The Arrest & Trial of Erza Scarlet is an event that takes place during the Lullaby arc.


Natsu vs. Erza

Natsu vs. Erza

The time has come for Erza Scarlet to fulfill the promise made to Natsu; to fight him. All the other Fairy Tail Mages are chatting a bit as the battle starts. Shortly after Erza and Natsu start to get serious, a messenger from the Magic Council disturbs the fight. He has come to arrest Erza for the damages she made during her job in destroying Eisenwald and the Lullaby.[1]


Macao's transformation

Macao, as Natsu, transformed into a gecko

At the Fairy Tail Building, everyone is sitting quietly, sad and worried about Erza's situation. Only Natsu, transformed into a gecko, trapped in a glass, is shouting. He insists they let him out, though Mirajane will not allow it as she fears that Natsu would be reckless and go against the Council.[2]


Siegrain tells Erza to keep a secret

At the Fiore Branch of the National Council, Erza is escorted by guards. She is shocked to see Siegrain greeting her with his Thought Projection. Siegrain tells Erza that the Council is doing all this as they have to hold someone responsible about the Lullaby case and thus, she is the scapegoat. After telling Erza to stay quiet about a past unknown event during the trial, he disappears.[3]

As the trial starts, everyone at the Fairy Tail building is seen to be frustrated about the situation. Natsu continues shouting when suddenly Makarov asks him if he really wants to come out of the glass. When Makarov breaks the glass, astonishingly, the gecko is seen to be Macao. He reveals that Natsu has headed to the trial, causing everyone to worry.[4]

Natsu's bad Erza disguise

Natsu "disguised" as Erza

In the Fiore Court, Erza the Amored Mage is being accused of damaging the infrastructure. Suddenly, Natsu, disguised as Erza, breaks through the Council door, shouting out loud that he is the Amored Mage and tells them to arrest him if they can. Erza and the Council are baffled with Natsu continuing his charade, asking them if the charges are bigger than the Guild Masters' lives. The Council tells the guards to put them in jail with Erza apologizing for the trouble.[5]


Natsu and real Erza in prison

Erza and Natsu in prison

Later in jail, Erza explains to Natsu that it was all a facade to display the authority of the Council. She continues saying that she would be sentenced guilty but not punished. Hearing this, Natsu feels sorry but Erza tells him she appreciated his actions.[6] Afterwards, they are both released and re-join their Fairy Tail comrades.[7]


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