Character Template (Celestial Spirit)

Template Usage

{{Character Template (Celestial Spirit)
|image= [[File:CharacterName.png|300px]]

|blood type=

|previous affiliation=
|mark location=
|previous occupation=
|previous team=
|previous partner=

|key type=Gold or Silver
|previous owner=
|previous affiliation=
|previous partner=

|status=Active, Incapacitated, Deceased, Fighting Acnologia etc.


|manga debut=
|anime debut=
|movie debut=
|novel debut=
|game debut=

|japanese voice=[[Wikipedia:Voice Actor|Voice Actor]]
|english voice=[[Wikipedia:English Voice Actor|English Voice Actor]]

|key=[[File:Spirit Key.png|290px]]
|image gallery= put yes if the character has a gallery, and leave it blank if they don't
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