lyon remembers how he found Ur; he asked for the strongest Mage and, then asked Ur to take him as her pupil. He also remembers being slapped by Ur as he asks is he not enough for the replacement of her late daughter to which Ur replies she never considered him as a replacement but a beloved pupil. Lyon struggles to get back on his feet, determined to defeat the evil creature but suddenly, Gray knocks him to the ground.[59]

Natsu stands before Gray

Natsu stops Gray again

Gray adopts the Iced Shell stance and says it is the only way to stop Deliora now. Lyon says he will again melt the ice and, challenge the beast. Natsu however, does not share the same opinion and says he will defeat Deliora, and stands in the way of Gray. Natsu says he already told Gray not to use this spell before and that he will not give up.
Deliora's death

Deliora dead

Surprisingly, the beast starts to crumble with everyone surprised. Lyon says that the Deliora was long dead due to the ice subverted Deliora. He also says that he is no match to Ur with Natsu commenting on the awesomeness of their teacher. Gray remembers Ur telling him she will seal his darkness and Gray cries, and expresses his gratitude to Ur.[60]

The ice-water streams away in the sea where, Ur continues to live. She will always keep watch over her two disciples forever.[61]


Team Natsu celebrates the completion of their S-Class mission. Erza however, interrupts the celebration saying the quest is not yet over. They still have to find out why the villagers were turned into demons which proves to be tough.[62]

The Dragon Graveyard!!


During the battle consisting of Fairy Tail's two Dragon Slayers, Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox versus Sabertooth's Sting Eucliffe and, Rogue Cheney, Natsu shoves Gajeel into a mining cart and pulls the lever and, sends it away. Gajeel is unable to leave due to his motion sickness.[63] The latter arrives under the arena and curses Natsu. He is utterly surpsied to see that before him lies a graveyard for Dragons.[64]


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