aka ~Le Cath~

  • I live in a dog house,,,?
  • I was born on March 15

Le Cath (=^ェ^=)

And in case you are wondering, I intended to hurt your eyes so you won't return again >:D

Hmm.... Is this thing visible? If it is,...
WELCOME to my... humble page >:))
Let me give ya a short introduction since you
gave time to go here So! My name is Cathleen if it's not that obvious
I'm a former Chat Moderator so you'll maybe see me in chat. I live in a little
tropical country called the Philippines and I'm also a cat
teenager sent to roam the world and spread
the feline race
who writes stories and thingies. I'm a easy-going type and I
try not to be that strict I just don't like kicking often and I try to get along with users new and old but I'm also easily intimidated *sees Red laughing*
Red : easily intimidated... Pfff
And that linked user over there is... nemesis or best friend? I dunno. but she eats everything she sees in chat...yah know Anyways... if you happen to encounter any CHAT problems, don't hesitate to approach me ^_^ I don't bite like... and I'll do my best to help. But
I'm not good at codes and pictures so you should ask some users about that.
So again, Welcome to the Wiki and I hope you consider joining our
guilds or teams.Happy Editing~! (=^ェ^=)

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