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Usual FUR

{{Fair use rationale
| Description       = 
| Source            = {{Image|Manga}} / {{Image|Zero}} / {{Image|Ice Trail}} / {{Image|Anime}} / {{Image|Anime2}}
| Portion           = {{Ch|*number*}} {{Ep|*number*}}
| Purpose           = {{Image|P}}
| Resolution        = {{Image|L}} / {{Image|M}} / {{Image|H}} / {{Image|V}}
| Replaceability    = {{Image|R}}
| Other Information = 

FUR explanation, my way

The first thing you must know is images MUST be HIGH in quality, tha is usually in .png format, although there are cases that .jpg images are excused, given that they have enough quality.

Next, use this this one to upload your images, since the things you need to fill up is already in the description box. Be sure to give your image a good file name. The {{Fair use rationale}} template that is vital in uploading photos, and the one that you have to fill up looks like this:

{{Fair use rationale
| Description       = 
| Source            = 
| Portion           = 
| Purpose           = 
| Resolution        = 
| Replaceability    = 
| Other Information = 

Explanation of each fields:

  • Description: Self explanatory, though please, make them plausible as possible. Examples are:
    • Levy, swimming at the beach.
    • Sting, playing with Lector.
    • <insert anime character here> playing / eating <insert sport / food here>.
  • Source: Where you acquired the said image. For example, it came from an anime, then state so what anime it is, same goes with manga. If the image is something that came from an image hosting site, such as Photobucket and Pixv, then say so. However, if you used Google as a means of searching the image, at least indicate the website where you get the image. Please take note that the wiki DOES NOT accept Google alone as a source. If the image came from the anime, include the producers. Some examples are:
    • Mai Otome Anime by Sunrise
    • Fairy Tail Anime by A-1 Pictures & Satelight
    • One Piece Manga by Eiichiro Oda
    • Tumblr / Deviantart
  • Portion: If you uploaded a Lucy image from Fairy Tail and it came from episode 100, then that's it's portion. You will tell in this part specifically where you got such image. Examples are:
    • Fairy Tail Episode 100
    • One Piece Episode 200
    • Mai Otome Manga, Chapter 18, Page 6
  • Purpose of image: Need I say more? Self explanatory, but please make sure that it's use is understandable.
    • Illustration of the Wiki's articles
    • Fanon
  • Resolution: This is usually high, medium, or low, but of course, high quality images are preferred. Medium are also excused at this, because there are pictures that are labelled as such, but it posses enough quality. You can also specify the dimensions (number x number) if you like.
    • High / Medium / Low
    • High, with resolution of 500 x 500
  • Replaceable?: It usually goes: "Only with an image of the same licensing status". Meaning, if a user finds a higher quality of what you have uploaded, then they have the every right to replace it.
    • Only with an image of the same licensing status
    • If anyone finds the image
  • Other information: This is optional, but you can put stuff such as:
    • Uploaded by <insert user here>, cropping done by <insert user here>
    • This image was made by <insert user here>
    • A customized Text Tag done via Photoshop, saying that the image is made / uploaded by you.


Given that you have this page already made the page for your signature, the next one is a step by step process a user should follow to apply and use a custom signature you just made:

  • Create this page first:
    {{User:<insert username here>/Sig}}
  • Once done, all you have to do is put in that page is:
    {{User:<insert username here>/Sig1}} (or whatever number or the sub-page name that you decided)
  • Then go over your preferences, and paste this in the Sig part on the custom signature that should appear as:
    {{User:<insert username here>/Sig}}{{SUBST:#time: H:i, n/j/Y}}

Hi there~

{{Image Violation|ChokokuguzaNoTobira|~~~}}
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