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Toma E. Fiore (トーマ・E・フィオーレ Tōma E Fiōre) is the former King who ruled over the Kingdom of Fiore. During the Grand Magic Games, Toma disguises himself as Mato (マトー Matō) and is the official mascot and referee for its events.[1] He relinquished his position to his daughter Hisui in X793 following the war with Alvarez.[2]


Toma E. Fiore's appearance

Toma as "Mato"

Toma is a short man who wears striped overalls, held up by a belt at the waist, under a cape.[3]

As "Mato," Toma is often seen with his costume head of a giant pumpkin with large eyes and mouth. He wears a striped shirt with white cuffs, a black shirt underneath, a dark cape with white edges and white underside, a pair of white pants, white boots, white gloves, and a dark witch-like hat.[4] On the backside of his cape the word "MATO" is written.[5] In the third day, "Mato's" hat is bigger, with flaps coming out of his head. Strangely, "Mato's" appearance is apparently inconsistent: In the preliminary event, "Mato" is tall, with small eyes and his pumpkin head is completely round; On the first day, his eyes are larger, thinner, and his pumpkin is flattened on the poles; On the third day, he's small, doesn't have separated teeth, and doesn't have the thick black borders of his eyes. This last look, however, remains for the rest of the event.

In the anime, however, his looks don't change like they did in the manga. In fact, the anime's depiction is quite different from all the manga ones: It's similar to his Third Day's look, but taller, with a larger head and mouth, separated teeth, smaller hands, and thick eye liners and lips.


Toma enjoys being entertained, usually by watching good fights,[6] though he can also be quite childish at times, as seen when he complained to Arcadios about him not having Erza battle Bacchus.[7]

As "Mato," Toma is often seen smiling and dancing, but has a bit of a dark personality, as he smiles when he announces that they won't take any responsibility for deaths in the labyrinth.[8]

In either persona, however, Toma has the tendency to end his phrases with the word "Kabo", which is derived from Kabocha, Japanese for pumpkin.[4][9]


Grand Magic Games arc

"Mato" congratulates Team Fairy Tail A

Dressed as "Mato," Toma appears as a hologram floating above Crocus, announcing the start of the preliminary event of the tournament, Sky Labyrinth, and explaining its rules.[10] He is later seen congratulating the teams that have passed onto the main event, including Team Fairy Tail A who he disappoints by informing them that they barely made eighth place.[11]

During the first event, "Hidden", "Mato" calls for the participants to gather in the center of the field. Gray Fullbuster asks what kind of person "Mato" is, to which the latter casually replies that he is a pumpkin. Eve Tearm says that the same question is asked every year, and he and Beth Vanderwood bow towards "Mato," remarking that such a costume is difficult to handle. "Mato," however, says that he enjoys it. After this, he raises his hands, and a giant town appears, effectively beginning the Hidden event.[12]

When Rufus Lore states that the event wasn't interesting and that he would win it easily,"Mato" gets a bit constrained.[13] After the event is concluded, "Mato" announces the next line of competitors for the first battle event, and invites them to the arena: Lucy Heartfilia and Flare Corona.[14] He is later called onto the field after Orga Nanagear's battle with Warcry, as the Sabertooth Mage has decided to sing a song and requires a microphone. Handing a phone to him, "Mato" proceeds to watch the man scream and pump his fists, slightly confused by the action whilst the crowd screams and cheers.[15]

Toma talking to Arcadios

Toma takes the Second Day off to watch the battle portion of the day.[16] At his palace, Mercurius, Toma is visited by Arcadios, who asks him if he has any requests for who he would like to see fight in the second day's battle portion of the Grand Magic Games of X791. Toma responds that he wants to see Sting and Rogue fight, but decides to save the best for last, determining that he'd like to see Bacchus fight against the Mage from Fairy Tail that transforms. Toma then dispatches Arcadios.[6]

Toma scolding Arcadios for choosing the wrong participant

Toma later shows up at the Domus Flau to see the second day's second battle. He states that he is looking forward to seeing Bacchus fight Erza Scarlet like he wanted, but Arcadios reveals that he has misinterpreted Toma's request and has arranged for Elfman Strauss to fight Bacchus instead. Toma then complains that he wanted to see Bacchus and Erza fight and Arcadios apologizes.[7]

"Mato" explaining the rules for Pandemonium

Toma returns as "Mato" on the Third Day where he reveals the reason for his absence, and proceeds to explain the rules of the day's event, Pandemonium. He states that the ground for the Pandemonium event is inside a castle infested with monsters of varying strength, one of which is supposedly on par with the powers of a Wizard Saint, and the participants earn their points by defeating them. He later allows the competitors to pick their "challenge right" (the order in which they are going in), with Erza Scarlet drawing out number one. "Mato" taunts her, but is taken aback when Erza declares she will be taking on all 100 of the monsters.[17] After Erza conquers the event, "Mato" announces to the seven remaining teams they have a prepared a simple game to decide their ranking.

"Mato" explains the MPF

The event is revealed to be the "MPF Event." "Mato" explains that the players are to attack the MPF device, which, in turn, will measure the strength of their Magic, and provide numerical representations where the rankings are to be based upon. He adds that the same order for the Pandemonium event is applicable.[18]

Team Mermaid Heel's Millianna plays first and scores a good 365 points, followed by Nobarly, and Hibiki Lates. When Team Raven Tail's Obra only garners a total of four points, "Mato" states that there are no re-dos, while Cana Alberona steals his witch-like hat. He then announces the rankings thus far, as Orga Nanagear steps up and scores a whopping 3825 points. Orga begins to sing but is cut off by "Mato."[19] Afterwards, Jura Neekis asks for permission to go all out, to which "Mato" agrees. The Wizard Saint employs Rumbling Mt. Fuji, and manages a staggering 8544 points. "Mato" reveals such score makes a new record to the MPF game. At this, Cana steps up, and, to everyone's surprise, casts Fairy Glitter, which allows her a 9999—the highest possible score in the MPF system. Cana proudly exclaims about Fairy Tail's glory, and the crowd goes wild, but "Mato" suspiciously grins at Fairy Tail's scoring run.[20]

On the third battle of the third day, a fight supposed to be held between Laxus Dreyar and "Alexei," the Raven Tail Mage uses his Illusion Magic to make the audience think that Laxus is being beaten, while he, revealed to be Ivan Dreyar, and his team secretly fight Laxus.[21] Laxus, however, overpowers them, and manages to cancel the effects of Raven Tail's illusion Magic. "Mato" gets shocked upon finding out Alexei's identity, as Guild Masters are prohibited from participating in the Games.[22] As the arena calms down once more, he proceeds to announce the fourth battle of that day, being one between Fairy Tail A's Wendy Marvell and Lamia Scale's Sherria Blendy.[23] Watching the fight as the judge, "Mato" seems tense when Sherria appears to fall to one of Wendy's attacks, and when the girl does not stand for a bit, the pumpkin man steps forward to declare the fight over, only to be stopped when Sherria gets back to her feet to continue fighting.[24] After the battle ends in a tie and Fairy Tail boosts their standings for the day, "Mato" comments on how unexpected it is, wanting to give it a thought.[25]

At the end of the Fourth Day's Event, Naval Battle, Lucy Heartfilia, one of the competitors, is brutalized by Minerva before her defeat in the event. After Arcadios' order to stop the match immediately, "Mato," in shock and fear, tells Minerva to stop.[26] "Mato" announces the start of the fourth day's third tag battle involving Team Fairy Tail's Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox versus Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney from Team Sabertooth.[27]

"Mato" introduced as a commentator for the fifth day

In the fifth and final day of the Games, "Mato" is introduced by Chapati Lola as the Day's guest commentator. Chapati asks him if it's alright for him to be a judge, to which "Mato" replies that it's fine, and tells the competitors to do their best. The final teams are then announced by Chapati, from the last one to the first one in the ranking. When Team Sabertooth enters the stadium with new looks, Mato gets excited and exalts the team.[28]

In the final event, the competitors must defeat each other to earn points, as explained by Chapati. As they start to move around Crocus, "Mato" tells everyone to do their best.[29] The events continue, after "Mato" reviews the rules of the Game.[30] When Rufus activates his Magic, "Mato" comments that it is very beautiful.[31] Eventually, as the participants are defeated one by one, "Mato" also announces that the number of Mages in the event has quite decreased.[32]

"Mato" in shock at Minerva's appearance

After Rufus's defeat at the hands of Gray, "Mato" becomes shocked with this outcome thinking Rufus was going to be the clear winner while Chapati and Yajima discuss Fairy Tail's advantage over the other teams.[33] Later on in the event, "Mato" stands in absolute shock when Minerva interrupts an already tense battle between Kagura and Erza to make the fight a three-way struggle.[34] As the three-way battle continues, "Mato" and his fellow commentators are astounded by Minerva's Yagdo Rigora after it devastates a part of the city.[35] They are shocked even more so by Erza and Kagura's resilience, after seeing them rise from the attack unscathed.[36]

As the event goes on, Chapati begins to worry about the conditions of the city. "Mato" tells him that it will be fine as they will just rebuild the city with Magic the day after.[37] Later, with more fights about to commence across the city, "Mato" searches for Sting with the Lacrima cameras seeing how he is the only one yet to be located.[38] When Kagura and Erza battle, Kagura decides to unsheathe her sword, and "Mato" covers his eyes in horror.[39][40] "Mato" is amazed when he sees Erza seemingly win.[41]

The reaction of "Mato" to Jura's power

With the battle between Rogue and Gajeel well underway, Chapati is surprised to see this change in Rogue as he gains the advantage blind to the dark force behind his change. Yajima tries to give reason for this comeback while "Mato" is delighted to see some more action with his fellow announcers.[42] After entering Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, Gajeel unleashes a powerful attack which defeats Rogue and creates a devastating impact, greatly shocking "Mato."[43] As Jura, Laxus and Orga begin their battle, "Mato," along with the rest of the spectators is astonished to see Orga defeated in one attack by Jura.[44] He's later baffled as Laxus is also smashed into the ground by Jura, so much so that he even fails to say his catch phrase correctly.[45]

As Gray and Juvia defeat Sherria and Lyon, and Erza defeats Minerva, "Mato" is left in shock as Fairy Tail gains a clear lead with still all five members left in the game. "Mato" is then left in disbelief over the thought of Sting taking on all five members of Team Fairy Tail by himself after Sting's chances are revealed.[46] "Mato," amazed to see that all of the members of Team Fairy Tail are still standing, watches in disbelief as the crowd viciously cheers for Fairy Tail.[47]

Toma cries after his speech

After the Grand Magic Games are over, Toma temporarily abandons his "Mato" persona and has all the Mages gather at Crocus Central Square, telling them about the ten thousand Dragons' attack. He explains that while there is a plan to annihilate the attackers, it's possible that some of them will survive and thus all the Mages should cooperate to defeat them. When the Mages reply that they will defend their country, Toma is seen crying out of joy and continues giving thanks to everyone, before muttering "kabo," silencing the crowd.[48]

After the revelation that the Eclipse Gate was not indeed a weapon but a catalyst to the Dragon invasion,[49] Toma watches on as the Mages and Dragon Slayers face off against the 7 Dragons that have crossed through the Eclipse Gate whom are under Future Rogue's control. As Toma watches the battle between Future Rogue and Natsu Dragneel atop Motherglare and Atlas Flame respectively amidst the sky, he comes to the sudden realization that the events currently playing out are identical to the ancient disaster which was once called the Dragon King Festival. With this epiphany, he falls to his knees and fearfully states that the events cannot be stopped and nothing will ever be the same again.[50]

Toma tries to get his crown back

Several days after the Dragons disappear, Toma holds a banquet for all the Mages who helped protect the country, and allows, for the first time, Mages to enter the Royal Palace.[51] At the end of the banquet, Toma, dressed in his "Mato" costume, plans to make an appearance, having been announced by Arcadios. However, before he can reveal himself, Natsu steals his clothes and royal crown and enters on the balcony meant for Toma himself and declares himself to be the King, much to his utter mortification; Toma, to no avail, repeatedly tries to retrieve his crown from Natsu.[52]

Tartaros arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Avatar arc

A year later, X792, Toma returns to the Grand Magic Games as Mato, taking the seat of an announcer while the finalists enter the stadium. Albeit, victory is soon announced after Scarmiglione overpowers Dullahan Head. The celebration is cut short, however, when a masked challenger enters the stadium and releases powerful flames that burn the clothes of the viewers and easily destroy the winning guild. Soon enough, the masked figure reveals himself to be Natsu Dragneel, while Toma's costume continues to melt.[54] Shortly there after, Toma releases Natsu from prison regardless of his destructive actions.[55] He later decides to pardon Natsu when he returns to the castle and uses his fire to raise the beacon to Fairy Tail's revival.[56]

Alvarez Empire arc

Following the activation of Universe One, Toma stands in the palace with his daughter, Arcadios and the guards and watches as Irene of the Spriggan 12 muses aloud to herself upon his throne.[57] Toma's royal guard is then quickly defeated, after which he begs Irene to spare Hisui. Instead, to Toma's shock, his daughter is turned into a mouse by the Scarlet Despair; he is taunted by her, being asked if he can still love her even though she is a mouse, which he tearfully says he does. Picking his daughter up, Toma promises to find a way to revert Hisui to normal.[58]

The next day, with Irene's death, Hisui's Enchantment is undone, and as Universe One is also dispelled as a result, a joyful Toma revels with his daughter while the country returns to its original shape.[59]

Appearances in Other Media


Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

The king hires Natsu's team to retrieve an artifact stolen by the traitor Zash Caine, who allied himself with the foreign kingdom Stella. Days later, Toma is seen in his palace when Zash uses the Dragon Cry artifact to cast several magic circles to rain down destruction over the Fiore kingdom. The magic circles eventually disappear when the Dragon Cry was destroyed. When Natsu's team returns to the palace, they offer the king a cubed fruit from Stella as an apology for failing to bring back the Dragon Cry. But Happy takes a bite from the fruit, causing him to accidentally let out a fire breath onto the king, angering him as the Fairy Tail mages run to the exit.[60]


  • "Toma" (トーマ Tōma) is one of Hiro Mashima's recycled names for Zeref's original identity.[61]
  • "Mato" is the theme of some Grand Magic Games' merchandise, such as hats[62] and costumes.[63]
  • "Mato" is an anagram of Toma.


  • (To Irene Belserion and Hisui E. Fiore) "Of course you fiend! No matter how she looks, she'll always be my daughter! Worry not Hisui... I shall return you to your original form, even if it kills me!"[64]

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