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This is a timeline based on the events related to the series. So far, most of this is theoretical, based upon actual dates given in the series.

Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline
Decade Date Events
? ? Anna Heartfilia is born.
Irene Belserion is born.
Acnologia is born.
Zeref Dragneel is born.
Natsu Dragneel is born.
Natsu Dragneel dies.
Zeref Dragneel revives Natsu Dragneel and creates E.N.D.
Gajeel Redfox is born.
Sting Eucliffe is born.
Rogue Cheney is born.
Wendy Marvell is born.
Dragon King Festival breaks.
80's X384 Roubaul creates Nirvana.[1]
? Irene Belserion joins the war and brought the idea of learning Dragon Slayer Magic.[2]
Erza Scarlet is conceived.[3]
Dragons began teaching humans Dragon Slayer Magic.[4]
Dragons conceal their souls within the bodies of Dragon Slayers in order to travel in time.[5]
Anna Heartfilia opens the Eclipse Gate for the Dragons to travel to the future.[6]
Zirconis dies.
30's X633 The Magia Dragon Guild is founded.[7]
70's X673 Mavis Vermillion is born.[8]
Zera is born.[9]
X679 The Red Lizard Guild was destroyed by Blue Skull in a guild war in Tenrou Island. Mavis Vermillion is the only survivor.[8]
80's April, X686 The Fairy Tail Guild is founded.[10] Mavis Vermillion is appointed the first Guild Master.[11] The Phantom Lord Guild is founded by Geoffrey.[11]
July, X686 The Second Trade War begins.[11]
February, X688 Mages intervene in the Second Trade War. Mavis' skill as a tactician is acknowledged.[11]
90's X690 Yuri Dreyar marries.[11]
X690 The Second Trade War ends, and the Inter-Guild Dispute Interdiction Treaty is signed into law.[11]
March, X696 Makarov Dreyar is born.[11]
X697 Mavis Vermillion's grave is built on Tenrou Island. As per her last wishes, Precht is made Fairy Tail's second Guild Master.[11]
August X697 August is conceived.
X700 Yuri Dreyar dies.[11]
30's X731 Precht's fascination with Black Magic, and Warrod Sequen leaves the guild.[11]
? Wraith dies from a monster attack.[12]
X736 Precht leaves the guild,[11] and names Makarov the third Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Guild at age 40.[13]
X739 Gildarts Clive is born.[14]
40's X741 Makarov is made one of the Ten Wizard Saints[13]
X746 Jude Heartfilia is born.[15]
X748 Layla Heartfilia is born.[16]
Macao Conbolt is born.[17]
Wakaba Mine is born.[18]
50's X750 Everlue forces Zekua Melon to write Daybreak
X753 Zekua Melon finishes writing Daybreak and returns to his family.
Zekua Melon commits suicide.
X755 Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is born.
X757 Jura Neekis is born.
Reedus Jonah is born.
60's X760 Wan Chanzi is born.
X761 Laxus Dreyar is born.
Warren Rocko is born.
X762 Joey Fullborn is born.
Chico C Hammitt is born.
X763 Bickslow is born.
Elexion is killed and eaten by Kirin, where the Dragon's heart is sold off in Ishgar.[19]
X764 Blue Pegasus Guild is formed by Master Bob.[13]
Fried Justine is born.
Evergreen is born.
Nab Lasaro is born.
Kinana is born.
Hibiki Lates is born.
Ren Akatsuki is born.
X765 Erza Scarlet is born.
Mirajane Strauss is born.
Lyon Vastia is born.
X766 Gray Fullbuster is born.
Cana Alberona is born to Gildarts Clive and Cornelia.
Elfman Strauss is born.
Laki Olietta is born.
Jet is born.
Droy is born.
Alzack Connell is born.
Bisca Mulan is born.
Jenny Realight is born
Toby Horhorta is born
Yuuka Suzuki is born.
November X766 Jude Heartfilia and Layla Heartfilia leave Love & Lucky due to pregnancy.
X767 Juvia Lockser is born.
Lisanna is born.
Levy McGarden is born.
Sherry Blendy is born.
Max Alors is born.
Zoldeo performed an unknown taboo, and is fused with Capricorn.
Lucy Heartfilia is born to Jude Heartfilia and Layla Heartfilia.
Risley Law is born.
X768 Vijeeter Ecor is born.
Eve Tearm is born.
Orga Nanagear is born.
Kagura Mikazuchi is born[20]
Millianna is born.
70's X770 Araña Webb is born.
X772 Cornelia dies.
Cana joins Fairy Tail to be with her father.
Rufus Lore is born.
X773 Yukino Agria is born.
X774 Gray's family is killed by Deliora and he is taken in by Ur.[21]
Ur sacrifices herself to seal Deliora.
Gray joins Fairy Tail.
X775 Beth Vanderwood is born.
X776 Sherria Blendy is born.[22]
Erza escapes the Tower of Heaven and joins Fairy Tail.[23]
July 7, X777 Layla opens the Eclipse Gate in order for the Dragons, and their respective Dragon Slayers, to arrive.[24]
Natsu is found by Makarov and invited to join Fairy Tail.[23]
Mystogan leaves Edolas through an Anima portal and enters Earth Land.
X777 Layla dies of Magic Deficiency Disease.[25]
Grammi dies at the hands of Zoldeo.[26]
X778 Mirajane, Elfman, and Lisanna's parents die and they join Fairy Tail.[23]
Queen Shagotte sends unborn Exceeds from Edolas to Earth Land.
Happy is born from an egg hatched by Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna.[27]
Carla is born from an egg hatched by Wendy Marvell.
Laxus Dreyar becomes an S-Class Mage.[28]
Romeo Conbolt is born.[29]
Lector is born.[30]
The rivalry between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord was reignited during the annual meeting of the Guild Masters.[31]
X779 Hero of Rubengard, San Jiao Shin leads an anti-government rebellion, but was kidnapped by Zoldeo.[32]
80's X780 Charm Magic is outlawed[33]
Erza Scarlet becomes an S-Class Mage.[28]
X781 The Alvarez Empire attempts to invade Ishgar in order to capture Lumen Histoire, but is stopped by Etherion.[34]
Gildarts Clive leaves for the 100-year mission.
Loke disobeys Karen Lilica, and the latter is killed by Angel. Loke is unable to return to the Celestial World.
Moon Drip Ritual is started.[35]
Mirajane becomes an S-Class Mage.[28]
Macao's wife divorced him.[36]
X782 Lisanna is sent to Edolas after she presumably died.
Mystogan becomes an S-Class Mage.[28]
X783 Mest Gryder is tasked to infiltrate the Magic Council and gather information about the western continent.[37]
The Alvarez Empire and the countries of Ishgar severed all diplomatic relations.[38]
Lucy Heartfilia ran away from home.[39]

Series Timeline

Series Timeline
Decade Year Events Picture
80's July 2, X784 Lucy Heartfilia runs into Natsu Dragneel and Happy.
The three meet, battle, and defeat Bora.
Lucy is invited to join Fairy Tail.
Natsu, Lucy, and Happy running from Rune Knights.png
July 4, X784 Lucy Heartfilia joins Fairy Tail.
Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia vs. Vulcan (Macao Conbolt)
Macao Conbolt is saved by Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia and brought back to his son, Romeo Conbolt.
Fairy Tail former building.jpg
X784 Team Natsu gains two new members. The newly formed team stops the Eisenwald Guild from assassinating the Guild Masters with Lullaby. Natsu vs. Gray.jpg
X784 Lullaby is defeated and the Guild Masters are saved. Lullaby.jpg
X784 Erza Scarlet vs. Natsu Dragneel
Erza is arrested by the Magic Council, Natsu is arrested along with her, they are both later released.
Natsu vs. Erza.jpg
X784 Natsu, Lucy, and Gray confront and defeat Lyon and his team on Galuna Island. Gray vs. Lyon.png
X784 Erza Scarlet arrives on Galuna Island and, thanks to her, it is saved.
Lyon joins Lamia Scale.
Bye bye.jpg
X784 Phantom Lord starts a Guild War with Fairy Tail.
Fairy Tail wins and Phantom Lord is disbanded.
Fairy Tail attacks.png
X784 Loke revealed his true origin, and was pardoned by Celestial Spirit King with Lucy's help. Loke returning to the Spirit World.png
X784 Team Natsu goes on vacation. Their vacation is cut short when they are attacked and forced to, eventually, combat Jellal Fernandes, his henchman, and Trinity Raven in the Tower of Heaven.
Simon sacrifices his life for Erza.
Tower of Heaven arc.JPG
X784 Jellal and Ultear convince the Magic Council to use Etherion which activates the R-System. Afterwards, they destroy the Magic Council's building. The Magic Council was disbanded, but was reformed under the decree of Fiore's King.[33]
Juvia Lockser and Gajeel Redfox join Fairy Tail.
Ultear destroying the Council building.png
October 15, X784[40] The annual Fantasia Parade is interrupted by Laxus Dreyar starting the Battle of Fairy Tail.
Natsu and Gajeel defeat Laxus.
Laxus is excommunicated from Fairy Tail for endangering people's lives.
Natsu and Laxus clash.jpg
X784 Allied Forces is formed to confront and dissolve one corner of the Balam Alliance, the Oración Seis. Oración Seis is defeated and sent to prison.
Jellal is revived, redeemed, but imprisoned.
Wendy Marvell and Carla join Fairy Tail.
Allied Forces.jpg
X784 Gildarts Clive returns to Fairy Tail and the guild is abducted by the Edolas Royal Army.
Happy and Carla learn the truth about their existence.
Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Wendy, Happy, Carla, and the Edolas Fairy Tail defeat the Royal Army and Fairy Tail is sent back to Earth Land.
Happy states his claim.png
X784 Mystogan became the new King of Edolas.
Exceeds arrive in Earth Land.
Lisanna returns to Earth Land.
Panther Lily joins Fairy Tail.
Mystogan triumph.jpg
December 15, X784 Fairy Tail begins its S-Class Mage Promotion Trial.
Zeref is discovered on Tenrou Island.
Grimoire Heart declares war on Fairy Tail.
Elfman and Evergreen battling Rustyrose.jpg
December 16, X784[41] War ends with Fairy Tail victorious.
Zoldeo dies.
Zancrow dies.
Hades dies.
S-Class Mage Promotion Trial is suspended.
Tenrou Island is supposedly destroyed by Acnologia.
Acnologia Breath Attack.jpg
X785 Macao Conbolt becomes the fourth Guild Master of Fairy Tail.[42]
Wakaba Mine becomes the fourth Master's Advisor.
Jellal's memories come back.[43]
Macao the Yondaime.PNG
X785[44] Bisca Mulan & Alzack Connell get married. Bisca and Alzack's wedding.PNG
??? The Grand Magic Games are created. Dai Mato Enbu.PNG
90's X790[45] Yukino Agria joins Sabertooth. Sabertooth's HQ.png
X791 The disappeared Fairy Tail Members are rescued and return to the Fairy Tail Guild.[46] Tenrou Team returns.jpg
July 1–7, X791 The X791 Grand Magic Games occur.
The Eclipse Project is halted.
Sky Labyrinth.png
X791 Silver Fullbuster freezes entire Sun Village mistaking ”The Eternal Flame” as a Demon.
Jackal massacres the Magic Council.
Fairy Tail declares war on Tartaros.
Oración Seis escape from prison.
Jellal defeats Oración Seis and recruits them into Crime Sorciere.
Fairy Tail guild building and parts of Magnolia are destroyed.
Gray acquires Ice Devil Slayer Magic from Silver after defeating him.
Face devices are destroyed by Dragons.
Mard Geer is killed by Zeref, who reclaims the book of E.N.D.
War ends with Fairy Tail victorious.
Natsu ventures to train for a year.
Fairy Tail dissolves and Makarov subsequently departs to Alvarez Empire.
The Giant-filled village.png
X792 Touka was saved by Natsu from the bandits.[47]
Gray Fullbuster joins Avatar to spy on the cult.
Natsu Dragneel unexpectedly appears in Crocus during the Grand Magic Games and is reunited with Lucy Heartfilia.
Natsu and Lucy search for the members of Fairy Tail, starting with Wendy Marvell.
Orochi's Fin invasion takes place in Margaret Town.
Avatar attempts to execute Operation Purify, but is defeated by Team Natsu.
Fairy Tail is re-established.
Erza Scarlet is elected the Seventh Guild Master of Fairy Tail.
Team Natsu and Fairy Tail B Team recover Makarov Dreyar from the Alvarez Empire.
Message of Fairy Tail.png
September X792 Countries of Alvarez and Fiore engage in war over Fairy Heart.
Irene Belserion reconstructs the country of Fiore after encounter with Acnologia.
Fiore deconstructs to normal following Irene's death. Victorious in war against Alvarez.
Zeref Dragneel and Mavis Vermillion die.
Acnologia consumes the Space Between Time, seven Dragon Slayers engage in battle within the space-time dimension.
Seven Dragon Slayers are victorious, Acnologia dies.
Zeref and the Twelve occupying the guild.png
X793 Lucy Heartfilia published her novel and won an award.
Anna Heartfilia became a school teacher in a small village.
Sherria Blendy regained her ability to use Magic.
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki won Blue Pegasus' Manly Man of the Year contest.
Mermaid Heel became the exclusive models for Sorcerer Magazine
Toma E. Fiore relinquishes position as King.
Hisui E. Fiore assumes position of Queen.
Fiore and Alvarez reestablished political relations.
Crime Sorcière's past crimes are absolved.
CS given amnesty.png
August X793 Lucy Heartfilia accepted her award from Kemu Zaleon Literary Prize for best new novelist.
Team Natsu embarks on 100-year quest.
Touka joins Fairy Tail.[48]
A new quest begins.png


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