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Thought Projection (思念体 Shinentai) is a Caster Magic.


Jellal recalling his Thought Projection

A type of Magic which allows its user to create a psychic copy of his or her body. This Magic can work even over great distances, allowing the user to essentially be in two places at once. While some Thought Projections are intangible like holograms, used merely for communication,[5] one user is able to create a unique Thought Projection that can physically interact with people and objects, despite lacking a physical form. The creation and maintenance of this specific Thought Projection are very taxing, essentially halving the user's overall Magic Power; however, once this particular Thought Projection reunites with the user's body, the Magic Power returns to normal.[3] It is also possible for the user to make a thought projection of themselves wearing a different outfit[8] or appear as their younger self.[9][10]


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