My fav songs

1. BLOW!

2. Broken Hearted

3. Stuck Like Glue

4. Gamurchiki (or Glamurchiki, that's a Russian song xD)

I don't really remember them all xD

My fav movies

1. Sherloc Holmes (the Russian movie, not the American)

2. Pirates Of The Caribian

3. Grumpy Old Men

4. Cool Dog I don't really remember all of them, too!


1. Naruto (even though I never finished it)

2. Black Butler

3. Spice & Wolf (never finished it)

4. Angel Beats! (gonna start watching)

5. Fairy Tail (gonna start watching, too)

6. Inuyasha (almost finished, but stopped watching)

7. Yumakui Merry (started watching it, not interesting)

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