At the Grand Magic Games, Yukino looses in her fight against Kagura Mikazuchi. After the second day of the Grand Magic Games, the whole guild is gathered by the guild master, Jiemma[1]


ST Member Gathering

Sabertooth gathering

When Sabertooth is gathered, Jiemma starts preaching about the guild's strength. He then gives Sting Eucliffe another chance to prove himself in the game while Jiemma scolds Yukino for losing and for betting her life. Yukino apologizes as she states to accept any punishment. Jiemma then asks her to take her clothes off and erase her guild mark by herself. Yukino kneels, she then thanks Jiemma and asks for forgiveness as Jiemma orders her to get away from his sight and calls her trash.[2]


After Yukino's excommunication, Sting and Rogue Cheney are walking in the lodging as they talk about Yukino's excommunication. Sting talks about the way of the strongest guild but Rogue protests that Yukino was their comrade. Sting replies to him stating that the strongest guild has no need for Yukino.[3]


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