The Writing of DAYBREAK is an event that took place 34 years prior to the beginning of the series.


Zekua Melon, also known as Kemu Zaleon, is a famous writer/Mage who lives in Shirotsume Town with his family. Everlue sought Zekua Melon and orders him to write a book with him as the main character. Zekua refuses to write it, causing Everlue to threaten to revoke the citizenship of him and his relatives, which would make them unable to join merchant or workmen guilds. Hearing the threats, Zekua agrees to write the book.[1]


Zekua writing Daybreak

Zekua writing DAYBREAK

Though Zekua had agreed to write the book, the fact that he had initially refused to create it angered Everlue. Everlue forces him to write the book in a solitary cell, crushing his pride as a writer, but in order to protect his family, Zekua forces himself to write the book for the next three years. When he was finished, Zekua uses his remaining Magic power to cast a spell on the book, making it possible for a future reader to decode it and discover the truth behind its creation and also to deliver a message to his son, Kaby Melon.[2]


Zekua about to sever his arm

Zekua about to sever his arm

After finishing the book, which he entitled "DAYBREAK", Zekua returns home to his son. After telling his son that he is going to quit being a writer, Zekua cuts off his arm. With his son angry at him for writing the book and his pride gone, Zekua then commits suicide.[3]


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