Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the first ever edition of Umneilicious, where we will be looking back at the last month of our lovely series and checkin’ out what’s hot and what’s not, but in our own little flavorful manner.

I'm very pleased to be apart of the Sorcerer Magazine and I look forward to adding the spice that is my namesake into our melting pot of sweet, sweet editorial love. So, as we all know, we didn't quite have as many chapters as we wanted this month but we got a hefty one so that's good. Let's just work with what we're given. :)

Alrighty, so let's get down to business!


First up, we'll be starting off with what was Umneilicious during the past month of our beloved series with a segment I like to call...

Love it!


Seilah Reading

So, upon first sight with the rest of the Nine Demon Gates, we didn’t see much of her. However, when we later saw her encounter Elfman and Lisanna, she just suddenly shined! I honestly don’t know many people, whether animanga or real life, that can work leopard print, and she’s definitely got in going on over a hot-ass kimono, chilling back with some gymnastic looking socks on. If you look closely, you can also tell she’s got her priorities straightened out, with her nails all manicured, pedicured and her hair all did up. I’m loving her look and quite frankly, I don’t blame her: Being one of the only few females in Tartarus, She’s gotta work it so we don’t associate her with some other nasties (Other than Silver because his human form makes my figurative giney giggle). Plus, from what we have seen, she can sure be conniving. Force the big-ol muscle-cola drinkin' beast of a brother to choke out his little dainty sister? No wonder she’s apart of Tartarus :)
Sayla, you’re Umneilicous! Love it~! <3

Crawford Seam (and his tea)

Crawford&#039;s Malicious Intentions

Well then, Mister Former Chairman. It’s finally great to meet you after 7 years. I wish he still has that funky hat because it would definitely suit the motif when he goes over to the Tartarus headquarters. So yes, it seems he was indeed a traitor to the Council and has been leaking information into Tartarus’ reservoir. It’s got me wondering… since we’re all giving the Council crap for being so weak; could it perhaps be Crawford who allowed it to be so weak? I mean, we had a Thought Projection and a Dark Mage each occupying a seat within the Council (while Crawford was chairman) which ultimately led them into utilizing Etherion. What if Crawford, during his reign, has inconspicuously weakened the Council to an extent where Guild Masters don’t take them seriously and to a point where not even Gran Doma could pick up the pieces? This would explain why the Council would’ve been so weak and it’s all thanks to Mr Malicious himself. Plus, he captured 2 S-Class Mages by giving them tea that he has cultivated himself. Dayum Crawford, mind sending me some of that my way? It would definitely spice up my Friday nights :)
I know Mr. Crawford is very much evil indeed, just like Sayla, but he is indeed Umneilicious. Loving it.

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu in haste
I applaud Natsu on his ability to deduce the fact that Tartarus has a secret informant whereas no one else could come up to that conclusion. In addition to that, Natsu was pretty damn exhausted, so the fact that an exhausted, ditzy Natsu Dragneel made such a deduction and the other members of their Guild didn’t is kind of bothering… but whatever, Go Natsu! :) You’re Umneilicious~. You've always been Umneilicious, I've always loved you and right now, I "Love it~"

So now, we get to the unfortunate bits. As we know, Fairy Tail isn't perfect but then again, we can see perfection in imperfection itself, right? I think that's what they call true love... I dont know, the most affection I've been shown was having a taxi called for me after a Saturday night bootcall... Nonetheless, here is where we see what aspects of the past month were not so fun. In fact, this section has been titled...

Hate it!

Pairing Elfman with Lisanna

Elfman Chokes Lisanna

I mean, really? The anime had better teams paired up for the damn filler arc back when they were looking for goddamn clock pieces and Makarov decides to pair up Elfman and Lisanna to protect a Council member from A TARTARUS DARK MAGE?! Does he WANT them to die?! Hell, the pairs created in the filllers weren’t even from Cana herself because apparently, she was manipulated by the antagonists. So technically, the goddamn enemies can pair up Fairy Tail members better than Makarov can himself!! Yeah, I know, we shouldn’t be comparing Anime to Manga, but I mean… Elfman had so much trouble facing Bacchus, Lisanna’s done absolutely nothing since coming back, so why pair the two together? It’s like… hey, they MAY encounter Tartarus members and judging by what they did to Laxus and the Raijinshuu, we should really be prepared… k so lets put 2 S-Class Mages (Erza and Mira) together and… yeah lets put Elfman and Lisanna together. MAKAROV LOGIC >:/ Clearly, this isn’t working out because Sayla isn’t even lifting a finger yet they they’ve gotten themselves in a situation where Elfman might have to sell his soul. They can't even say they underestimated because. its Elfman and Lisanna, for crying out loud.
Putting the black sheep of the Take Over Siblings together? Get ‘em outta my sight >:/

The Oracion Seis’ fashion sense

Oración Seis released from prison

Alright so, you guys re-debuted in the fillers 7 years later with some wicked pimped out gear as expected because, you know, 7 years is a long time so why not change it up a notch? Well, this whole thing started when we saw Cobra come back to help against the Dragons wearing his old tight leather pants and his long coat. It’s like… why? Why do you still have that? We saw you wearing some kickass robes during the KotSS arc but after knowing the whereabouts of your best friend, you decide to bust out your out-of-style clothes again? Later on, we see the rest of the crew and both Angel and Hoteye have their old clothes on. Angel, you’re in a Shounen Manga, it can’t be hard to shop for you! Perhaps Hoteye because he wasn’t in the filler nor does it look easy to shop for him. It’s like, Midnight and Racer get to keep their Key of the Starry Sky clothes but Angel can’t? The level of consistency here hurts because we all know Mashima did work closely with the anime for those fillers but now that they are back in the manga, only some of their differences continued on into canon while the rest were just maintained… Could I be the only one that’s really bothered by this or is everyone else also a bit perturbed?
Oracion Seis, please, go hit up the mall or something. It's the holiday season so we got a good amount of sales all over the place. Then again, you guys were incarcerated this whole time so perhaps you don't have money... but hell, even a Goodwill will do you justice. Thank you.


Alright, so now you know what was LOVED and HATED (gee, such strong words) this past month. What did you guys love love love? or hate hate hate? You don't have to be all politically correct with us, you can rant your heart out, boo ;)

Hopefully, we get a great month of Fairy Tail next time, but I hope you guys enjoyed Umneilicious. If there's anything you liked or dislike about my article, do let me know, as I am quite new to this~ but nonetheless until then, I look forward to seeing you next issue!

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