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Ur's House is, as the name suggests, was the residence of Ur, before her death. It is also where Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia underwent Ur's discipleship.[1]


Ur's house is situated in a mountain, by the Land of Isvan. It appears to be a small cozy home with a fireplace, has no neighboring houses, and stands alone in a snowy plateau, next to two huge pine trees. It was shown that the nearest town is connected by a mountain path submerged in snow.[1]

Exterior Design

Made solely from wood, Ur's house is shown to be a little bungalow sitting alone against a snowy background. The presence of a chimney suggests that there is fireplace present in the house. The only plant shown to have stood against the harsh climate are the pine trees that grow right next to it.[2]

Interior Design

Not much of the inside of Ur's house has been shown, however, it is known that during the time she took Lyon and Gray under her wing, the trio slept on futons in one room. Also, even as she has presumed Ultear Milkovich to be dead, Ur keeps her daughter's things in another room.[3] The dining room with a cozy fireplace, and the little bathroom were also the few parts of her house to be shown.[1]


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