Team Raven Tail's Arrest is an event that takes place during the Grand Magic Games arc.


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Confronting Ivan and Elite Four

Laxus is confronted by members of the Raven Tail team

On the third day of the Games, Laxus and Team Raven Tail's "Alexei" are set to fight against each other. Thanks to "Alexei", their so-called battle for the day is actually just an illusion meant to trick and momentarily distract the spectators, while in the meantime Laxus is able to speak freely with "Alexei". "Alexei" reveals himself to be Ivan, the Guild Master of Raven Tail, who is then accompanied by the others of his team. He asks Laxus about Lumen Histoire but is told nothing. Afterwards, Laxus and Raven Tail clash, though in the end they are defeated and the illusion Ivan cast is lifted.[1][2]

Unveiled Truth & Arrest

Obra Escapes Custody

Obra's creature manages to escape arrest

With the illusion lifted, it's revealed to the spectators that Laxus has actually been fighting all of Team Raven Tail, including their Guild Master. As everyone realizes the shocking truth, it's decided by the organization that Laxus is victorious in his fight. As everyone cheers, Laxus heads out from the arena. Before he leaves, Ivan speaks to him again and warns him about the Lumen Histoire being Fairy Tail's darkness. This surprises Laxus. Afterwards, the Rune Knights within the vicinity appear and arrest the members of Raven Tail one-by-one. Among them, Obra's small creature is the only one who manages escape. Afterwards, it's announced that Team Raven Tail will be disqualified for the rest of the Grand Magic Games and that they will be unable to participate for the next 3 years.[3]


Later that day, Laxus speaks to Makarov about Lumen Histoire being Fairy Tail's "darkness". Mavis appears before them and says that it is not their darkness, but actually their "light". The three continue discussing the topic. Makarov wonders how Ivan learned such a thing and Mavis concludes that it was Precht who told him. Mavis says that it's her fault for choosing him as her successor and then starts to cry, flustering Makarov and Laxus.[4]


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