aka Aris Kontyen

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I am female

Umm.. well I am a chinese girl, and I love anime. My favorite anime would be either Hetalia, Fairy Tail, or fullmetal alchemist. I am short and I have short black hair and big brown eyes (literally). I like cosplaying and drawing anime people. I have a creepy fangirl obsession with envy from FMA and gajeel from fairy tail :D you can call me kim kim or whatever nickname you can get for a name like Aris :P

I also like star wars and assassins creed.

My Favorite Characters He's hot and I love snakes I am a pyromaniac, and I like just about anyone who gives natsu a hard time :D He's hot, muscular, has a similar personality to me, and I want piercings like his. I also love his hair I love his psychoticness cause she's sexy! I like how she's powerfdul, but not too powerful, even tho she's Gildart's daughter

I don't like:

I HATE LUCY... SHE IS SOOO ANNOYING!!!! He's too mainstream, not to mention he is WAY to freaking obsessed with nakama

My Favorite Magic

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3 and Mirajane's takeovers in general
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