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World Reconstruction Magic: Universe One (世界再構築魔法 ユニバースワン Sekai Sai Kōchiku Mahō Yunibāsu Wan) is a Caster Magic and a high-level Enchantment that allows one to completely reorganize geography.


Universe One in effect, befalling Fiore

A type of Magic that, when in use, enchants the very ground itself, and, if cast by someone extremely powerful, could potentially affect a region as large as the whole of Fiore. It causes a bright light to burst forth from the earth and engulf all caught in its area of effect.[1]

By manipulating the very geography of the ground itself, the user can alter the landscape by compressing the land, while given the ability to purposely send certain things or people to certain locations, this shown when Irene Belserion cast the spell to send Zeref Dragneel to the Fairy Tail Guild: Fairy Heart's location.[2] However, there are major side effects to this Magic, as the inhabitants (including the caster), structures, and landmarks' locations are all switched at random.[3] Still, the Magic is potent enough to function against the notoriously strong and resilient Acnologia, and even the Emperor of Alvarez himself was disturbed at the ominous greatness of the "new era" Magic, further hinting to its vast power. It has been noted, however, that this Magic needs time to be prepared, due to its magnificent power and ability to manipulate geography of such magnitude.[4]

If the user were to die, the effects of the spell would be undone, causing the world to return to its original state.[5]


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