Team Lyon's Mission: Destroy the Village is an event that took place during the Galuna Island arc.


Deliora in Ice

The Demon of Disasters- Deliora

As Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy roam around the city to get some ideas on how to carry out the S-Class mission they stole, they encounter a huge mouse in a maid-outfit which Gray easily defeats.[1] They go into a temple where Natsu accidentally destroys the floor causing them to fall in to a hidden cave under the temple.[2] They wander around and see the Demon of Disasters; Deliora.[3]They then hear footsteps causing them to hide. The team hears they owners of the footsteps talk about killing the intruders for they have seen Deliora. Natsu suggests that they should go after the strangers but Gray interrupts him saying they should wait until they see what happens.[4] Some time after, the team wakes up and sees the purpl[5]

Destroy the Village

File:Lyon Bastia.jpg
When they reach the top, they see a ritual taking place. Lyra then explains that the ritual called Moon Drip, that has the power to break any spell and might be the cause of the villagers' deformation.[6] Their talk is interrupted when they see a masked figure in the ritual, Reitei who later knows about the intruders entering the temple, orders the destruction of the village.[7] Natsu and Lucy thinks of a plan while Gray recognizes the voice of the masked man.Unable to stop speaking, Natsu reveals their location that stops Reitei's group from moving but Reitei orders them to carry out the plan. Gray attacks first with his ice, but Reitei counters with his own ice Magic,blocking out Gray's. Gray reveals his name as Lyon and the both knows each other before.
Natsu tells Gray that they both are Fairy Tail mages

Natsu finds Gray

Lyon's team starts to move but Natsu attempts to stop them and is unfortunately trapped in Lyon's ice. Still, Natsu attempts to kick Lyon in spite of being covered in ice but Gray kicks Natsu off the temple to save him, so he and Lyon can battle alone.[8]
Meanwhile, Natsu struggles to walk to the village without knowing that Erza is determined to stop the rule breakers and is on her way to the island.[9] Meanwhile at the temple, Gray and Lyon battles and Lyon defeats Gray and leaves him on the ground.

Natsu defeats Yuka

Gray wakes up carried by Natsu, still frozen. Gray remembers the day when he was young and Ur and Lyon tried to stop him from confronting Deliora. He also remembers the day before when he tried to prevent Natsu from going on the S-Class Request. He starts to cry, stating he had no right to do that. Natsu then yells for him to stop crying declares that they are Mages of Fairy Tail , the guild that doesn't know when to surrender.[10] Meanwhile, Lucy arrives at the village and comes up with a plan[11] while Natsu fights Toby Horhorta and Yuka Suzuki somewhere in the village where Natsu defeats them both.[12]


Meanwhile at the village, Lucy succeeded in taking down Angelica but Sherry Blendy stood where they landed. She then uses Doll Play Magic against Lucy. The two of them fights and Lucy manages to defeat Sherry but Angelica returns to avenge her. Lucy cannot move her feet but fortunately, she was saved by Erza who just arrived at the island and is ready to take them back.[13]


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