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|leader = [[Lyon Vastia]]
|leader = [[Lyon Vastia]]
|members =[[Sherry Blendy]]<br>[[Yuka Suzuki]]<br>[[Toby]]
|members =[[Sherry Blendy]]<br>[[Yuka Suzuki]]<br>[[Toby Horhorta]]
|temporary members =[[Jura Neekis]]<br />[[Zalty]]
|temporary members =[[Jura Neekis]]<br />[[Zalty]]
|former members=
|former members=

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Team Lyon is an unofficial and unnamed team of Mages that now work for Lamia Scale. Beforehand, only Sherry, Yuka, and Toby were in the guild but upon hearing Lyon's quest to kill Deliora, they left to aid him. After three years, and some interference from Team Natsu, Lyon succeeded to a degree as Deliora was already dead. Hearing his old comrade Gray Fullbuster's words, Lyon followed his team back Lamia Scale to join it and find a new purpose in life. Apparently, Lyon became a high-ranking member of the guild in a very short amount of time.

According to Sorcerer Magazine, Team Lyon is still functioning.


Unfreeze Deliora

Lyon, desperate to surpass Ur, wanted to unfreeze Deliora and kill it.[1] In doing so, Lyon gained many followers who had their families killed by the demon. In the long run, he was successful in using Moon Drip on Galuna Island to unfreeze Deliora, though Deliora was already dead.[2]

Destroy the Village

Angered that the village was getting in his way, Lyon ordered his team to destroy the village[3] and stop the Fairy Tail Mages from thwarting his plans.[4] They succeeded in destroying the village, but not in stopping Team Natsu and killing the villagers.[5]

Kill Deliora

Having unfrozen Deliora, Lyon, severely beaten by Gray, tried to engage the demon in battle. However, the demon crumbled apart, revealing that Ur's ice had killed the evil demon over the long period of time it was sealed in the ice.[2]

Stop the Oración Seis

Lyon and Sherry are asked by the master to become their representatives for the Allied Forces to stop the Oración Seis.[6]


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