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Unison Raid (合体魔法(ユニゾンレイド) Yunizon Reido) is an ability utilized by various Mages.


An extremely powerful ability that allows two Mages to unite two kinds of Magic similar in nature together, thereby creating an even stronger attack. According to Jellal Fernandes, many priests have wasted their entire lives trying to achieve Unison Raid without success, thus implying that it is an extremely difficult ability to master, or let alone obtain.[1] However, Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Lockser succeeded on their first attempt,[2] as did Wendy Marvell.[3]


Lucy & Juvia's Spell

  • Hydro Screw (檄流砕波(ハイドロスクリュー) Haidoro Sukuryū): Lucy and Juvia combine Juvia's water and Aquarius's water to increases the amount and power of the water. It was powerful enough to defeat Vidaldus Taka.[2]

Juvia & Gray's Spell

Juvia and Gray's Unison Raid

  • Water & Ice-Make: Gray and Juvia combine their Magic and thousands of needles of ice appear. Large amounts of water shoot into the air and are immediately frozen, creating many powerful icicles capable of defeating all of Daphne's Lizardmen.[4]
  • Shotgun (ショットガン Shotto Gan): By using water controlled by Juvia, Gray solidifies them into the countless amount of sharp ice spears, firing them in the process.[5]
  • Water Nebula & Ice-Make: Ice Geyser (水流昇霞(ウォーターネブラ) & 氷欠泉(アイスゲイザー) Wōtā Nebura + Aisu Geizā): Juvia and Gray hold hands and combine Juvia's Water spell and Gray's Ice-Make spell to attack their targets.[6]
  • Ice Wave (氷結海嘯(アイス ウエーブ) Aisu Uēbu): By using water controlled by Juvia, Gray solidifies them into a large wave of sharp ice spikes, hitting their target and freezing them in the process.[7]

Wendy & Lucy's Spell

Sting & Rogue's Spell

Sting and Rogue's Unison Raid

Natsu & Gray's Spell

Meredy & Juvia's Spell

  • Maguilty Water (マギルティ=ウォーター Magiruti Wōtā): Meredy and Juvia combine their abilities with the enhanced power from a Sensory Link and Juvia's Water to merge together and release it in a combined array of materialized sensory blades and swirling waves of water.[10]

Wendy & Sherria's Spell

Video Game Spells

Natsu & Lucy's Spell

  • Phoenix Impact (フェニックスインパクト Fenikkusu Inpakuto): Natsu and Lucy attack with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist and Lucy Punch, then Lucy uses Star Shot while Natsu uses Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade or his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade, finally Lucy delivers her Lucy Kick while Natsu flips in the air and uses his Fire Dragon's Claw from above, resulting in the fire taking the form of a huge phoenix upon impact.[12]

Natsu & Gajeel's Spell

  • Fire Dragon's Roar & Iron Dragon's Roar (火竜の咆哮 Karyū no Hōkō & 鉄竜の咆哮 Tetsuryū no Hōkō): Natsu and Gajeel attack their target with their signature spells, then Levy creates iron for Gajeel and Lucy shoots a fire arrow for Natsu, after consuming their respective elements the two unleashes their roar attacks.[12]

Erza & Mirajane's Spell

  • Rampant Demonic Blade (魔人繚乱剣 Majin Ryōran Ken): Erza wears her Heaven's Wheel Armor, and Mirajane into her Satan Soul after surrounding their enemy with swords and demonic spears, they would then hold a sword together and infuses their power into it and slash the targets.[12]

Erza & Kagura's Spell

  • Sword Flash: Union Stance (剣閃 「絆」の型 Kensen: "Kizuna" no Kata): Erza wears her Heaven's Wheel Armor, and attacks her target Blumenblatt then Kagura would strike their target followed by Erza equipping her Wind God Armor and attacking her target with her Sea Empress Sword and Wind God Sword, she would wear her Clear Heart Clothing and finishing it off with a simultaneous slash with Kagura's Archenemy and her Demon Blade Benizakura.[12]

Erza & Jellal's Spell

  • Grand Chariot (七星剣(グランシャリオ) Guran Shario): Erza and Jellal attack their enemy with their signature spells while leaving seven Magic seals underneath them, the two then hold hands and raises it up in the air before lowering it down and using both of their hands to activate this spell. Jellal's hand is at the top with only the index and middle fingers spread out while Erza's hand is at the bottom with all her five fingers spread out before releasing beams of light onto them.[12]

Levy & Gajeel's Spell

  • Iron on Ice: Levy writes Solid Script: Ice in the air freezing the ground beneath it, alongside Gajeel they attack their enemies together while skating on the frozen ground. Gajeel would then throw Levy in the air where she drops an Iron for Gajeel to eat before transforming one of his arms into a giant iron mallet and slamming it onto their target.[12]


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