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Team Tenrou (天狼組 Tenrōgumi)[1] was a team of Fairy Tail Mages who were on Tenrou Island during its invasion by Grimoire Heart and the apparent destruction by Acnologia.


Although it is not legitimately a Fairy Tail team, the Team Tenrou was created during the X784 S-Class Mage Promotion Trial.[2] It is composed of Fairy Tail's core members, including Makarov, who oversees the entire trial, the existing S-class Mages who supervised the trial, and the participants with their partners, who first arrived on Tenrou Island, followed later on by Carla and Panther Lily who flew over to the island via Aera in order to warn the others of the danger about to befall on the place.[3] Laxus Dreyar also arrived on the island to assist in the fight against Hades.[4]

Notable Members


Defeat Grimoire Heart

While holding the S-Class Trial, the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart attacked Tenrou Island in order to find Zeref[7] and create the Ultimate Magic World.[8] The Team Tenrou, after a powerful struggle, managed to defeat its top members: the Seven Kin of Purgatory,[9] Bluenote Stinger[10] and Hades himself.[11]

  • Status: Success
    • Carla, Panther Lily,[3] and Laxus[4] join the Team Tenrou.

Defeat Acnologia

After defeating Grimoire Heart, Acnologia appeared on Tenrou Island, wreaking havoc. Makarov tried to stop the Dragon single-handedly to allow his Guild the time to escape.[12] Rather than run away, however, they all returned to fight the Dragon together. In the end, Acnologia seemingly obliterated Tenrou Island with his Dragon's Roar.[13]

  • Status: Failure
    • All members of the Team Tenrou are presumed deceased for approximately seven years.

Major Battles


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