Transport (トランスポート Toransupōto) is a Caster Magic and a type of Spatial Magic that allows the user to teleport people into another dimension.


Transport in action

This Magic gives the user the ability to erase the presence of their targets by transporting them into their own personal pocket dimension; the user does so by clapping their hands, with the Magic's range being able to extend as far as the entire perimeter of the Fairy Tail Guild. A dark energy wave will extend in all directions and cause all those caught within it to vanish without a trace, however it did not affect Mavis Vermillion for unknown reasons.[1] However, those that are indeed affected by this particular Magic are able to be harmed at the user's discretion.[2] The user is also able to see the ones captured through a swirling sphere of energy materialized in their palm, thus allowing them to bring select individuals out from within their dimension.[3]


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