Lamia Scale's Thanksgiving Day (蛇姫の鱗(ラミアスケイル)感謝祭 Ramia Sukeiru Kanshasai) is an annual event held by the Mage Guild Lamia Scale in their host city, Margaret Town. The festival is held to promote and prioritize the harmony between the people of the city and the guild.[1]

X792 Talent Show

In part to the celebrations, many prominent members of Lamia Scale participated in the talent show portion of the festival. Yuka Suzuki hosted the event as an announcer.[1]


Notable Events

In year X792, an invasion occurred during the festival; the invading forces being a part of Lamia Scale's rival guild, Orochi's Fin.[2] After fending off initial forces, Bluenote Stinger appears in alliance with the nemesis guild. With the help of Natsu and Lucy, the Mages of Lamia Scale successfully decimate the Gravity Mage, arising victorious; with the rival wizards surrendering their part in the war.[3][4]


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