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Fanon #1

Fanon This article is Fanon and is not considered canon.

"I am always treated like a tool until Fairy Tail showed me what true comrades are."

Shizuka to Fairy Tail Guild Members


Shizuka is a young girl, with pink hair,red eyes and an innocent face. Her hair is often gathered with a violet ponytail. She wears a blue and white dress with a blue ribbon and belt and a purple bracelet.

Her previous Death's Head Caucus mark is on her left arm and was replaced by the Fairy Tail mark when she joined the guild.
However,Shizuka 's eye color changes according to her emotions.


Shizuka is a girl with a laid-back personality and is often seen serious but when you get to know her, she is hyper and tend to take notes of everything.
Shizuka playing

Shizuka plays around the guild.

Her sister Ikaruga uses her to be a camouflage because of Shizuka's innocent face. She is also very calm and collected like her sister, she praises her enemies if she sees that they are worthy of it.However she was observed to change personalities and appearance from innocent to her popular name The Living Nightmare.


When Shizuka was a kid, she was trained by her sister,Ikaruga to be an assassin. She trained and trained until she was as good as her sister. Shizuka started going on jobs and using her innocent charms, most of her jobs were successful.

Shizuka prepares for a job.

She was on a job one day when someone told her that her sister was going on a job in the Tower of Heaven. She then heard that the Council used Etherion, Shizuka failed the mission because she went to the tower in order to save her sister. Seeing her sister escaping and leaving her behind, Shizuko decides to quit her job as an assassin.


Tower of Heaven arc

As the council fired the etherion, Shizuka came to save her sister, but there she saw her sister together with partners left, leaving her stranded in the Tower of Heaven.

Afterwards Shizuka wakes up in a hotel room and there, she saw Erza Scarlet guarding her.
Erza in normal clothes

Erza guards Shizuka.

Nervously and scared, Shizuka asked Erza about her guild and after some time,Erza asked Shizuka to join Fairy Tail which Shizuka happily agreed.
Shizuka fanon

Shizuka cries when she thought Ikaruga betrayed her.

After joining the guild, Shizuka spent her days crying and thinking that her sister betrayed her. Afterwards, with the help of Levy and Erza, she was comforted and was seen practicing with Erza.

Fighting Festival arc

Porlyusica - Close up

Porlyusica stops Shizuka.

It was the day before the fantasia parade when Shizuka decides to go on a job. Levy tries to stop her but she promised to go back before the parade. After going to a job, Shizuka was on her way home, when she heard about the Festival fight, she quickly ran towards the guild and when she was about to go back, she met Porlyusica,which stopped her from going to the guild and instead asking her to go and find Mystogan. After finding Mystogan, Shizuka went to the guild and watched the festival from the window.

Oración Seis arc

When Makarov arrived in the guild, Shizuka talked to him about the Balam Alliance and afterwards, he explains it to the guild.

Daphne arc

As the lizardmen arived in the town, Shizuka together with the guild, helped in their battle against them.

Tenrou Island arc

When Carla and Panther Lily followed the others, Shizuka tagged out of curiosity and there, she helped and battled Azuma. Unfortunately, she lost. After the Seven Kin of Purgatory lost and Team Natsu went to battle Hades, Shizuka joined the others to take care of the remaining members.

X791 arc

After the Fairy Tail mages came back, Shizuka got a letter from her sister, Ikaruga to meet her. When they met, Ikaruga convinces Shizuka to quit in Fairy Tail and to go with her. Shizuka was enraged by her sister's words and asked her sister to leave and to never come near her and Fairy Tail again. After that, Ikaruga leaves Fiore realizing that Shizuko learned to live her life in Fairy Tail.

Magic and Abilities

Sword Magic(剣マジック)A Magic in which the user utilizes swords for various Magic abilities and effects.

  • Yasha's Empty Flash(夜叉閃空 Yasha Senkū): A technique that allows Ikaruga to slash whatever she is attacking without touching it with the blade, shattering even Magic armor or weapons with one attack.[14] Later on, Shizuka learned the same attack.

Requip (換装 Kansō lit. Express Equipmentary) also known as Re-equip (Del Rey) is a Holder Type Magic related to the summoning of equipment. Shizuka's requip magic is known as the Wicked Sword

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Shizuka is proven to be a master when it comes to sword fights, she often wins against her sister who never lost in a battle before Ikaruga battled Erza Scarlet.

  • Immense Durability: Shizuka 's swords can be compared to Erza Knightwalker's Magic Spear: Ten Commandments. Her swords are also made by the best blacksmith in Foire.

  • Keen Intelect: Shizuka figured out Doranbolt's true personality together with Panther Lily in a short peroid of time


  • Tidal Sword(潮の剣 Shio no Ken): Shizuka uses this sword that can make a wall of water instantly. It can also make water attacks.

Water Resistance- Shizuka's sword can withstand any water attacks
Water Wall- Shizuka makes a wall of water that can serve as a shield and a weapon
Aqua Flood- Shizuka waves her sword and creates a giant flood of boiling water

  • Air Shatter(空気粉砕Kūki Funsai ): Shizuka uses this sword to manipulate the air around the person targeted.

Air Bomb- Shizuka swings her sword into the air and the sword produces a big explosion to the target Air Whirlwind-Shizuka produces whirlwinds that steals the oxygen of a person

  • Blazing Sword(ブレージングソード Burējingu Sōdo)This sword can make the user control fire elements.

Flame Resistance-Shizuka's sword can withstand any flame attack Fire Blast- After pointing the sword at the target,the sword produces a huge wave of fire


The escape of trinity raven

Trinity Raven escapes.


Shizuka's sister who 'left' her in the tower of heaven when she tried to save Ikaruga.

Injured Erza

Erza protects Shizuka .

Erza Scarlet

When Shizuko was stranded in the Tower of Heaven, Erza saved her from the Etherion and convinced her to join Fairy Tail, so she can start a new life.
After Shizuka joined the guild, she always practiced with Erza, and made a promise that she will not destroy her armors anymore

Levy Anime 2

Levy welcomes Shizuka .

Levy McGarden

Levy was the first one to welcome Shizuka when she came to the guild. After that they've become good friends



  • (To Ikaruga)"I am a Fairy Tail mage, I will never quit! And don't you ever go near us again or even lay a finger on our guild again"
  • (To Makarov Dreyar)"I am always treated like a tool until Fairy Tail showed me what true comrades are."
  • (To Erza Scarlet)"F-Fairy Tail?A guild where I can make my own path?"
  • (To Levy McGarden)"Wait!! What's your name? You are the first one who welcomed me! I gotta write this down!"
  • (To Erza Scarlet)"Erza-san, can you practice with me? I promise not to destroy your armors anymore"


  • Shizuka's name means 'calm' and 'quiet'
  • Her nickname the "Living Nightmare" was given because of her sudden change of attitude when she goes to a job.
  • Shizuko uses Requip as one of her magics to change swords and weapons but does not use it very often because of lack of skills.
  • Shizuka's eyes changes color according to her moods and feelings

Fanon #2

Fanon This article is Fanon and is not considered canon.

"I joined this guild because I thougth that Natsu-kun and the others might help me but now I've come to love this guild and I'm willing to risk my life for it!"

— Niji to Fairy Tail members
Post-Timeskip | Pre-Timeskip
Niji close up
Niji Sakura



Knight of the Shadow Reaper




Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation




Base of Operations

First Fairy Tail Building
Second Fairy Tail Building

Personal Information


Niji Sakura(虹桜niji sakura) is a Shadow Dragon Slayer and a memeber of the Fairy Tail Guild


Niji is a teenager with violet eyes and hair. She is wearing small black shirt and jogging pants but before joining the guild, she often wears lolita dress. Her guild mark is located on her left abdomen, colored blue.

After seven years, she is seen wearing a dark sleeveless shrit, and shorts accompanied by a brown jacket, some leg warmers and gloves.


Niji is a stuborn girl who is sometimes rude. Though she has a very innocent face, she is a little violent when Juvia Lockser is around. She developed a crush on Gray Fullbuster since she arrived at the guild and like Juvia, she likes to fabricate relationships and rivals.Though she has a rough attitude, Niji was always the first one to try and save the guild and her nakamas even it takes to risk her life.

When Team Tenrou arrived, Niji was shown crying because of joy, but later on seen talking with the other members showing her development on her social side. Mirajane also noticed that Niji has gotten over Gray and now consders him as a nakama


When Niji was an infant, her parents abandoned her and she was left in a cave. There Kaguya the darkness dragon helped her and served as her foster mother.
Niji fanon

Niji with Kaguya

After the dragons disappeared,Niji lved in the forest to continue her search and there, she knew how to hunt and to live by herself.At first, Niji made a bow and an arrow until she got her first weapon, Twin Swords. Niji went to a nearby town to search or Kaguya. There, she encountered Kageyama . Niji immdiately asked him about Kaguya. Kageyama answered notihng but saying that Dragon's don't exist anymore. Enraged, Niji battled Kageyama and won with ease.Kageyama was impressed and brought her to Erigor who accepted her into the guild.


Lullaby arc

Niji was recruited in Eisenwald. She took an assassination job, to kill Jude Heartfilia. Before taking the job, she asked Kageyama why she would kill this man for profit. Kageyama tricks her and says that when she continues to obey him, she would find Kaguya

Kageyama tricks Niji

.Niji was hesitating to kill but when she arrived at the Heartfilia's house, she heard the news that Eisenwald was planning a mass murder, she quickly returned to the guild and there, she found out that the guild was disbanded. Gray Fullbuster saw Niji and invted her to Fairy Tail, which made Niji happy and developed a crush on Gray.

Galuna Island arc

Niji was eating shadows outside the guild when Natsu blasted through the wall hitting Niji's face. She then saw another shadow. When she ate it, she fell asleep and found out that it was Mystogan's shadow.
Mystogan returns to Fairy Tail

Mystogan enters the guild

Phantom Lord arc

Like usual, Niji was the last to leave the guild, and before leaving, she saw Gajeel attacking the guild. She tried to stop him but Gajeel suddenly attacked Niji and they started to battle. Unfortunately, Niji lost. The next day, Mirajane saw Niji lying in the floor. She was in Porlyusica when Niji knew that Phantom Lord attacked the guild. Niji went to the guild as fast as she can, and there, she saw the Shades made by Jose Porla and ate them all in a second, thus making jose make another set of shades.When she saw the other set, Cana orders her to find Mystogan so he can bring back Makarov power.

Fighting Festival arc

It was a regular day in the guild, Niji was boasting around saying that she have eaten everyone's shadow except for her beloved "Gray-sama" before Miss Fairy Tail started. She battled almost half of the of Fairy Tail members and won. After that, she encountered Freed before he could go to Cana. Niji and Freed battled and when Niji was about to win, Freed casted an enchantment stating that the person inside the runes cannot use magic. Freed boated about Thunder God Tribe that made Niji angry and fought him with hand combats, Freed was equally good as Niji and Niji saw about to loose when she saw Kaguya encouraging her and saying that no one can defeat a Dragon Slayer that uses their heart to fight for comrades, This encouragement made Niji stonger that she defeated Freed in one blow.
In the Fantasia Parade, Niji used her celestial spirit, Delphinus to produce water and to make her fly
Fanon fantasia parade

Niji in Fantasia Parade

Daphne arc

Together with the entire guild, Niji helped the people in town to gather in the guild. When Niji saw Elfman, Macao, andWakaba return, she helps Wendy to heal them and the other injured people.

Tenrou Island arc

Together with the guild, Niji joined the "brawl" and the party, as she watch the other mages taking many jobs to enter the S-Class Trial.And when she knew that the other Fairy Tail members disappeared in the island during the exam, she sliced her hair into half but later on regrows it with magic.

X791 arc

After seven years, Niji grew up and became mature. But like the others, she suffered pain from Twilight Ogre, she also accompanied the others to Tenrou Island and saw the core members alive. After some time, Niji knew that Lucy left together with Natsu and Happy to visit Lucy's father. Lucy came back and knew that Niji tried to kill her father.
Angry Lucy

Lucy when she knew that Niji tried to kill her father

Lucy confronted Niji but Makarov and Natsu calmed her down. Makarov reminded Lucy that it wasn't Niji's fault for her father's death and nakamas will always be nakamas and we should accept them for what they are. After that, Niji ad Lucy became friends again and continued to join the party held at the guild. After sometime, Niji left the guild for an unknown reason and decides to join the Dark Guild; Tartaros

Magic and Abilities

  • Shadow Dragon Slayer(Kage no Metsuryū Mahō)Like Natsu,Gajeel and Wendy, Niji is also a first generation Dragon Slayer, she uses Shadow to combat and also uses it for defense and offense. And like the dragon slayers, she eat her respective element, specifically, Shadow. Niji eats shadows but she also need to eat different shadows (of a person) or the person will loose magical power and will be exhausted for less than a week.Due to her element, Niji works best at nighttime and she is sometimes "nocturnal" she often stays late at the guild, guarding it
  • Shadow Dragon's Roar - Niji breathes a long line of shadows that has different effects : Can either burn or freeze the target.
  • Shadow Purification - Niji lays her hand on a personand casts this spell that restores their magic and heals injuries
  • Shadow Dragon's Blaze- Niji punches with shadow aura that sucks out magic power and gravely injured the target
  • Darkness- a spell similar to Simon's Dark Moment. Niji cats this spell which allows her to remove all of the light within a wide range.
  • Shadow shield- When the spell is casted, Niji casts a very large shield, enough to cover a guild.
  • Evil Stare- When this spell is casted, the target will be stunned and will not be able to move until the caster removes it.
  • Shadow bomb- The user produces a sand-like structure that attaches to the target, and after a few seconds, the dusts explodes that injures the opponent
  • Shadow shift- Allows Niji to take shape of a shadow that hides her from opponents
  • Shadow bind- Niji raises her both arms then points to the target, this binds them and creates a long metal ropes that binds the target
  • Shadow Dragon's Light - Niji gathers all the shadows near and uses it to make a powerful blast of light
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsu Ryū Ōgi)
  • Shadow Dragon's Ultimate Attack - When using this spell, the user sends more than a thousand knives at the target that can either kill or paralyze them for life.
Dragon's blood slash

Shadow Dragon's Blood Slash

  • Shadow Dragon's Blood Slash - When this spell is used, the user'dress transforms into a violet and red kimono. A sword also appears and a violet Dragon that symbolizes the target's immidiate defeat. Once used this spell, the opponent will suffer grave injuries but the effects are unknown. The only known thing about this spell is the caster will suffer the equal injuries but it's effects will only appear once the opponent is>

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Niji is a tested expert when it comes to hand to hand combat seeing that she beated Freed Justine without using her magic.
Enhanced Strenght: Since Niji can eat shadows available in the morning and evening, she can easily regain strenght.
Immense Durability: Even though Niji was hit many times in the fighting festival, she continued her fight with Freed and can even win the battle.
Enhanced Smell: Like the Dragon Slayers, Niji has enhanced smell and it was proven when she followed Mystogan through smell.
Weapon Specialist: When Kaguya left Niji, she wandered around the forest and learned to hunt. She is skilled when using weapons and used it to gather all her celestial keys by defeatig mages that tries to kill her.

  • Celestial Spirit Magic- Like Lucy, Niji also use this magic to summon celestial spirits. Though she doesn't obtain the golden keys, she has some of the most powerful silver keys available. She is also an experienced mage and can summon five spirits

  • Multiple Summon: Niji has the ability to summon all her keys at once.


  • Twin Swords
  • Bow and Arrow

Silver Gate Keys

  • Gate of the Winged Horse- Pegasus
  • Gate of the Great Shield- Scutum
  • Gate of the Smaller Bear- Ursa Minor
  • Gate of the Chained Lady- Andromeda
  • Gate of the Dolphin - Delphinus
  • Gate of the Dragon - Draco


Kaguya The Shadow Dragon

Dragon for fanon

Kaguya the Shadow Dragon

Kaguya is Niji's foster mother that took care of her since birth, Kaguya also taught her how to be a dragon slayer

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu and Happy team up for S-Class Trial

Natsu confronts Niji about her stellar spirit, Draco

After joining the guild, Natsu was tagging along Niji to ask about Kaguya. Niji tries to drive him away by summoning

Gray Fullbuster

Gray watches Natsu and Wendy go

Gray invites Niji to join the guild

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy with her keys

Lucy when she found out that Niji is a celestial spirit mage


Niji's Celestial Spirits

  • Pegasus - a white winged horse. Niji uses pegasus mostly for transportation.
  • Scutum - a man holding a giant shield. According to Erza, this shield is twice powerful than her Adamantine Armor.
  • Ursa Minor - a small polar bear that uses charm magic to distract the opponent.
  • Delphinus - a small blue dolphin that uses water magic. Delphinus is sometimes used by Niji to fly.
  • Andromeda - a little girl that uses Chain Magic and can summon the sea monster : Cetus
  • Cetus - a large man eating fish
  • Draco - a green dragon that controls the four element and it's sub elements.


  • (To Kageyama) "What?! You mean if I kill this person... I can see Kaguya again, Okay, I'll do everything for Kaguya!"
  • (To Gajeel)" What do you think you're doing to our guild? This is Fairy Tail you little bug!"
  • (To Freed) " You're our nakama right? Then why are you making us hurt one another?"
  • (To Fairy Tail members) " They are alive you know... Master and the others, I know they are and they won't leave us like this. I just know it"
  • (To Macao) " Macao! Are you letting those guys take down the name of our guild?"
  • (To Max) " We can find them right?... I just can't afford to think that this is the end of our guild"
  • (To Makarov) " Y-You guys are alive... Fairy Tail is complete again!!"


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