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Time Magic (時の魔法 Toki no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that makes use of any aspect or properties of time.


This form of Magic allows the user to control some type of entity of time, whether it be warping it to slow down or completely pause the world's time.[1] Instruments can be used in conjunction with the caster's Magic, for example Ultear Milkovich using crystal orbs to attack with or increase a user's power.[2] Magic Items such as Eclipse that possess the ability to travel through time are able to be initiated after fulfilling the requirements to access the item (i.e. using the Celestial Spirit Gate Keys or the actual life force of the user).[3] The Space Between Time, a magical power source that can lead into being given access to a time valley, is among the magics that allow the user to control time if harnessed.[4]




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