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Favorite Characters

Character Image Reasons
Plue - Close up.JPGPlue Avatar.JPG
Oh Plue. I can go on for hours and hours to describe how much I adore you, and that still won't be enough. There are so many things to say about Plue, I don't know where to start! He's cute, he's tiny, he's round, he's white, he's a dog (although I'm not really a dog person), he can't talk, he deflates when it's hot, he likes sweet--he's just too adorable! Right when I first saw him, and heard him speak, I knew I'd be a sucker for him. I love everything about Plue! I just wish he'd get more screen time, because every episode where he shows up is such a delight for me.
Zeref Prof.JPGZeref's tears.jpg As I have said countless times before, I have a thing for hot, semi-antagonistic, troubled, moody bastards. Zeref fits every single category, and more. Like Mavis, I had a very far-fetched idea of what Zeref might look like before he was actually introduced, and I'll tell you it was awful. The way he was described struck me as the Faust and Hades type, and it did not do justice to his dreamy good looks at all. But in my defense, who could ever have imagined that the fearsome evil whose existence and creations havoc for centuries actually manifested in a mo-fo hot bod like his? I certainly didn't. What I love about Zeref is his personality--timid and kind of cowardly. But piss him off and the ferocious beast is unleashed--really! If Zeref glared down at me with those glorious, shining, shimmering, splendid, Disney-dreamy eyes of his, I would've melted in a pot of giggling goo. Lastly, Zeref is, undeniably, thus far the most powerful character in the series. What blasted fan-girl idiot won't dig that? I know I would in a heartbeat.
Mavis Vermilion
Mavis Mugshot.pngMavis Full Body.jpg What's not to like about Mavis? She's everything adorable! From the very moment her character had been shown--not even introduced yet--I've taken an immediate liking to her. To be honest, the image I first conjured up on Fairy Tail's First Master was a stereotypical old sage, with wrinkling features, very long beard and goatee, and snow white hair, dressed presumably in old-fashioned robes, and wielding a cane (think wrinkly, faggot-ized Dumbledore). Imagine my pleasant surprise when the adorable little fairy from when Tenrou Island disappeared turned about to be Fairy Tail's founder her-(not him)-self! I love Mavis because she's cute, playful, obviously kick-ass powerful, and a complete dork. She's light-hearted, and a child in every sense of the world. Not to mention, despite the fact that I have taken a liking to Zeref-Ultear, I can't help but assume there must have been/could have been/should have been some sort of special relationship between her and Zeref--and I'm talking romantic special here. (If you know what I mean...)
Juvia Lockser
Juvia's new look.jpg Juvia was the very first character in the entire Fairy Tail series whom I genuinely liked. Gray, I fawned over, but not so much as to be my favorite. Even from before I read Fairy Tail, my friends introduced me to Juvia, and I liked her character ever since. She's headstrong, ridiculously powerful, and very beautiful (although I must admit that her character design wasn't exactly my type until after she joined FT, and later on, the post-time skip--which I fell in love with immediately). Also, her love-stricken antics are mad funny, and I absolutely enjoy her pairing with Gray. There's nothing about Juvia that I don't/won't like, and I know it.
Leo the Lion
NoPicAvailable.png I've got to admit: when I first saw Loke, I wasn't a big fan. In my opinion, his first character design resembled Ichigo Kurosaki a lot. And even though he ranked first as the Mage I'd like to have as my boyfriend, let's just say his looks didn't do it for me. But oh--when he reappeared as Leo The Lion, the ovies went kaboom. While generally, I go for the typical bishounen (meaning, cold, angsty, broody bastards), Loke somehow squeezed his way into my puny heart and resided there forever. Not that I complain. His flirty ways are so adorable. He's very gallant, a gentleman (most of the time), but a playboy extraordinaire. Loke always makes me giddy. Which is why I really wonder why Lucy seldom summons him. I don't mind him flirting the spikes out of his hair every chance he gets, if you ask me...

One True Pair(s)

Shipping/Pairing Image Reasons

Loke & Lucy.jpgLoke saves Lucy.png
Loke x Lucy.jpg Hearts.gif This user supports Loke and Lucy Heartfilia.

LucKy (or LoLu to some), for me, had been love at first sight. Before I "met" LucKy, I was leaning more into NaLu, but even so I had not found much of what I'd call a romantic tension (a.k.a. "the spark") in the Natsu-Lucy pair, which I had immediately seen in Loke and Lucy. They just... clicked. Loki looking out for Lucy from afar was very gallant, and their embrace as Lucy tried to save him desperately was very, very admirable. I am also a sucker for the typical cat-and-mouse relationship that Loke and Lucy seem to share, with Loke "flirting the spikes out of his hair every chance he gets", and Lucy trying her best not to be flustered. It's so adorable. Also, they are as good as married already. Loke is bound to Lucy for the rest of her life, and vice versa. They are connected not only by their ties as Master and servant, but also by the one true magic itself--love (cheesy).


Unison raid by Juvia and Gray.jpgGray x Juvia.jpg
Gray x Juvia.jpg Hearts.gif This user supports Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser.

GrUvia was my very first OTP in the entire Fairy Tail fandom. It was love at first sight for Juvia, and so was it for me (just like LucKy). Juvia's antics are hilarious, and while Gray is less, shall we say, open with his feelings, I know there are some non-platonic sentiments brewing about. Gray blushing when Erza had mentioned about it is a blaring proof of it. And the fact that their powers, which both Mages and their friends have acknowledged, are completely compatible, is a huge plus for me. The only downside I see to this pair is that Juvia can never fight seriously against and if not for Gray. I firmly believe that Juvia, if as serious as she had been against Meredy, might/would have defeated Gray in their first and last battle.


Lisanna & Natsu.jpgSlightly younger Lisanna and Natsu.pngNatsu x Lisanna.jpg
Natsu x Lisanna.jpg Hearts.gif This user supports Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss.

I am a sucker for many things, and the cliched childhood-lovers-reunited is among them. Right from the get-go when Natsu and Lisanna's history has been revealed, I knew I'd ship NaLi right off the bat. Their story is what I'd call cute and fluffy. Lisanna has never set eyes on anyone apart from Natsu, and Natsu has never reacted towards another girl, the way he acts around Lisanna. He blushes around Lisanna, and if that is not a dead giveaway of his feelings for her, then I don't know what else is. Not to mention, when Lisanna had proposed, albeit jokingly, Natsu agreed. If Loke and Lucy are good as married, then Lisanna and Natsu, in every sense of the word, are already engaged.


The Kiss.jpgJellal is scolded by Erza.pngErza x Jellal.jpg
Erza x Jellal.png Hearts.gif This user supports Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes.

Tell me: is there even a single soul here on FT Wiki that doesn't support JerZa? As far as I'm concerned, JerZa is the only other solid canon apart from AlBis in the whole Fairy Tail universe. The very first JerZa I saw (and Jellal wasn't even Jellal yet!) was when Siegrain held Erza's chin as she was delivered to the Council court, I just felt the almighty spark between them, and I'd knew they'd make a good couple, canon or not. To my delight, not only do they have a history together, but Jellal and Erza themselves have admitted that they love each other! Oh the joy of being a shipper! When Erza and Jellal finally, finally kissed, I'm not lying when I say I lost all ability to speak, and my heart suddenly started beating erratically.