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  • I am the Hideyoshi gender
  • So Beautiful, You just melt
  • Goddess of War
  • Lookin' Good
  • Nice
  • Best Moment Ever
  • Best Moment Ever
  • Don't they look Perfect
  • Precious
  • Need More
  • She's sexy and she knows it
  • Cute and Funny

DMR here!

Ready to help and improve this wiki in whatever way I can.

About DMR

My Favorite Characters

My Least Favorite Character

My Favorite Pairing

  • Natsu X Erza (or their counterparts together)
  • Naruto (from Naruto) X Erza Scarlet and Knightwalker
  • Scarlet X Knightwalker

My Least Favorite Pairing

(Includes Edolas Counterparts)

My Favorite Magic

My Opinion on Magic Most Useful in the Real World

  • Memory-Make:For Memorizing (Would work great with the Archives, Requip organization, and Arc of Embodiment).
  • Requip: Great for Storage
  • Archive & Super Archive: Getting info and can use it with Memory-Make to watch movies, read books, and read manga.
  • Green Magic: Food
  • Arc of Embodiment: Create Equipment I would need.
  • Telekinesis: Great for moving things around and would be helpful.

My Interest in Women

  • Red Heads
  • Big Sister/Milf types
  • Likes Big Breast, but also likes them small
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