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Favorite Male Characters
Rogue Cheney
Rogue Cheney GMG I love Rogue-sama! He is so amazing! His no-emotion face is worth staring *Q* I cannot help but watch those episodes and read those chapters over and over again in which he appeared. His Shadow Dragon Slayer magic is coooooooooool!

Future Rogue is good too.... but I cannot describe how awesome the present Rogue is. His soft side is so cute >/////< His fight with Gajeel was so awesome. I never really had any particular male character in Fairy Tail whom I could consider my 'most favorite character'. But after his appearance... I was mesmerized.

Shadow Dragon&#039;s Slash
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu is funny XD He is always acting weird. His Fire Dragon Slayer magic is great. Its funny how he plays pranks on Lucy. And his weird smiles make me laugh a lot. But sometimes, he is cool XD Like when he challenged Rogue and Sting to fight him *Q*

Natsu's fights...ummmm..... well I think the fight between the Dragon Slayers was the best. And...well..His fight with Future Rogue was good. Though they are usually the same >_>

Natsu Dragneel GMG
Natsu challenges Sting and Rogue
Gajeel Redfox
Gajeel Redfox GMG Gajeel is amazing! His Iron Shadow Dragon mode gave me goosebumps. I hated Gajeel at first. But after his fight with Natsu and after he joined Fairy Tail, he didn't seem so bad. Its not like I hate bad guys XD but Gajeel pissed me off at first. But now he is one of my favorites. And I like him even more after his fight with Rogue.

As I said earlier, his Iron Shadow Dragon was the best. I froze when I saw it. His reactions are funny too.

Gajeel After Eating Shadow
Sting Eucliffe
Sting is a really awesome Mage. His magic is great. Really great. And after the Grand Magic Games, his behavior became somewhat like Natsu ^__^" But I like that sting more than the evil one. I hope he wont be killed by Rogue XD

I am not really fond of Sting's outfit though. But I like his hair *Q* He was great during the Grand Magic Games. And motion sickness....seriously? >_>

Sting Eucliffe GMG
Sting&#039;s Holy Ray
Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster GMG Gray's magic is beautiful. And that time when he froze his blood.. *Q* His fights are good too, at least better than Natsu's at times >_> Ice Make is one of my favorite magic. And about his stripping habit...... *facepalms*

Gray's fight with Rufus was lovely *Q* And the time when he almost died but was saved thanks to Ultear... I was kinda sad. I was even more sad for Juvia and Lyon.

Freeze arrow
Laxus Dreyar
Omg! Laxus!!!! He is so strong. His even defeated Jura. And it was hilarious when he smacked Natsu in one hit XD And his fight with Hades was soooo great. He took down Raven Tail alone *Q* He is awesome!

Laxus became my favorite from the Battle Of Fairy Tail. I was so excited when it was revealed that he is the Lightning Dragon Slayer! I was sad when he left the guild. And Freed XD He is so obsessed.

Laxus Dreyar GMG
Laxus&#039; Lighting Fist
Rufus Lore
Rufus Lore GMG Another awesome guy of Sabertooth! I looove his outfit, specially his hat. His hair is beautiful as well. And his magic is great. His fight with Gray was good. I wish I could borrow his magic during exams ._.

In Sabertooth, I might consider his magic as the best after Minerva. No...actually, it will be a tie between him, Rogue and Sting XD

Rufus unleashes his Magic

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