Third Seal (第三の印 Dai-san no In) is a Curse that allows the user to access a transformation.


Bloodman's Third Seal

Bloodman activating his Third Seal

After the first two seals have been passed, the user alters their regular appearance into a devastating shadow-cloaked like figure that completely consumes their entire body structure. They become more demonic looking, with their entire body in a dark color light, with only their eyes a clear white without pupils. Their abdominal are shown while they have a shapely figure with legs and arms to go with their jagged shadow teeth. Once they call for their "Third Seal" to be released, however, a white circle forms upon his forehead, allowing them to maximize their skill set at its full potential.[1] Even when defeated in this form, the user can transform their body into a portal to the underworld that sucks anything up in their grasp.[2]


Bloodman's Spells


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