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Hello, everyone!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great March! We definitely had a very great month of Fairy Tail, as not only did we have an additional chapter during this month but we also got some special Omakes~ Now, April is just around the corner and the flowers are going to be blooming bright~ but the most exciting part of April is... THE RETURN OF THE FAIRY TAIL ANIME!


Anyways, this month, Umneilicious is going to be kept short and we will just be discussing what we've LOVED this month. Let's get started~

Love it!

Fairy Tail Spring Festival!

Now, who didn't see this coming? I love when Hiro Mashima goes out of his way to give us more than what we ask for. Sure, people may not enjoy the story at times, or some may think its "predictable", and others may say that Fairy Tail is just "fanservice". Whatever your opinion may be, you cannot take away the fact that Hiro Mashima goes above and beyond and is truly one of the best in this business.

The Omakes we received this month only got better and better.

  • Frosch was just too cute! I'm happy he got more of a spotlight because Lector hogged it all during the GMG. "Ooooh I'm dead" pfftt big whoop.
  • His partner, Rogue, definitely seems to be blossoming ever since Sting introduced Nakama-love into the Guild. He even got gropey-hands with Yukino~ Speaking of which, is it not interesting to think that they chill with the sister of a Dark Mage of the Oracion Seis, a corner of the Balam Alliance? I love how everyone is connected in someway~
  • Miss Juvia Lockser and all her lovestruck glory~ I mean, I would've liked to see another shtick from her but I guess she decided to step it up a notch by giving us a tour of her bedroom. Her stalker levels are intensifying. :3
  • Erza Scarlet is very peculiar. She can be oblivious and go with the flow (agreeing with the 413th day anniversary) but also shed so much knowledge. She also whooped some cowgirl bootay.
  • Speaking of the Cowgirl, it's Bisca Mulan Rouge! I've never been so interested in Bisca before, mainly because discovering that she used to be a punk-ass bitch makes her seem so much cooler. Also, her former name... It just makes me want to shout: Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada~! Mochachino Frappalata~ (I forget how it goes.) I wonder how Mr. Docile Alzack lasso'd her in and got into her pantaloons~ because after that, she squirted a child out of her hooter named...
  • Asuka-desu~! Honestly, during the GMG, I thought she was just a weird toddler and rarely spoke but it seems this one's got a sharp mouth just like mommy did.

But yeah. I love festivities~ Thank you so much for this chapter-studded month, Hiro Mashima <3 You are very Umneilicious indeed~


March was really fun, and what better way to ease into April than with special chapters. We all know the Tartarus arc is very serious, and slipping all the adorable side stories within those chapters would be very difficult. Having them as additional were just great <3 Now we can carry on with our arc AND watch the super duper amazing return of the anime! MASAYUME CHASING~!!! See you around, everyone :D

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