Thorn Curse (荊の呪法 Ibara no Jūhō) is a Curse that involves the creation and manipulation of thorns.


Through the use of several hand gestures, the user is able to create, as well as manipulate, thorns at their own will. The thorns are powerful enough to strangle and, at the same time, severely damage opponents, making such ability effective for punishment.[1] When desired by the user, the attacking thorns can even pass through the body of the target, as well as serve as a protection for the user.[2]

What the user creates, however, is not limited just to thorns and vines themselves; they can also manipulate their own Curse Power to take the rough shape of thorny vines and use it to shield themselves from harm,[3] and can even fire off projectiles in the same manner.[4] Additionally, the user can create a highly destructive explosion whose core is in the shape of rose petals.[5] Furthermore, should the user be in their Etherious Form, the abilities of Thorn Curse are augmented rather drastically; with a mere swipe of their hand, the user is able to create something such as an extremely size-augmented tree branch, one whose width alone dwarfs regular humans.[6]


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