Tomekko is an old lady and the owner of the shabby, run-down Tomekko Restaurant.


Tomekko is a short, old woman with white hair that extends to the bottom of her neck. She has two bangs that arc downwards to the side of her face and the top, back of her hair is tied in a bun. She wears a plain white, long-sleeved top and a black dress. On top of that, she also wears a white apron. She is always seen with a dark smile and also has a hunched back.


Tomekko is an unusual and as noted by Lucy, has a creepy personality.[1] She lacks dignity, unafraid to tell people that her special soup is made out of her bathwater remains and strip down, saying she would not lose to Lucy Heartfilia in female beauty. She seems to speak in a creepy voice. Despite requesting help to obtain more customers for her restaurant, she continually does the opposite to scare away customers.


Happy's Little Job 4

After requesting help to regain her restaurants popularity once again, she welcomes Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy to Tomekko Restaurant, creepily sliding the door open, scaring Lucy. She explains that it's tough because she hasn't had any customers. As Natsu and Happy state that the food might be the problem, Tomekko hands the three with a bowl of soup. Even though everyone says the soup tastes good, she proceeds to mention whilst in a tub of hot water, that the soup is created out of the remains of her bath water.[2]

As Natsu shouts aloud, advertising her restaurant, she adds in, shouting aloud to everyone that they also sell soup made from her bathwater causing Lucy to shout at her. As Lucy brings to strip into a bikini to appeal to male customers, Tomekko proceeds to do the same saying she won't lose in female beauty. As Happy proceeds to imitate a Beckoning Cat, Tomekko also does the same, only for Lucy to shout at her to stop.[3]


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