The Trimens (トライメンズ Torai Menzu) are a team of womanizing men from the Blue Pegasus Guild[1] who act like high class escorts, or hosts.

They are very gentle with women of every age and very popular among them. Some women, like Lucy and Erza, are greatly irritated by them.[2] In addition, they do not get along with other men, probably considering them as rivals in love (even though, ironically enough, their entire team is composed of males).[3]

Ichiya, their leader, acts as if he is as handsome as the rest of his team, but has the exact opposite effect on women.[4]


Defeating Oración Seis

The Trimens are dispatched to aid Team Natsu and other Guild delegates to stop the Balam Alliance.[5][6] They have the Magical Bomber Christina as equipment, but it is quickly destroyed.[7][8] Along with the Allied Forces they are beaten by a surprise attack from the enemy.[9][10]

Ren and Eve later defeats members of the Dark Guild Dark Unicorn (Ichiya meanwhile is being captured by members of another Dark Guild), while Hibiki assists the Mages with his Magic and gains information about Nirvana.[11][12] Eve and Ren are defeated by Midnight.[13][14]

They are later very helpful, attacking Nirvana with the repaired Christina.[15] Ichiya also destroys one of the Lacrima of Nirvana.[16]

Finding Tenrou Island

More of a favor than an actual mission, the Trimens choose to help find Fairy Tail's core members and the island they disappeared on. They finally discover a clue after 7 years, when the Ethernano levels are disturbed, suggesting that Tenrou Island might still exist. They later join Fairy Tail for the party they are holding for their returning members.

The Grand Magic Games

In order to win the Grand Magic Games, and prove that their guild is the number 1 guild in Fiore, they join the tournament with Nichiya and Jenny Realight (as a reserve member) under the name Team Blue Pegasus.


  • The Trimens all have their Guild Marks located in the same spot: the left shoulder.[17]


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