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  • I live in My Exaggerated Mind. Sometimes Somewhere Beyond. Uh.. Philippines|Australia, Yeah?
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Is Making Sure I Survive The Everyday.
  • I am Just Your Typical Background That Can Be Found Anywhere.
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Welcome to the World of Smartness !

Welcome to my Profile ! Stalker or not...

I am, um, Arvee100smart. Mostly known as Arvee or RV, Arvee-chan or hell any. I, uh, edit a lot on Fairy Tail Musics since I can "mostly" handle that. Though now, just like what Ultraprime does, I update the Weekly Chapter that are released weekly. I have about 30% chance of doing the chapters since my weekdays are 5pm-go-home-classes and badly, I am sometimes a cleaner in Friday. I can be found at the Chat a lot.. rather than editing :P.

I like to do some stories but I often get too tired and discontinue XD albeit still try to do my best.
If you wanna know my current stories, well here are they:

  • The Twisted Tales (Nailed and Finish the book, in yah face !)
  • The Twisted Tales (Mini 2): The Separated Adventures in Fairy Tail (I, uh, um, well, ALMOST finish it with 5 pages left, but I hold it because I have another story-interest.)
Somehow, I have created a wikia of this "The Twisted Tales"... XD
  • The Kingdoms (I'm not the original author of this, though I help a lot on working on it. Also, it's not medieval-something that you think, this "Kingdoms" is different. Also, this book was also finished.)
  • The Kingdoms (2): 12 Lives and 7 Deaths (After finishing the book 1, I finally decided to make it's sequel since the orig author is slack-off.)
I also made a wikia for this (the-kingdoms.wikia...) kinda lollish. haha
  • Unnamed Story (I happen to wrote this book a couple of weeks ago, but I have HOLD it because a another story interests me~.)
  • 9999. 9 Hours, 9 Doors, 9 Persons, 9 Endings. (Though I haven't written anything, my mind is mindfucked for get-ready-to-write. Coming Soon guys.)

Moving on... "Do I have any user rights ?" My rights ? Hell you ask me that >.>. But anyway,
Founder of my failed and abandoned wiki, The Twisted Tales Wiki as well as the The Kingdoms Wiki.
I am also an admin and "beaucoaurt" (dunno XD) of Working / Wagnaria Wiki,
A Chat Moderator and a Team Leader/Guild master of a Team/Guild in Fairy Tail Couples Wiki and
Recently became an admin and rollback of Baka to Test Wiki

Anyway, feel free to ask me or I can help you but just remember limitations have always a limit. Don't worry, I'm SUPER SUPER intelligent about Fairy Tail. LOL.

Thanks for reading and I hope don't mind if you see some wrong grammars. Leave me a message if you like.

Remember ! ಠ_ಠ

Have 300 Edittssss~~ or 250 will doo :P
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Have 400 Edittssss~~ or 350 will doo haha
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Have 500 Edittssss~~ or 450 will doo lollish.
Support Support - and Neutral Neutral - Must...go... 500....

Have 600 Edittssss. Gogolet'sgo.
Oppose Oppose - Moving On ! :<

Currently joining the Fairly Abridged Team.
Support Support - Currently a Back-Up

Practice editing manga texts in a picture. :3
Support Support - I guess I don't suck at it now..

Have put the songs in order, Romanji - English - Kanji Neutral Neutral - Hmm... I'll do my best ! XD

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Must edit a wholesome page without getting a undoing or revisioning.
Oppose Oppose - This is hard as I thought...


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