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Trinity Raven (三羽鴉(トリニティレイヴン) Toriniti Reivun), also known as the Special Raiding Squadron of Assassins, was an elite trio of assassin Mages from the Assassins' Guild Death's Head Caucus.


Trinity Raven as chess pieces on Jellal's board

Trinity Raven is an elite trio of Mages from the Dark Guild Death's Head Caucus, which specializes in assassination contracts, having completed a vast amount of them. They were hired by Jellal Fernandes, being stationed at the Tower of Heaven as guards, and they fought against Fairy Tail's Team Natsu and its allies when they stormed the place to free Erza Scarlet, who had been kidnapped in order to be used as a sacrifice to seemingly revive the legendary Dark Mage, Zeref.[1] All of its members, however, were eventually defeated by the intruders.[2][3][4] Their fates are unknown, though they were presumably caught in the explosion which destroyed the tower by the end of the arc; in the anime, however, they were shown escaping it through the use of Fukuro's rockets.[5][6]

Prior to Fairy Tail's storyline, they fought in the Cabria War and were said to have assassinated every ranked officer under the Western Army's command.[7]


Trinity Raven consisted of only three members:


Trinity Raven was a trio of powerful Mages who specialized in assassination. They possessed an infamous reputation, with Simon being perfectly aware of their existence and deeds, describing them as cold-hearted, professional killers.[7] Its members managed to cause serious troubles to the invading Team Natsu and their allies.

  • Ikaruga effortlessly defeated Shô and proved to be a match for the S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet, seriously injuring her, breaking three of her strongest armors, and almost defeating her.[13][14][15]
  • Vidaldus Taka proved himself a match for the former S-Class Mage Juvia Lockser when he fought both her and Lucy Heartfilia, keeping the upper hand for most of the fight, taking control of Juvia and almost obtaining victory.[10]
  • Fukuro effortlessly defeated Simon, and, through accurate planning, managed to defeat one of Fairy Tail's strongest and most promising Mages, Natsu Dragneel.[16][17]


Assassinate all the ranked officers of the Western army during the Capria War

  • Customer: Unknown
  • Status: Success

Defeat the intruders in the Tower of Heaven


  • The idea for the Trinity Raven was actually input at the last second by Hiro Mashima. Initially, he wanted the people to interfere with Team Natsu to be Simon, Shô, Wally and Millianna. However, as he drew their past as slave children, Hiro began to feel sorry for them, to the point that even if Team Natsu had managed to defeat them, it wouldn't have solved their conflicts of the past. This led to the creation of Trinity Raven, and might be the reason behind Vidaldus' sudden change of appearance and his summoning of the other members of the trio from nowhere.
  • Trinity Raven seems to possess a bird-theme, as it is named after a bird, and the names of its three members are all based off different birds in Japanese.
  • Ikaruga - a Japanese Grosbeak
  • Vidaldus Taka - Taka means Hawk
  • Fukuro - an Owl. Additionally, he resembles and mimics the bird he's named after.
  • When the Tower of Heaven was destroyed in an explosion in the manga, the trio were assumed to have died in its radius. Ikaruga was later confirmed to be dead in Chapter 481, though it wasn't said when and how she died. In the anime they were seen escaping on Fukuro's jet pack after the denotation occurs.


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