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Official name translation (Volume 19)

Kodansha's translation of Volume 19 is out, and it spells the character's name as Robaul. Requesting permission to suggest changing it. Immblueversion 18:18, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

Chaos said that the current volumes aren't bringing this explanation anymore, so we aren't considering these names official. Jura From Video Game Herme 阿部 13:55,7/30/2012


Is safe to say that his Magic is Thought Projection? It's too similar to Illusion Magic, and he even stated that his creations were illusions. Jura From Video Game Herme 阿部 13:55,7/30/2012

Nah, someone likely just put it as TP because we had nothing else to categorize it under. Changing now.   Rai  Talk     17:45,7/30/2012
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