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Hello there, <insert name here>.

There's nothing further special about me, except the fact that I am a young and a beautiful nine-tailed fox, or kitsune having nine fluffy achromatic tails, a pale-white skin tone, a long messy hair of ebony colour, and an eye sporting a golden yellow colour. My busts has a fairly large size, complementing my curvaceous, and generally sexy body type.

My attire consists of a black Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 shirt, along with some black cotton shorts and a pair black rubber flip flops.

My intellectual capacity is impressive, as I can evaluate mathematical, algebraic equations with ease. My mind hosts a vast, and continuously-expanding knowledge pertaining to anything and everything. This enables me to use grammar properly, apply thesaurus and utilize apropos words that ameliorates the value of the English language.

As with the other creatures possessing supernatural powers, I myself, along with them, possess onliest kinds of powers that first and foremost, allow me to transmogrify myself into a creature at my own disposal, inadvertent if opposes my gender. I could turn into Akali from League of Legends, a Deoxys; which is a legendary Pokémon, or a Hellkite dragon.

Second of my powers, is the ability to access my vast pocket dimension that stores a vast expanse of food, medicine, armaments and armour at an infinite amount through a magical user interface projected out of thin air. This user interface also allows me to alter my physique, and my appearance, such that I can apply heterochromia iridium or change my hair and eye colour.

The last, but not the least of my powers, is the ability to instantaneously respawn on role-playing in Wikia chats, similar to that of first-person shooter games like Call of Duty. This is to counter the god-like abilities some users might assume on role-playing.

Aside from those abilities, I, myself, took the best military training availabe on offer in order for myself to survive in such harsh conditions, or to suppress combatants and mostly, to conduct different kinds of conventional and unconventional warfare.

Other than those mentioned above, I am a wealthy young lass that has acquired an immense amount of money through years of service to both Fairy Tail guild and the League of Legends. Having that very large of money, I have used some of the capital in order to build and retire to a mansion located in countryside Virginia, and a very large villa (a private land owned by me) located in Tuscany, Italy.

The villa I own is also the base-of-operations of my private army mentioned below. I almost forgot to mention that some of my friends from the League of Legends and the Fairy Tail guild reside at the villa with the soldiers.

Aside from the domicile that costed quite a fortune, I own a personal, private military company, that is considered both private military company and a multinational special operations unit. They are composed of well-trained, heavily-armed and extremely dangerous individuals from the following countries: Japan, United States of America, United Kingdom and the Russian Federation.

They enjoy the most state-of-the art weapons purchased from different manufacturers across the globe, equipment of the finest quality, as well as a sizable arsenal of various aerial combat vehicles that provide death or support from above.

These soldiers are proven to be efficient in combat, as they ensure they would prove themselves successful in executing missions such as assassinations, unconventional warfare, psychological warfare and especially, protecting me every day and night, wherever the place I go.

This is me. How about you? What words can you say to describe yourself?
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