Toby Horhorta vs. Kurohebi is a fight fought between Team Lamia Scale's Toby Horhorta and Team Raven Tail's Kurohebi.


After the second day of the Grand Magic Games's event Chariot, the battle portion of the day begins. The first match of the day is decided, by the event organizers, to be between Team Raven Tail's Black Snake, Kurohebi, and Team Lamia Scale's Toby Horhorta. The gong is struck and the battle begins.[1]


PP Mega Mega Jellyfish

Kurohebi dodges Toby's attacks

Toby immediately grows his nails and starts scratching Kurohebi with his nails covered with Paralysis Claw: Mega Jellyfish. Kurohebi dodges all of Toby's attacks effortlessly and then throws himself backwards and disappears from sight. Toby is shocked and sees sand moving, only to be attacked by Sand Rebellion. Max Alors remarks that that is his Magic and Mavis is intrigued by the fact that Kurohebi knows a Magic as rare as Mimic. Toby calls his opponent strong and Kurohebi replies that Toby is also strong. Toby also states that "Kurohebi" is a cool name, but he responds that that isn't his real name. Toby gets angry and starts attacking him again with his nails, screaming that if he wins Kurohebi has to tell him his real name. As Kurohebi dodges the attacks he asks what will happen if he wins and Toby responds that he will tell him his super secret. Kurohebi thinks that Toby's proposal sounds interesting and attacks him, leaving the crowd in awe and Toby defeated.[2]


Kurohebi's evil personality

Kurohebi's evil personality

With Toby's defeat, Kurohebi asks him what his secret is. With tearful eyes, Toby responds that he can't find one of his socks even though he's been looking for it for three months. He then starts crying because he can't find it and he couldn't tell anyone. Kurohebi points at his chest and Toby notices the sock hanging from his chest as a necklace. He starts crying of joy and calls Kurohebi a good guy. Kurohebi then stretches his hand towards Toby, only to take his sock from him and ripping it apart. Toby cries in despair and Kurohebi says that the more precious something is, the more he wants to destroy it. And with that, the second match of the second day commences.[3]


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