Tenga Goken (天下五剣 Tenga Goken) is a Curse that allows the user to use their arms as swords.


Tenga Goken allows the user to use their arms as if they were actual bladed weapons, allowing them a great deal of versatility in combat. By crossing their arms, the user assumes the stance required to use their more powerful techniques. The resulting shockwaves from the swinging of the arms are extremely powerful, being able to cut through rock and reach considerable distances away from the user with ease.[3]


Ezel's Spells

Bloodman's Spells


  • "Tenga Goken" refers to the "Tenka Goken", which is a collective name for five very famous swords used during the Muromachi period of Japan.
  • The name of this Curse translates to "the five best swords beneath the heavens".


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