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About Me

Hello Conza17 here, probably not the biggest fan of Fairy Fail but a big fan none the less and also enjoyed Hiro Mashima's previous manga Rave[1]. I have enjoyed reading manga and anime (preferably manga) for quite a while but also enjoy various sports and video games, but anyway I hope to help the wiki in anyway I can.

My View on the Series


Fairy Tail to me has some of the most most and funny characters in Anime and Manga history. With the wide verity of coluorful characters from powerful old men to heavy drinking young ladies the series never gets boring. With all these characters there has to be some bad apples but here's my list of my favorite and least favorite characters.


1.Rogue Cheney
Reason:Rogue wasn't a character I really cared about in the past as he seemed like a bit of a emotionless jerk, but seeing him question the way this "guild" worked led to a change of heart in my impressions of Rogue. It showed that, unlike Sting he cares for his comrades and the way he reassured Frosch when Froch was afraid of despairing from their guild was a really heart warming moment.
Quote:"You won't disappear, Frosch. I'm with you, after all"
2.Jura Neekis
Reason: One word comes to mind, Beast. After seeing his true power Jura made into my top list. His strength and personality make him deserving of his title as one of the Wizard Saints.
Quote: "Stand up. Until you split out your reasoning assaulting Cait Shelter, I won't let you sleep."
3.Laxus Dreyar
Reason:Laxus is a boss. His power is immense and he was one of my favorite bad guys being the villain in the Fighting Festival Arc because of obsession to become stronger a hope he was very successful with his plan was and one of my favorite good guys in the Tenrou Arc with his great entrance to the battle against Hades.
Quote:"Thanks for everything gramps. You take care of yourself."
4.Gray Fullbuster
Reason: Making one of my favourite debuts in history and his overall character is brilliant with his striping habit being hilarious and powers that amazed me in battles especially during his fight with Ultear. Did I mention he is a bad-ass.
Quote: "I don't care where I get hurt, as long as my injures are visible."
5.Natsu Dragneel
Reason: Our main protagonist. This lovable idiot worked his way onto the list because of his care free personality and determination to face new challenges. He isn't the nicest guy in Fairy Tail but he stands out as a symbol for everything the guild stands for.
Quote: "I thought there wasn't enough room for two dragons in this sky, hmm?"
6.Gajeel Redfox
Reason: The iron dragon slayer makes his way on to list because he was an great villain and now a great hero. His viciousness when an enemy and new found determination to help out his other guilds after joining Fairy Tail are brilliant additions to the story and his magical powers only add to my like of the character.
Quote: "Maybe not, but with all this damn thunder, that sky ain't fit for flying."
7.Elfman Strauss
Reason: He's the definition of a proper man. He's tough, he's brave, he's honorable and overall he's very protective of his family. Even though he may act ridiculous most of the time, but this just adds to how much I like him as a character. Also his magic is my favorite out of the three Strauss Siblings.
Quote:"As a man there are things I can't forgive, you hunting dog. I'll tear you apart."
Reason: When I see this guy I think to myself "Why isn't this guy in the loony bin?" I find Bickslow to be delightfully insane. His face under the mask makes him look crazy and the way he talks to he puppets calling them babies is a brilliant example for how I think he's part insane. Also how a enjoys openly mocking people is always funny. But Bickslow would not be as interesting too me without Fried with him.
Quote:"Get up."
9.Freed Justine
Reason: The calm collective member and leader of the Raijinshū. His personality is quite appealing and his magic rules and can be considered one of the strongest types in the series. But what I like about Fried is his contrast with probably closet friend Bickslow as he is the serious and calmer one and Bickslow being the rowdy crazy one. None the less, Fried is a great character and I hope to see him and Bickslow more involved in the story.
Quote:"There is no path to redemption for you."
Reason: This guy looks like Kakashi. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw him so I hope that we get to see more of him but it's a pity that we probably won't and that he was beaten in one punch sucked. He also seems very honorable even standing up for his guild when Natsu attacked.
Quote:"I won't let you get near master."


1.Lucy Heartfilia
Reason: Honestly Lucy is probably my favourite character in the series. Being one of the few normal characters in her guild and being quick to annoy puts her up as one of the funniest characters in Fairy Tail and her kind heart and other traits puts her at the top of my list.
2.Cana Alberona
Reason: Cana is a lovely character. her first appearance in the series was awesome lifting the barrel above her head and chugging that alcohol down the pipe. I liked how her character was developed more in the Phantom Lord arc, but the reason to why a really like her is for her part in the Tenrou arc.
3.Erza Scarlet
Reason: Erza a strong woman, very strong, she'd kick your ass and that way I she's on this list. This red haired beauty is though and deserves the title of the strongest woman in Fairy Tail and her heart is always in the right place looking out for her friends.
Reason: From villain to redeeming hero Meredy started off as someone trying to help out their mother (figure) thinking it will help lessen her pain to a happy teen if a new lease on life. The most interesting thing about Meredy is her magic Sensory Link which causes her to feel the pain and emotions of the ones linked to herself. This led to some rather dark moments, emotional moments and funny moments.
5.Juvia Lockser
Reason: Juvia is just so funny and very cute. Her one way affection between Gray and Herself always cracks me up, especially when one of her "rivals in love" apparently go after Gray. In her battle against Meredy was awesome just to see Juvia in her crazy state.
Reason: Levy is probably the cutest character in Fairy Tail, her happy and clam and very cute nature and sweet voice (in the Japanese dub). She isn't higher on the list because she isn't as involved in the story as Juvia but she still a great character none the less.
7.Wendy Marvell
Reason: Isn't she just the sweetest kid, her shy and sweet personality is what makes Wendy so lovable and her magic makes the little Dragon Slayer of the Sky makes a force to be reckoned with.
8.Yukino Aguria
9.Lisanna Strauss

My Least Favorite Characters

1.Flare Corona
Reason: Flare is just the worst. The she is just a terrible character. To me she takes all the characters traits which make me hate them below provocatively dress woman. She has a more unappealing personality than Kagura with her obsession with her hair and how she looks down and even acting like a rotten child. She's weak (for a Raven Tail member) and a coward like Faust resulting to threatening to attack a child because Lucy was kicking ass in the first battle of the GMG. She’s an asshole in general like Zancrow (at least he had strength). And finally, well not as despicable as Jiemmma she is still a sickening person with no appealing traits. Hating Lucy made me dislike her, using Asuka as a device to threaten Lucy so she could win made me hate her but seeing Obra help her to win against Lucy and then gloat about it made me want to kill her. And no what, in not one to hit a lady but I happy covered in bruises.
Reason: This Man is sickening. I hate him just for what he did to Yukino, making her strip in front of her comrades and remove her own guild mark. It just made sick watching her do that to Yukino as I find Yukino to be a very appealing character, I find that the only difference between him and Iwan Raven Tails guild master but with a less insane attitude and a more awesome bread, but Iwan used to belong to a dark guild worst part of it. There one thing about Jiemma he such an asshole that I kinda like him as character cause I find that he is a better villain then a lot of the main villains in the series which is annoying in it's self.
3.Kagura Mikazuchi
Reason: Kagura is a pretty boring character. She shows little emotion which is not a good thing when consider she is classed as a good guy. Her personality is me main problem with her seeming that if she wasn't so boring Sting would be here but she just too boring. One thing I see about her is that she kind of shows what Erza could have become with her vendetta against Jellal.
Reason: A Evil, Low-Life, Annoying, Sad, Retarded, Grade A Asshole. That's all I care to say....May he rest in peace.
Reason: A coward king which hinds in a metal box. He has no power of his own except from being born into the Edolas royal family. He's also part of my least favourite arc which I consider a dark stain on the series.
8.Bluenote Stinger
9. Sting Eucliffe
10.Every Filler Villain Character in the Anime is ten realy because dislike but don't have much of a reason to just that I dislike them. (Not including Dan Straight)
Reason: I hate filler it's pointless wasted space filled with a story which doesn't matter and has bland, annoying villains which should have been easily defeated on first encounter with the main characters of the series.

My Favorite Magic

For a series about a world filled with magic, Fairy Tail has enough spells and abilities to make Harry Potter list of spells look like magic for beginners. So here a little list of my favorite types of magic in the series.

1. Pew Pew! So much fun!

1.Bullet Magic
User(s): Hades
Reason: I doubt the is any child who stuck out their thumbs and index fingers and pretended that they where guns. This is why this magic is the best. It reminds me of the good times running around like a kid were the only thing that really mattered was having fun. Also this magic is used to devastating effect to how simple it looks.

2. Shiny

2.Heavenly Body Magic
User(s): Jellal Fernandes
Reason: It's so shiny. Look how shiny it is. It shines as bright as the stars. Jellals signiture magic arrives on my because it just so cool to he and the different ways he was able to use it is pretty awesome.

3. O 88 Stars of the heaven...

3.Urano Metria
User(s):Lucy Heartfilia, Gemini, Hibiki Laytis
Reason: This magic is very cool. The way it was introduced was reminded me of the spirit bomb in DBZ, but the what I like about this Magic is it's power and that a chant has to be said before casting making it feel more like a spell than the other kinds of magic. Also how Lucy uses it on her own is really cool itself.


4.Dragon Slayer Magic
User(s): Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Laxus Dreyar, Wendy Marvell, Cobra, Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney
Reason: This magic may be overused but it still always amzes by when a new type of DS is introduced. My favorite out of all the types is Laxus's Lighting DS magic but Gajeel and Cobra's are probably the most unique.

5. Gildarts Sma.. I mean Crush!

User(s): Gildarts Clive
Reason: Gildarts is a beast, his magic makes even more of a beast. It's offence abilities are deadly and his defensive abilities are just genius.

6. "Cry me a river"

6.Tear Magic
User(s): War Cry
Reason: This magic is just show funny and so unique. Pity see what it actually does.


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