The Sealing of Deliora is an event which took place in the year X774 in which Ur sacrificed herself in order to seal Deliora, an evil Demon created by the Black Mage Zeref.


Gray leaves for Deliora

Gray leaves Ur to battle Deliora

While Ur, Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia are on their way home from shopping in town, they overhear some travelers discussing Deliora's appearance in Brago. This alerts Gray as Deliora was the very beast who destroyed his hometown and caused his parents' death before. Motivated by his need for revenge, Gray sets out alone towards where Deliora is despite Ur's and Lyon's protests, who argue that he cannot take on the monster. Ur threatens to expel him, but Gray ignores her and tells her that he will blame her if he dies because she failed to teach him more powerful Magic. Later, Ur joins Gray and decides to take on the ferocious beast.[1]


Ur's Leg

Ur's leg replaced with ice

Gray and Lyon are both defeated and unconscious. A desperate Ur tries to defeat Deliora but the beast seems to have the upper hand as Ur's powerful spells are ineffective on the raging beast. As the battle rages, Ur's leg is replaced by an ice leg due to the damage caused to her original. Eventually, Gray regains consciousness and Ur tells him to take the unconscious Lyon and leave. She then tells Gray that she is happy to have them as disciples and that it is her job to take away Gray's darkness.[2]

Iced Shell

Deliora being sealed

Ur unleashes her Magic and casts the infamous, Iced Shell. Gray watches Ur's body cracks and transforms as this Magic turns the user's body to ice for all eternity in order to seal Deliora. Before turning to ice completely, she asks Gray a favor; to tell Lyon she died because if he discovered she merely became ice, he would spend the rest of his life trying to undo the spell. Ur tells him that she wants both of them to see the world and live a great future. As Deliora becomes encased in ice, Ur seals away all of Gray's hatred and darkness.[3]


Deliora is finally sealed, putting an end to its atrocities, and Ur's body is transformed into ice for eternity. When Lyon wakes up, Gray tells him that Ur is dead. Lyon is enraged as his dream to surpass Ur is shattered since he can no longer fight her. The latter holds Gray responsible for his teacher's death and the two go their separate ways.[4]


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