aka Kevin

  • I live in Mojokerto
  • I was born on May 10
  • I am male
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Hi All. I am DarkMageKosuke, known as Kevin or Kosuke. *hug <insert name here> I'm From Indonesia, a rather small country in south-east asia. If you have any message for me, leave messages at my talkpage :D

About Me

Hi all... i'm Kevin.. I'm from Indonesia.. I like many anime and manga.. especially for Fairy Tail.. but no one in my school loved it.. -_-"

i am kind (really?) and, a little freak.. wkwkwk so, if you want to know more about me, just visit my FB or my blog (if you're indonesian) or, if you aren't indonesian, you can chat with me on facebook to actually. my e-mail is : visit my facebook and add.

I like bleach, one piece, naruto, but the manga that i love very much is Fairy Tail.. it was good... not bad at all.. my Favourite opening is Fiesta, Egao no Mahou, and Eikyu Kizuna..


I am Humorist, and i am Catholic. I like playing game, reading books, comic, especially for Fairy Tail. i am a boy.. Usually, i go home from my school at 1 pm (GMT+7.00),and, usually online on afternoon If you wanna know more about me, leave a private message :P

I need Help on making my profile better. If you want to help me, Contact me on my Talk Page. :D

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