aka Fer

  • I live in Lima - Peru - South America- Whole America- Western Hemisphere- Planet Earth - Solar System - Milky Way - Unverse
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Dentistry Student (I'll take all your theet !! -(°¬°)/)
  • I am Male

My Favorite Characters

My Least Favorite Characters

My Favorite Magic


Natsu mugshot This user supports Natsu Dragneel because he's just perfect.

Gray prof This user supports Gray Fullbuster because he's perfect as well.

Happy prof This user supports Happy because he's amazing, really, without him it is not FT.
Erza in OVA 8 This user supports Erza Scarlet because she's a strong and passionate, but also sweet, golden hearted woman.
Lucy mugshot This user supports Lucy Heartfilia because she has sweetness and lovelyness, and an unwavering willpower.

Wendy Close Up This user supports Wendy Marvell becuase she's so cute and respectful.

Mugshot of Carla This user supports Carla, she's moody, but whatever, she cares for Wendy.
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