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Favorite Teams
Twin Dragons Of Sabertooth

The Twin Dragons in anime

The team of two of the coolest dragon slayers.
Natsu and Gajeel

Natsu and Gajeel dominate

They are always bickering with each other. But they are pretty strong.
Team Natsu #1

Team Natsu remade

They are a hilarious bunch of idiots XD They are a funny team.
Team Natsu #2

Team Natsu proposal

Team Natsu is really strong and awesome. And they are hilarious too XD
Team Fairy Tail

Opening 14 - Team Fairy Tail

Yep. They are strong.
Team Sabertooth

Sabertooth strongest

Do I even need to say it? They are awesome!
Erza And Mira

Erza and Mirajane ready to fight

They aren't really a team. But they will be awesome together *Q*

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