Blissfully Disturbed

aka Katherine Pearl Sarabia

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on September 26
  • I am Female
Erza x Jellal Hearts This user supports Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes.

Hello Fairy Tail enthusiasts! I am BlissfullyDisturbedNatsu Chibi


The series is awesome! And almost everything about it as well :D

Now... Let's cut to the chase

WELCOME TO MY PROFILE! *applause*Jellal Fernandes (picture created by ~amit55, user in DeviantArt.)

Let's start with the formal introduction =^w^=

Name: -insert name here-

Age: -insert age here-

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 26

Location: Philippines

Hobbies: Playing with my violin, practicing Kali/Arnis/Escrima martial arts, damaging my eyes with the

radiation coming from computers and television (That's not even a hobby),reading,generating a random thought

out of nothing, writing, debating on something even if it's pointless

(This other stuff aren't really hobbies. Just to make it a little longer :P)

and most of all! ADDING STUFF UP HERE ABOUT FAIRY TAIL! *applause*

THANK YOU... thank youuu....

My Favorite Pages

Erza in Episode 10
Erza chibi
Erza Scarlet

Seigrain andor Jellal
Jellal Fernandes
Jellal remembers Erza's hair

HOLY COW! <33333

Natsu Dragneel~
Natsu chibi
Natsu Dragneel

Image Deleted

Gray Fullbuster

Lucy Hearfilia chibi

Lucy Heartfilia

My Favorite Pairings <3

JERZA! (Jellal and Erza)

Jellal and Erza with their friends in their days of slavery~

AWWWW..... I love childhood memories TT__TT

Erza x Jellal

simply AWESOME <3 (ERZA! what kind of smile are you having?! hmmm...)

Jellal trying to save Erza

Jellal! YOU'RE awesoome

a good burger

File:Jellal and Erza - Our Sad Past.jpg


Natsu and Lucy


Natsu and Lucy!

Gray and Juvia!

why are they all in a imagination-ish kind of frame? Except for Erza and Jellal that is ^^ <3

Juvia&#039;s bento

haha! awesome! i want one XD


Fairy Academy

I can't wait! :D

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